International Supply, and me

Hey, I figured I’d start a tread where I can post stuff I’m working on at any given time… and as we already know that tends toward the small engine category. So I hope my friend Steve U don’t mind.

Now that we got most of the materials for my Yukon build I can start in earnest towards getting it done.

Look here for pics of stuff as they develop





air preheat checked out… no leaks… yeah.

bottom of reactor is welded on… slowly coming together.


Avid; What are you doing??? You said something about a Yukon build. What do you mean. Is this for one of your tractors?. Are you still using your secret version of Steven A’s design, or is this a WK type. TomC

One of my systems I’m putting together for a fellow way up north. It’s based on stephen’s Victoria with my spin on things. It will be used to fuel a genset the fellow already owns.

Hey ArvidO I do not owe claim to anything in this Small Engines to Woodgas section except for 1,2 topics and some posts.
Be welcome here as is Matt Ryder and any others actually DOing/Showing.

Ha! Ha! Yukon woodgas system I figure has to warm/dry/condition-down it’s own fuelwood input to keep “bring the light”.
Ant’t no waiting around for the hot. drying out season. Not.
The more you design/supply/system-build-in help out with this fuel drying/conditioning the less tarred-up, glued- stuck, soots-clogged phone calling you will have to handle.

Steve Unruh


man am I getting old… lifting this on and off our welding table… if that’s what you can call it… is starting to get to me.

Lid just needs to be cleaned up and have a handle attached at it’s a done deal.

I even got Richard my co worked plasma cutting out flanges… now he’s indexing them and drilling… who’d a thunk it. TerryL will know what I mean.


Hi Arvid,

I am really curious how you are going to handle “too damn cold” operation of this machine. On my stuff I can write a couple lines into the automixer to read a temperature sensor(thermistor) and start slowing the fans to keep the gas outlet temperature above freezing. If you want something like that let me know when you are getting close. Personally I would never go without variable gas cooling if you live somewhere that goes below freezing in the winter.


I have ran our systems in pretty dang cold weather and haven’t had problems. Worse case I’d throw a blanket over the cooler and final filter until the system was up to heat then uncover the cooler from the hot side to the cool side until it is running where I want it. Hope that makes sense

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As long as there isn’t an issue, there is no need for a solution. : )



Looks like you did this before. I even recognize the stools. :smiley:

Yeah, they get some use


Wow… Maybe it’s something in the water? :grinning:

Lol… it’s just a simple cooler. Over 1 Sq meter of cooling surface area.

getting things lined up.


Looks good Arvid.
I notice there’s no insulation on the walls. A little cold in the winter?

nope… whole building is made from steel sips… same thing refrigerated buildings are made from. basically R24 throughout. that being said we keep it cooler on the shop side so as to encourage work… lol.