How will a wood gas work on 92 K2500 Chev Truck

I built two Down Draft wood gas design long range tanks. I have a 92 Chevy 2500 Silverado with a 5.7 L 350 and 4L80E 4x4. The computers are finicky on watching everything to make fuel delivery control on these. Is there others who have run wood on these C/K series trucks and what issues do I need to overcome to change it over?

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Good morning Samuel.

Below are some library suggestions from Chris .

I have woodgased three fords ( 400, 390 , and a 460 ) and several dodges but have not had the opportunity to woodgas a chevy .

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If you can get the computer re-programmed a vortec 5700 Chevy takes real good to the woodgas. The mass airflow sensor will likely have to be bypassed. Adjusting the advance curve can make it run great on wood and decent on gasoline.

4wd is gonna be a big issue. Had to get pretty fancy on routing, cutting, fitting to pipe enough gas on a 2wd. Thought we had some build info up on DOW somewhere but maybe got lost in an update cycle.

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My first ride in a woodgas truck was a chevy . Now owned by Chris Sanez. Other Chevy owners that come to mind if I recall correctly so don’t flame me to much if I’m wrong. Andrew Heath,Paul Halverson, Henry Austin, Tom Collins, the late Mike Larosa.
Doug and his cohorts might be a real good source of information at this time. I will be watching for your progress as I have a 02 that is getting tired and I see a need to hack further into obd2

Edit. Seems to me there was also a charcoal powered van from the KC area. Chris?? who also built gasifiers.


I am thrilled about this thread. 87-95 wasn’t that all the same TBI fuel injection system?
I doing the same thing only without the truck.

What has to be done to the mass airflow sensor?
I know I have to import the computer, electric fuel pump, and lambda sensor. Every thing else is already on the engine right?

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You have very much info here on the DOW below is just one topic


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Was referring to build info on the Chevy vortec. It was quite a project and not kidding about routing gas to the engine being an issue. Also we were fortunate to have a quite young fellow that knew how to get into the vehicle computer and change things around. That is why have a hard time remembering if the MAS was ultimately used or bypassed. It was done both ways for testing. Not sure how it was set up when it actually left the shop.

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Hello samuel, my first wood gas vehicle was a 2500 chevy truck, and i was thinking like most everone else that a carb set up would be better, and then after buying the HAVE WOOD WILL TRAVEL,book from here at the Wayne Keith web site, i found out that port injected engines were better yet, for being hibrid driveing. You had ask about how the fuel pump reostat actualy could work, the best way i can explain would be, as the fuel pump speed is dial down, the preasure is quite low, and the fuel is being dawn in, VS being sprayed in at high preasure, The one guy from arkinsaw, ??? drove from his place all the way too indiana with his dodge dakota, and averaged 100 miles too the gallon petro, the rest from wood. OK back too my 2500 chevy truck 1984 carbed, Ran good no problems, i built my gasifier strait from the WAYNE KEITH book HAVE WOOD WILL TRAVEL. I HAD a cable for timeing the distributor, not a lot of change needed, helped a little though on the timeing change, I since found an old 99 dakota that runs nice, that needs the rear frame patched by the two peice junktion. Think i will just cut frame this spring and build a 2" tube frame and put a long box on the cab and half dakota. I probley will replace the petro tank with geo metro tank back by the spare tire like the ford dual tank trucks have. Truck ran great, though not as responsive as the v8 dakotas, and not a lot of towing power on the up hill driveing, and no way too hibrid drive for steeper hills towing.A great first time project, too learn the 75 percent learning part. Have fun welding,or enjoy your build, caint wait for spring time again, winter drags on too long.


Hi Doug Brethower thanks for the response. Do you know how to re program the computer on the early 90’s Chevy? I look up online and it just says resetting like clearing the codes and computer by the battery cables. It is a 1991 5.7 350 TBI 4x4 2500. If the re programming the computer is different than search engine finds please let me know, but I suppose the big issue is routing the lines that seems to be a few of the comments issues with this model.