JO's gasified 92 Volvo

Tom, since your brain is cooled off now - here’s more food for thought.
I did another test run with the generator the other day. @Tone, I installed 30uF capasitors and this is what I found:
I turned up the idle adjustment on the Volvo just enough to produce 6kW of power, ran over to the meter box and I read 13A. When I switched on the caps the amps went down to 8A at the same 6kW of useful power. So far so good.
However, I doubt my single belt could take more than 10 kW (13.6hp) at the most. Also, I need to constantly babysit this setup. If the belt happen to slip or brake, the Volvo would rev itself to death if unattended. Some kind of governor or atomated kill switch would be needed.
I burned a bag of wood in half an hour and produced 3.2 kWh. Even though the price was as high as 55c/kWh at the moment, the total pay was only $1.76 :smile:. Replacing gasoline with wood is still 4 times more profitable. Normally 10 times. We can easily compete with the oil lords, but the electricity utilities are hard to beat.


Wow JO, how do you guys get all those things done? Superinfo on the capacators. Now imagine you connect the cooling system of the Volvo to the house :grinning:

And with your electric bill system I thing batteries can work for you.


Around 18.00, the flex price was €0,52 overhere.


Joep, it probably could, but it’s huge investment for only a 10 kWh battery. I doubt it would pay for itself in 10 years. Also, I would have to replace my inverter.
All my starter batteries are already enough worries for me personally. Not to mention phone, laptop, flashlights and such, that constantly need charging :smile: Annoying.

Pretty much the same here for the last couple days.
They say seriously cold weather is coming next week and two of our nuclear reactors are down for maintence. This may be first time ever our grid will be partially down because of lack of power.


Thanks JO, yes I was wondering how prices are overthere. Is it somewhere in Noreway where the price is dictated?

These are for the Netherlands.

DIY LiFePo4 dont cost you that much. My system was a little more then €100/kWh, and now almost tripled (thank you corona), but still doable. It saves you a lot of trouble with the misses :grinning:
I build my system with Victron, not the sheapest but I think one of the best. Wait a little and inverter/systems are coming. Things are moving fast now.


Where Nordpool people have their office I don’t know, but as I understand it all of Europe is a free market and the highest bidder every hour dictates the price. Varations only due to transfer abilities across the borders. With lots of hydro up here we produce cheap electricity, but people down south are willing to pay more, which affects our prices as well. Sweden is devided into 4 areas price wise, and the southern 2 suffer the most.

Current situation:


I was surprised to discover I reached 20,000 woodgas miles on the Volvo the other day - in about 18 months. Time and miles fly.


Good morning JO

Happy 20K to you and thanks much for the video :grinning:


Thats a new one, plugging up with snow. Have to keep that in mind when i someday woodgas a small car


Wow JO, seems like yesterday you first started it up!

I see you hadnt lost nightshifts with the new job. I got bad flashbacks just hearing that word…


October-April are shift months. In the summer months, district heating manages with smaller boilers and we shut down and do different daytime work.
What about you Kristijan? Are you still in the housewife occupation? Any further wg adventures?


Since 2008 I have not worked shift work. Most of my working life has been working shift work of some kind. It is funny I still do not miss it for some reason. Yes helping around the house with the wife is a lot more fun theses days. She still has a lot more training to do with me. Lol. I do have the vaccuming down pretty good now and doing dishes, laundry? I get it started but my follow up is lacking. I get side track on something else like gasification.


Ah makes sence, sure…

Yep, people that visit us and see what organising 3 kids looks like in practice (having 3 is real rare nowdays, go figure) just hold their head and ask if lm missing work alredy. Nope, l wuld rather take care of 10 kids thain go back to nightsifts…
Woodgas, not unfortunaly. Big part of that is l dont (yet) have a workshop here, or even a good roof to work under and any metalwork that used to be fun and relaxing is now a chore that l dont like forward to, and this leads to poor imagination and performance in building anything. I rather dont do it at all then.
But its geting close on my priority work checklist… untill then l will just enjoy driving with you guys :wink:


We hear you Kristijan, but you are doing what some of us only dream of with your big retort making charcoal and be able to sale it as lump charcoal and your waste is used as charcoal fuel. The welding outside is a warm fair weather thing for me when you have no roof over your head to work on the gasifier in the truck.


I did that too Kristijan, 25 years ago when our kids were small - I stayed home for six months. Kindergarten was expensive at the time - consumed half my income and I thought I could just as well stay home and focus on the expense side of things and let wife go back to 100%.
I was in the middle of renovating the house. Plumbing, electrical, wood work - all at the same time. I had grand plans of all the things that were going to get done. In the end I managed maybe 10% and those six months were suddenly over with. Kids have a tendency to be slightly distracting :smile:
I remember at one point, it was springtime and I was cutting firewood in the back yard. Youngest daughter just turned 3 and was playing nearby. Suddenly I noticed she was no longer around. I shut down the saw and I could hear her crying somewhere in the distance. It turned out she had business indoors, had managed to climb the porcelain chair and was shouting at the top of her lungs:
Tears were pouring all over her face and she obviously had been sitting there for a while. When I wiped her and let her down she said:
-Daddy, it feels like I’m wearing my rubber boots!
Even tiny legs can get numb :smile:


Haha 100% relatable :smile:

My worst one was when daughter was around 2. I was outside babysiting when l got a phonecall from my mom, took about 15min. Got completely distracted. Then my mom asked me how the kids are doing and it hit me l hadnt seen her for a while. I put the phone down and started the search. Found her behind the corner of the house, eating trugh probably her second or third chile pepper. Some extra big and fleshy Macedonian woriety with some serious heat. She was all red and purple and in sweat and tears but continued eating it! I later found some kids dont develop the taste buds for heat untill a certain age, so she might just tasted the sweetnes of the fruit, but the heat did cause the reaction to the other orgains :smile:


Yesterday on our day off, before a nightshift, a co-worker and I went for a 300 mile roundtrip. Everything went well until 60 miles from home on our way back. I was forced to plug the wg inlet to the mixer, turn the switch on and limp home on dino :frowning_face:
This is the second time in 20k miles the pvc up to the mixer catches fire because of a backfire. I have one puffer valve on the ss mixer and another one on the slingshot down below. The later is good for draining condensation automaticly, but also a potential air leak.
We went through a junk pile at work and the pipe fittings up to the motor compartment are now replaced with ss :+1:

Pics didn’t turn out well, but here they are.


Good development strategy for true D.I.Y., J.O.

Make-work first. Then beef-up, upgrade later as only what proves later needed. The only way to get going forwards to real using on D.I.Y. limited time, and $'s budgets.

Of course true Industrial, Military, Aerospace and Marine must never have the failures-roads-to-better of true D.I.Y. That would be just too dangerous; public exposed embarrassing; and interest/investors chasing away.

Best Regards
Steve unruh


Ouch… that sucks. Looks great now


Ouch is right. It SUCKS to have to flip that switch!!!
the repair looks great!