JO's gasified 92 Volvo

Thanks for the ride in the wood gas valvo- Do that gasifier have a good working monerator hopper ? How is the mazda truck rolling.I am working on a monerator hopper spacer flange last night, CONGRADULATIONS, 20.000 miles on wood gas valvo.I know i spelled that wrong.though.


Thanks guys.
Hi Kevin. Yes, both my wg vehicles have monorator hoppers.
The Mazda is running sweat, but not very powerful. I use it mostly for puttering around close to home. It needs some maintence. It probably has a small crossover air leak and the air inlet heat-exchanger paths are taring and tightening up, with high vacuum readings as a result. As soon as the weather allows I’ll get to it.


What Wayne said. Nothing but everyday DOW.
Maintence needs accumulating and waiting for warmer weather.


I got fed up with the flimsy/messy plastic hopper juice tanks.
Today I welded a new 3 gallon tank with a 1 gallon tar reserve capacity.


How do you get the tar out, does it get so hot you can drop it when you stop?


No shiny tank? :smile:


Jan, tar will sink to the bottom of the container and only water will be drained through the little 3/4" valve with the blue handle. With a full gallon below the valve I expect to reduce messing with tar to only a few times a year. The bottom drain in the last pic is for draining tar only. A warm summer’s day or shortly after longer trip, when the trunk is still warm and cozy, will be a suitable opportunity for that particular activity :smile:

@Johan, for the most part I keep the trunk lid shut and noone will ever see this tank. I saved the shiny one for the Mazda where it will sit out in the open for everyone to enjoy :smile:


A piece of square 2" ss tubing happened to fall in my lap a while ago. Without even a mm to spare it was just enough to weld new 8-legged cooler manifolds.
I took the oppertunity to fit the cooler under the roof rack. This way I can utilize the rack for storage - maybe a luggage box for fuel?


It turned out very well, lots of cooling and space for a woodbox, I was looking at a smaller car to do over with less wood, what do you recommend for volvo?


The 140, 240, 740, 940 series are the most spaceous under the hood and the primitive computers don’t mind whatever you do. I’ve tried disconnect both MAF and TPS and the engine runs normal whatever I do. Not the case with the Mazda.
We will soon have reports from @JohanM how the 850 behaves👍

If you don’t mind a small, weak and slow car, I’ve looked at Hundai. It seems several of them have the normal mpfi we like and very good access to the throttlebody. The old small Hundai Autos has a non existent overhang in the back and would be a good candidate for a bumper mount. Downsides are it’s only 1000cc and 59hp :smile:


Have you checked how the insurance works, if I cause an accident, when the car is not registered with gengas?


I am itching to start on the 850, putting on the plastic on the greenhouse now in scorching sun but no wind and the plastic is soft so I better sweat it out but my mind is still on woodgas :grinning:

But what I wanted to say was that it has less impact with the small-engined Hyundai’s since a lot of them don’t weigh much either so hp/weight unit perhaps is somewhat equal, not completly but close enough


In the USA, If you are willing to absorb the cost of damage to your own self / property, they don’t much care what you are driving as long as you cover the cost of property damage / personal injury that you caused to others (your fault). :face_with_head_bandage:


That’s what I’m afraid of, I don’t think I have enough money for it, if it’s the same here.


Minimum legal liability insurance policy coverage varies by US state, but usually hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you drive legal, you have insurance. Unfortunately, lots of bad drivers out there with no insurance and/or suspended drivers license. More so all the time…


I believe, if you caused the accident, a Swedish insurance will cover the damage for your counterpart even if your vehicle isn’t “properly up to date”.
The bigger problem is that our old vehicles are worth close to nothing to them. If you crash your Chevy, they won’t pay for repairs wether it has a gasifier or not. You will recieve cash only - maybe a few months of chunks worth.
We’re on our own in this business.


That’s still the best looking car installation I’ve seen JO. Real craftsmanship. Maybe because stainless just falls in your lap so you don’t have to work with junk like most of us. :thinking:


Thanks Tom, but make sure you save some praice for when @JohanM gets going. As soon as he covered up his greenhouse - it won’t be long now.
His lap is so weighed down he can hardly get up :grin:


Ok, I’m not worried about the cost of my car. it’s if I hurt someone else that the costs can skyrocket, if the insurance doesn’t apply, and sometimes it seems that the insurance companies do what they can to avoid paying.