Homestead Project

Hi Chris, I built a first flush device for my rainwater. Mine does not even have the ball. Here is a good video explanation:

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Very nice David. I’ve finally got the WISY filter installed, it handles everything large and small down to a very small size, and is self-cleaning to boot. It also seems to oxygenate the water really well.

We had a massive rainstorm which was a good test of the overflow system. The tank was full to capacity with some expansion room, water was coming in very fast, and flowing right back out the overflow. Didn’t spill a drop.

I’ll have to take a video next time it rains.


Finally rained again. So, here’s a video showing the new rainwater collection system in action.


Wonderful water storage set up you have there Chris. Looking forward to see how you use the water in your home.

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Good evening Chris,looks like your getting a nice start on your home stedding, Is that unit any good in winter time or can it be insulated around before winter or put under frost line??.

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Chris when i had my well pump replaced they found high levels of fluorine in my water under the EPA limits but high non the less. I installed a reverse osmosis system to remove it as I don’t like the idea of drinking it. Well the system I installed included an led UV light treatment to kill bacteria and it also puts back the minerals people need in their drinking water. It runs off the line pressure in the house and just draws 6 watts for the led light off a wall outlet. I bought an expensive unit because it has the lower 1:1 drain to filtered water ratio. You can pick then up online or at your local hardware store.
I was actually surprised there was a filter system which replaced the minerals you need to get from water after filtering. The system is about $450 with $75 of annual filter replacement. I can tell you my coffee is less bitter now. Anyway I just figured you might find it interesting. I didn’t think reverse osmosis would be cost effective before I looked into it. After seeing the cost I decided it was worth it to know my water was safe even though it originally passed the EPA test unfiltered.


Kevin, it’s made to be buried below frost line, but in serious cold weather it won’t operate anyhow (snow instead of rain).

Mine is in the garage which stays warmer. I plan to insulate the mechanical room.

Dan, I also intend to UV filter before drinking this water. However I have tasted it occasionally, and it is much sweeter now, with just the WISY filter in place (280 microns) Rainwater is already very clean, as we don’t have much air pollution here. It’s really just debris and bird poop etc on the roof that needs addressed. The oxidation from the dissolved air in the incoming water seems to be improving things a lot.


Nice setup chris. Any plan for increasing capacity with another tank?

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Yes, Chris, bird poop can be a real health issue.


You need a diverter valve, let the roof wash off a little then run water to tank…


Update on the homestead. We’ve been living here full time for 9 months now. While the interior is mostly finished there are still areas left to tackle, and I haven’t started the outside… I suppose there always will be more to do. But we’re really enjoying the house. It’s comfortable, warm, clean, and very functional for our use.

I never really posted before and after pics, and it’s taken this long to have the house presentable enough to photograph it. So without further ado:

Kitchen before:

Kitchen after:

Living Rm before:

Living Rm after:

Master/bathroom before:

Master after:

Bathroom after:

(To make sense of the new layout, look back through the demolition pictures in this thread.)

Our septic system backed up in June, so I called a pumper truck to clean it out. Turns out… there is no septic tank. Just a straight pipe to the ditch, which was clogged up. So I got to drop several grand into building a septic. Now we have a 1500 gal tank and leach field to match. Plus I had the guy grade our yard so water would run away from the house, instead of into the basement. That has been a big improvement!

I expanded the rainwater collection system, and re-plumbed it to solve some overflow issues. Now with an adjustable overflow pipe, which drains excess water before it enters the tanks, and added two more tanks bringing the capacity to 1300 gallons.

I spent the summer bush-hogging when I had time, but the tractor is currently down - a bad engine knock has me concerned. I need to pull some bearings and have a looksee. The oil pressure gauge has never worked.

Actually several vehicles are down right now, waiting for my attention. The current one one the bench is my Toyota truck which blew a head gasket. I’ve been tearing it down as I get time. Not having a truck really stings right now. However I do have a tractor and field trailer which is good for hauling firewood.

We’ve put away about half the wood we need for the winter. I’ll continue to work on it, but I’ll probably end up buying some.

And, I’ve started sketching out the new house layout. It will still be a few years before we can build, the old bank account needs a rest. But, the colder weather now means sitting by the fire together, it’s a good time to start dreaming.


The house looks like it is comming along really nice. I love those wood floors.
If you get stuck trying to find parts for the tractor let me know I have gotten pretty good at finding parts for old tractors. Those knocks are never fun been there twice with both my D17 and D15. But the good news is you can get just about every single part for the old tractors. For my money it is well worth trying to rebuild them.
As to the colder weather it is a great time to go work up some wood without overheating. :wink:
My uncle always said wood is the only heat that heats you more than once.


Very nice Chris!
You have done a lot of work in a short period of time. I like the clothes line in the house. I’m glad to know we’re not the only one. :slight_smile: We use it on rainy days and in the winter.
I’m curious, do you have a well or why do you need the capacity of the rain catchment system?


Very nice job Chris; from my own experience I can tell you that houses never stop to demand something, I´ve been buildin mine for 25 years and still not ready. I suppose I´ll pass away and will never finish. It´s the “law of the houses”. My congrats.


Hi Abner,
I have to agree and I’ve been here 40 years.


No well here, cistern is more common. See earlier post:


Looking good ChrisKY.
Next heating season consider cutting an inside-outside access wood supply door about where you picture your current tool rack standing. Build a covered wood storage bin onto the outside wall.
Then no longer tracking in wood dribble will give you Honey-Did-for-You credits.
Until then a wood carrying bag onto a metal stand-rack will help.
Regards to all
Steve Unruh


Hello Chris
I’m a little bit confused. You stated that you have started sketching out new house layout. The part that I don’t understand is why you would consider a new house after all that work and how beautiful the house turned out. The house looks GREAT!


Wow, very nice! Who will live in this house when you build another or are you planning to flip houses? I know someone that does that and he does well.


That has been the plan since the beginning. We want a bigger place for the size family we’re intending to have. The house I build will have room for all the kids we could want. Also, as other houses are built on the property, it will serve as a community hub ie “the big house”. Things like an oversized laundry room, large kitchen for canning, extensive water storage, and large open dining/living spaces. Some of the other houses can then be smaller and come over to take advantage of the facilities there.

As you can imagine a larger house will cost some money. We’re working down the mortgage first. Planning out the house costs nothing, and we have plenty of time to get it right. I’ve made this house we’re in nice enough that we aren’t miserable in the meantime.

This place will be available for whoever needs it, whether that be siblings, aging parents, or guests. Because it will continue to be useful, I did put more work into it than was strictly necessary.