Historic woodgas tractors

Goran, you continue a nice family tradition, the picture shows that your father was a good designer and had a sense of beauty, it probably worked well as well. The inscription on the workshop does not work for me Sweden, … :+1::thinking:


Hi Tone, no it’s not in family, it’s a customer at work, his father done this tractor, the son, 85 years old, know i use woodgas and gave me this old photo. Anyways this business evolved during the years and is now taken over by my brother (he is not interested in woodgas, by the way :roll_eyes:)
The inscription says: Engine and Forging Workshop. :slightly_smiling_face:


Goran, I’m already “scared” that this is a mass activity in your country, but as I see it, you, like the rest of us, are just a “village special” (my brother told me as a compliment) :grinning: :+1:


Well said, i take it as a compliment too :smiley:


Rare gems indeed, woodgas operators. At one in a million.

Whereas brothers; and brothers-in-law, are quite common.
I’ve had six in total so far, with only one even mildly interested in wood-for-powers.


As the population is going up faster then ever and more and more people are getting into gasification of some way or another, like cooking, generating , vehicle driving, even new ways of heating. It is amazing that we are still only about only 1 out of a million people that do this? I would think by now that number ratio would be going down on the total earth popution ratio? It would be good if it did, maybe with what is going on with all the different types of fuel pricing. They only seem to be going up in costs all across the board in prices and it is now increasing very fast all over the world.
With fuel shortages, and long lines soon to follow. This will surely cause the peoples way of thinking to change. Governments might change their way of thinking if they are wise, when the masses demand it.
EV’s still need in most ways oil, gas, coal to recharge them. The prices are going up so fast that they soon will be out of price range for almost all the people on plant earth. And talk about the battery fires that are happening now. Even in parked vehicles. Not covered by the EV’s companies.
This is a very exciting world we are living in.
I see the WW2 but much improved gasification coming back big time.
Even wood scraps and by products like pruning trimings will be come worth something. Oh just burn it instead. Yes, Yes! Now you have valuable charcoal fuel.


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