Life goes on - Summer 2023

The big radial powered Beaver is back for the season. It flies up to Isle Royale and back to Hancock several times a day.
Ooooh, do the tree huggers in Hancock whine about that engine flying over their houses…
The last big tetraethyl lead burning, recip engine still running. It’s a museum flying overhead at 250 feet.


I thought I was the biggest redneck in our town and still may be because this one was just passing through :grinning:


You are until he takes your advice and slaps a gasifier on it. :slight_smile:


I did mention my truck ran on wood but I don’t think he believed me and just thought I was being a smart ass :blush:


Well now we know your reputation around town… :slight_smile:


the tractor with woodgas…a dream…


Absolutely Giorgio but I don’t think a diesel would be a newbie first-thing-to-gasify-project. I first need to get my feet wet on a petrol car :smiley:
But it is definately on the list of what I want to do.


Hi Wayne,
Did you see what he had under the hood where the ignition brain box would have been mounted? I don’t recognize the apparatus.


Sorry Bruce, I didn’t look it over that well.


THAT truck might be about how mine looks- by the time i get it finished-I wood hate to buy gas for his red neck camper-my 1991 thrittle body 3500 truck gets about 8 mpg if loaded with camper that sise maybe 6 mpg- his must be for show and yours is for getting work done.If he was a true red neck he would have jumped over to your wood gas truck to see how it works I Think.


There were many rainy days and it was not possible to work on the field, but the weeds are growing luxuriantly, here is a “machine” for inter-species cultivation, it needs the force of one donkey.


That is a great garden tool. I saved the photo from a time you posted a photo of this in a past garden season. The Cycle Wheel Plow Tool is now a proven idea!! :cowboy_hat_face:


Those used to be more common in the US before we got things like garden tractors and small rototillers. Very handy for weeding between rows.


Cody, yes, those wooden handled, wheeled cultivators are still around, especially in Amish country. My grandparents had one, I wish I had it now. Tone’s takes the idea of leverage and traction to a new level. Traction is for steering authority, the antique ones have a flat steel wheel, mostly. :man_farmer: :woman_farmer:


Good Morning to All,
I was trying out my new digital camera on difficult topics:

my active Lava lamp used as living room night-light; light-in-the-window; and a pretend fire on no-wood-stove needed times.
We went cool the last two days so I could fire up and enjoy the real thing:

The old camera could never do char-glows. It would glare wash out. Happy. Happy. Happy.
And . . . the oldest cat does love her glow sitting. Being photoed, not so much:

She walked out of the frame. The blur in the lower L.H. corner.


Moved all my starts out of the Greenhouse and down to the garden. We have 10 days until our typical last frost date but I wait at least another week in June, before I plant them. I’m leaving them in totes so I can cover them if we get a frost in the mean time, but now with the trees fully leafed out I don’t get enough sun in the GH for full sized starts without running all the grow lights. Why waste the power when the real thing is peeking through the Canadian smoke and the chem trails?


That appears to be this guy: Baughb's Travels


Talking with Vesa Mikkonen via email about buying his book. Right now we’re just making sure the postage price is correct, but I should be getting the book soon! One more for the personal My Eyes Only Library.


Good, Cody, i could really recomend his book, lot’s of good stuff, much good information and correct english translation.
Very advanced builds, but one doesn’t need to build by the book, take some ideas and mix :smiley:


Good Morning All,

Cool morning these last two allows for wood wonder.

It is so basic simple.
The hot energy release from the wood char driving the wood-splits into outgassing.
Combust then those outgases for more heat and light. Leaving remaining wood char (solid carbons chained on a minerals forming and strengtening frame work) to settle downwards and become the then ongoing energy driver.
That’s it.

Wood-for-engine-power we separate off the driven off and then hot char converted gasses diverted from in-system combusting for downstream use as a fuel in the IC engine.

Ha! Ha! Simple in concept and explanation.
Hard to do on an ongoing basis.
The secret? The trick? Evole operations procedures to keep the centered-of-process going as much as possible; ongoing. Use shorter, more active, heat-momentum, batch loading, cycling.

Opps. Time for another two raw wood fuel sticks to the top. Actually past due time.

Open flame combust to surface char those wood-splits.

Then settle back into out-gasses making:

Steve Unruh