Jonathan Collins is gone

I received this message from Julianna Collins.

"Hi guys,

My name is Julianna and my husband has been a part of this group for a little while.
His name is Jonathan Collins and really enjoyed learning, building and getting info from here. Sadly he passed away in an accident in January.
He had been welding away on ‘things’ to make a wood gas truck and I was just curious, would there be someone I could donate his hard work to, that would be able appreciate it more then taking it to the scrap yard? I really hate the thought of doing that and thought you could help me find someone who would like to take what he has started and complete it. I can take some pics if that would help.
Obviously the parts would need to be picked up from our home here in Burnsville, NC.
Thanks for the help,


If anyone is in the NC area and would like to assist with this equipment, please contact me by email, [email protected].

Oh I am so sorry to hear this. Being that we have the same sir name I have followed his work. Always been impressed with his ingenuity. For my friends on DOW, I would like to say he has posted his projects on this sight so take a minute to look up his work. The most ingenious was his mechanical wood splitter. He also has a running wood chunker like the rest of us have built. If I remember correctly, the chunker and wood splitter are in one machine on opposite ends of a truck differential. It would be a great buy for someone. You know what hay baler gear boxes and truck rearends are going for so I think his equipment has some real value. Sorry buy I’m not familiar with his wood gas project. And yes Mam, I believe some pictures would be very helpful. I’m sure we will have members that will get a leg up on a project by purchasing Johathan’s work Again I am so sorry to hear the news. TomC


Remembering Jonathan.

His gasifier:

His chunker/splitter:


Very sorry for your loss Ms Collins.

My condolences Ma’am
Mr. Collins appeared to be a very talented builder.
I think that is very generous of you to offer his work to this community.
I would be interested but I am from Alberta. Canada
I too think some new pictures of his work would help.

I’m so sorry to hear of this…


Amazing tallent!


Really hurts to read this thread .

My deepest condolences to Johnathan"s family . My thoughts and payers are with them .

This is the correspondence I had today with Mrs. Collins

too young and too bright. prayers for the family.

Mizz Julianna, this is hard to read.
Just read a newspaper traffic accident account having taken a well named 75 yo community Dame. 102 grandchildren.
My wife was hour’s delayed getting home a few days ago out on the State hwy and we’d wondered.

We here haven’t heard from Jonathan for a long time and had wondered.
Thank you for having the courage and strength to let us know.

From across on the other coast . . . if you all have needs ever traveling here let me know.
Those kids do grow big and get out to adventuring at times. I’m good at fetching.

Strength in character to you and yours
Washington State Steve Unruh

Always sad to hear about losing a “brother in the black goo”.

Thank you for telling us Juliannna. This post made me cry, for a husband, a father, and a great creator of useful things, that we all honor a great deal. Our deepest sympathy to your family.

To Jonathan’s family,
I have just read about Jonathan what a shock although I never replied to any of his builds don’t think I wasn’t watching and trying to figure out HOW DID HE DO THAT? I was just looking at his Berral Turner trying to see how it was built because I need to true up a fire tube.I think everyone on this web site brings a desire,unique willingness to share what they know and
to help and encourage everyone your husband was and is a part of our WOOD GAS FAMILY for that I am grateful.
You and the family are in our prayers Dan Moore
If you can’t find someone local to continue Jonathan’ build let me know I have the cooling rack built and was getting ready to start on fire tube would be willing to travel

Very sorry for your loss Ms Collins.

Used to admire Jonathan´s builds on Youtube long before I even knew about this site.

Condolences from Sweden
Jan-Ola Olsson

condolences to friends and family.

I just rewatched all of Johnathan’s videos in his memory. My condolences and prayers to his family and friends.

So sorry to hear of his passing. What a man can do with his hands and how he spends his spare time says a lot of his character. This young man had character. We are all going to miss him and his ingenuity. Our thought are with you and your family. Thank you for letting us know.
Gary Langworthy


We’ve lost 2 gassers to car wrecks this past few years … Both young men … I guess driving is high risk … I do very little of it compared to most folks … My regards to the family … His build looked good … I could not weld fins like that … I hope someone can finish it up … Regards, Mike LaRosa