Interesting perspective on energy use and production


Thanks Don, I watched the full 45 min and halfway I realised it is ten years old. Haha, what things have changed the last decade. PV is cheaper then gas, and America did it again. Tesla rules, changes are going real fast. Personal transportation will be full electric in another decade. And we in Europe are ten years behind the US, we have only recently refrigerators with crushed ice :grinning:.
Mostly sharp, there was one thing left out, Central Banks and inflation.
Nice to see what did change the last ten years. Wind and solar is really contributing nowadays. Wood is needed to close the chain.


Well… PV has some upcoming costs that haven’t been fully taken into account. The toxic waste. Wind is the same, the disposal of all that fiberglass from decommissioned turbines, I’m told, is a problem. The video might be 10 years old, but most of what he’s saying is timeless.


Don, that was very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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