JO's gasified 92 Volvo

Thanks for the ride in the wood gas valvo- Do that gasifier have a good working monerator hopper ? How is the mazda truck rolling.I am working on a monerator hopper spacer flange last night, CONGRADULATIONS, 20.000 miles on wood gas valvo.I know i spelled that wrong.though.


Thanks guys.
Hi Kevin. Yes, both my wg vehicles have monorator hoppers.
The Mazda is running sweat, but not very powerful. I use it mostly for puttering around close to home. It needs some maintence. It probably has a small crossover air leak and the air inlet heat-exchanger paths are taring and tightening up, with high vacuum readings as a result. As soon as the weather allows I’ll get to it.


What Wayne said. Nothing but everyday DOW.
Maintence needs accumulating and waiting for warmer weather.


I got fed up with the flimsy/messy plastic hopper juice tanks.
Today I welded a new 3 gallon tank with a 1 gallon tar reserve capacity.


How do you get the tar out, does it get so hot you can drop it when you stop?


No shiny tank? :smile:


Jan, tar will sink to the bottom of the container and only water will be drained through the little 3/4" valve with the blue handle. With a full gallon below the valve I expect to reduce messing with tar to only a few times a year. The bottom drain in the last pic is for draining tar only. A warm summer’s day or shortly after longer trip, when the trunk is still warm and cozy, will be a suitable opportunity for that particular activity :smile:

@Johan, for the most part I keep the trunk lid shut and noone will ever see this tank. I saved the shiny one for the Mazda where it will sit out in the open for everyone to enjoy :smile: