Life goes on - Summer 2023

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Yep it’s time. Only a few patches of snow left on the shaded areas. Dodged a couple of snow bullets last week end. Happy about that. Now the thunderstorms are predicted. April showers and May flowers. Time to start working on cleaning up the planting beds.


That is a really nice picture, double rainbow and all. Looking forward to spring/summer now


What is the saying :“there is no replacement for displacement?”


ok. Ok. OK!
Spring is here. Tell me three ways and I get the message:

  1. the yellow Spring flowers
  2. the police saying to take off the winter studded snow tires. (Between storm cells hail showers.)
  3. AdminChris says so too.

That is the saying, but I’m sure it means you have to displace everything in an engine bay and there is no room to replace anything that was removed.

Anyone tried it using woodgas?


Here at the warehouse we get a lot of these pallets with dye powder. And under the cardboard hats for each pallet it has a heavy duty tarp sheet, 48x40". I’ve started grabbing the tarps that are normally thrown away.

It’s tight woven plastic like and medium/heavy duty tarp, the edges are cauterized so it’s not immediately fraying.

Originally I was just using them like a tarp but I ordered a feed bag sewing machine made for thick stuff and woven plastic fabrics. It’s so gentle it even works on printer paper.

Here’s the first bag sewn up. Stitched it together in an L shape so I’d have a taller bag than a shorter bag. I can’t pull apart the stitching and even if I do, I’ll just touch it up or make a new one.

These are feed bags on steroids holy cow. Stiff as a bucket.


CodyT.,please show this heavy stitcher. I’m thinking nomex hot filter tube socks.


It comes with a cotton thread, but I’m sure you could get a nomex thread. Uses the big spools.

SDRTOP Electric Bag Sewing Machine Industrial Handheld Bag Closer Closing Stitcher GK9-900 Automatic Woven Bag Sewer Packing Machine for Rice Woven Leather Snakeskin Bag Sack

I bought the corded version, they have a battery version.

Looks like it’s just one of the myriad same of Chinese brands. I believe Vevor has a very similar model.

It runs very very fast. Goodness gracious it’s fast. Pulse the button to get some control. It only stitches one type, the classic feedbag chainlink looking stitch. It’s tight for sure.


In racing I heard the expression “you can’t beat cubes”, back when they had races with different engine classes together.


I had a chevy camaro street stock a few years,had fun racing when i did. i just had 11to1 compresion pistons in a 350 chevy engine ,and a big flat tappet cam.Raced on the local oval track.


I’m going to have to check that out Cody. I’ve been wanting something I could sew tarp material and weed cloth material with. I wonder if you could use some sort of rheostat with the corded ones to slow them down?

Is this the kind of stitch that you can pull one string and unstitch the whole thing like feed bags?


I haven’t been able to pull it apart, I tried to do that. This uses a spool and a bobbin just like a regular sewing machine so it doesn’t seem like it’s a pull apart stitch. Some people have used this machine to fix their canopy.

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By the way @SteveUnruh if you’re dead set on Nomex, keep in mind that Nomex decomposes and melts at 660°F.

Aramid/Kevlar can withstand up to 900°F.

You can buy threads for either fabrics on Amazon of all places!

Edit: if I ever make a fiberglass blanket filter I’ll likely use Kevlar thread to stitch it up since they’re close in their thresholds.


They use something more along the lines of the ac motor control. at least the old singers do… :slight_smile: This one might actually be dc so a rheostat would work.

sewing heavy materials is -really- hard on sewing machines, and industrial machines have large motors and metal gears. But certainly no one here is going to use one 8 hours a day for 20 years. The main issue with a standard one is the new cheaper ones have plastic gears and the motors aren’t big enough so they overheat.

That being said i think the material cody has can just be plastic welded, but that isn’t his only application. It is probably just as easy to sew.


Since Steve mentioned it, I could use it for a fiberglass filter.

It’s made mostly for thick material, rough woven fabric, and paper bags. Rough woven fabric can get difficult to sew because the feet that grab the material can tear it up. So this will be gentle on the fiberglass blanket.

If you just pulse the button it runs smooth. A half second push will get you like 3 or 5 inches sewn.


Digital PWM, as in, your ten digits.


Some blacksmithing activities,… making a mechanical grapple for stone or logs. I intend to build a retaining stone wall to extend the woodchip drying facility.


That looks great Tone :+1:, i wish i could visit you someday… :smiley: very nice place.