Just not my day!

Just not my day!!!

A friend and I went into town this morning to the local coffee shop. On the way home I was going to bring the temperature up a little on the Dakota gasifier .

I ask the officer if I could try to explain what I was doing. When I got to the part about the truck did not run on gasoline and was running on WOOD I could see the look in face. One that looked like he deals with liars each day and he did not bat an eye or ask a question as he showed me the court date and time on the piece of paper he handed me .

A very polite officer, he allowed me to take a picture. I’m sure he had his camera going also.

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I’ve always figured you’d get the first ever speeding ticket on woodgas. Just don’t get any more, OK?

Howdy Wayne.
Very sorry to see ya got that ticket.
On the bright side… You are one of a growing few Woodgassers that can speed without a tailwind and downhill. :slight_smile:
All the best

Well it’s about time amigo ! Well there goes the egg money. Please post a scan of the ticket. Too bad it didn’t happen here in Wisconsin or in Indiana so you could claim fame here or there … Time to slow down (a bit) ?? Peace out, Mike
PS, my truck survived the parade yesterday and ran fine there and back. Had to run it hybrid and in low range in the parade as not to run over any of the folks ahead of me and so I could run low idle … Didn’t make any tar …

Hard to believe my first speeding ticket was with a 21 year old truck fueled with rotten pine!!

I was hoping for some forgiveness when I mention the wood burner and almost mention he may be the first officer in the US to give a speeding ticket to a smoker.
I could tell he didn’t believe anything I was saying. I almost asked him to Google may name but realized I had just posted on YouTube going through this trooper jurisdiction near 90 mph!

From now on if anyone asks how fast these trucks will go, the answer will be, Don’t know!!

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BTW, I did catch your video but can’t find the cache to save it locally … Hope Lisa don’t whoop your behind … maybe you can plead innocent and take it to a national level with a jury trial ?? … MIKEY

Hey Mike,

I wasn’t planning on telling her and she might not find out if you are tight lipped.

You need to drive an old rusty truck like mine :o) instead of one of those hot rod trucks … Oh dem Dukes dem Dukes …

Oh Wayne,
If it happened to me, I would be somewhat proud!
Congratulations! (I think)
Don’t let it happen anymore!

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What’s next Wayne, a trip to the moon on wood LOL.You’ll probably hold all the records for firsts on wood gas.BBB

My first ticket in Ala was in I-20 between Chula Vista and Eden… a 4-5 mile section of highway where having my license for a couple of days it seemed like a good place to floor the gas pedal on Dad’s olive green Buick Electra 225 and hear that 4 barrel sing. I ended up singing the blues when the officer asked what I was in such a hurry for - I responded “I’m going to Pell City to get some ice cream”. That was the truth, but it was not good enough for the law. BBB!

Hello Terry, Jim and Gary,

I was trying to think of some type of defense. I thought about telling him, I couldn’t have been speeding because this particular truck ran out of gasoline. About 2,000 miles back down the road!!

Another was to open my hopper lid and flip the pusher and reverse blowers on and tell him I was trying to make it to the creek and run it off in there.

Bummer; court date? I would hate to get a ticket down there! Maybe the Judge will be easier on you than the officer was.

I wonder how long it has been since his radar gun was calibrated? If not recently than the ticket would be dropped; maybe. But than again you were keeping the fire stoked!

Hope you didn’t try and outrun him!! Take your Auburn data, and a couple of good videos for your defense.


Tell the judge you were rushing to save the environment with your carbon nutral truck:) speaking from experience"unfortunatly for me" the best thing to do in court is to say very little. sometimes the more said the worse things get.good luck Wayne.

Ah yes i have had a few of them not on wood mine were all on lamp oil but they seem to really frown on 80/80 An 80000 # truck over 80 mph very costly BTW I got my plasma cutter i think it’s like yours it’s got a pilot arc works good
I wander how long the tips last

Hello Wayne, Carl, Jim and Thomas,

This was a supper nice trooper. I ask if I could take a picture and he said go right ahead.
Also I don’t blame him for not believing the cock and bull story about the truck running on wood and I was just testing. ( shouldn’t have made any difference anyway , I was still speeding ) Even a hand shake after he gave me the ticket.

If all police was this nice I would fill so guilty rolling through a stop sign or a mile or two over the speed limit I would go to the station and turn myself in.

On the plasma cutter you will need a few tips (consumables)

BBB/ but watch the speeder / meter

Thanks Wayne
Yea that was in my wilder days Now i’m afraid they will stop me for holding up traffic.
In all honesty most of the police i dealt with were nice it’s just there job and i was speeding we would be in bad shape without them

Wayne, I’m using the text from your rotten pine doing 90 mph to show coworkers and relatives that woodgas is no slouch. I think Lisa needs to be far ahead to scout for those special test runs. I was involuntarily stopped by about four county sheriffs when my 1971 Formula’s crankshaft grenaded through the oil pan at 147 mph. Then they held guns on me! Three months later my fine was $100 because I was just young and foolish in 1979.

Doug, How did you know you were going 147 or did they tell you that ?? I seem to recall only the Corvette having a speedometer that went over that but most stopped at 120 … I was starting to make babies about then … Mike