Life Goes on - Summer 2024

I don’t remember many of the Duramax Diesels having issues, as long as it is kept on its maintenance schedule.


These hot days (even up to 35°C and 16g/kg of absolute air humidity) she and her son Domno “used” to concrete the floor slab, well, in the first part, the concrete is already hard enough to park light vehicles under the roof. We used about 20 m3 of sand, which was ground by Fergie and Razinger, of course, sacrificed a few bags of wood chips, now he deserves to have hard ground under his feet.


Yesterday, very strong gale with haile from supercell traversing our country pay a visit to our field.


We are sorry for your losses. Heartbreaking.
Steve Unruh


I really feel bad for you Kamil. That is a nightmare. Hopefully you have a mild enough climate to replace some stuff. I still have a couple dozen tomato starts that never got planted and will get scrapped. Too bad I can’t send them to you. Still time to plant broccoli, kale and zukini, cukes and summer squash, even here. Even time for sweet corn. :sob: :sob:


Im happy you are safe, it was a pretty nasty storm.

"Dangerous thunderstorms swept through Poland and the Czech Republic late on Thursday, producing dozens of severe weather reports, including hail the size of tennis balls and three tornadoes.

One tornado pushed through the southeastern portion of the Czech Republic, in what is being called a “rare” event. Czech TV meteorologists were estimating the tornado produced 206-mph winds (332 kph), which would make it the strongest in the country’s modern history, and the first tornado in the country since 2018, according to Reuters."


Your pictures gave me PTSD. Two years in a row we lost everything to hale. Late frosts before that… nature showing us who is boss and not to mess with it


I’ve always had a “philosophy” i should share even my mistakes, it could help others not doing the same, or: give a good laugh, which is even more worth sometimes…
Well, here we go, i’ve pulled my fathers small boat up from the lake, to do some small fix, and put it in another, slightly bigger lake, where it’s easier to reach it, no long walk from the road (father is getting older).
In the “new” lake there is a natural ramp, perfectly for launching boats.
I took the fergie, and boat on my wood-trailer and drove there, nice sunny day, perfect to drive “roofless” tractor.
Well there i backed slowly down the ramp, fergie has bad brakes.
As soon some water flowed in my brake drums, making an “emulsion” with the oil seeping from the rear axles… i had NO (absolutely NO) brakes att all…panic… the last noice was “blob-blob-blob” from the exhaust.

I really love cold water in my pants… i was fast to climb the hood.

Wife showed up, to check i didn’t do anything stupid.
She got my phone in dry land and documented the rest.
(Here i shut the fuel valve)

Happy, after all…

Time for a bath…

Luckily, i had a lug-all in the boat, and was able to pull, and secure the fergie on shallower water, it was a real slope out where i was…
I turned the poor fergie with the hand-crank enough to dare hit the starter…

And behold!! It started, and i got home safely
(And yes, i checked oil in crankcase before driving) :joy:


I am very sorry Göran but I laughed a lot reading this and at the same time felt bad for you (am still laughing). As you said, luckily your wife documented the thing, I also love telling others when things go bad for me as well, one of my sayings to live by is ”one should not begrudge others to have fun” , even if it is on my expense :smile:
Thank you for this lovely story with pictures


It was no mistake, the tractor needed a good washing. :wink:


I’m sorry Göran, but I laughed too :rofl:
Funny your Fergie’s license plate advertises GPS, but it seems it got lost anyway :smile:


All’s well that ends well.


Thank you. I needed a laugh today. I cant believe how far from shore you ended up before stopping. I think Fergi wanted to go swimming.


If it gives some good laugh’s, it is’nt wasted? :smiley:
Edit: and now i can’t postpone the much needed gearbox oil change anymore :rofl:


I tought the same as JO. Showed it my children and now I am not the only stupid one :grinning:. Has happened to me too a few times with low tide going of the ramp. But why didnt you drive back up? I only go down in low first forward. The last piece is always slippery. Full forward if something happens. Anyway, you wont do this again probably. :grinning:. Thanks Goran, famous in Holland too now.


Hi Joep, it happened fast :smiley:
I backed down in reverse, because of the stones on the bottom, i didn’t rolled backwards by itself, only when i passed the last rock, then it went fast… i was standing up on both brake and clutch pedals, managed to throw in a forward gear, in about the same second i released the clutch the engine sounded: blob-blob-blob, even some water pushed out the smoke stack… and i was standing there… :rofl:
Good thing i got rear tires water-filled, otherwise it probably would have slipped further back, about 1 meter behind where i stopped it’s 2,5 meters deep :hushed:


:grinning::grinning::grinning:and how long were you standing there? Your wife knows you and was checking on you? Lucky you.

I was swimming one mile with a jetski a month ago. Old fool. Bad wether. Just before dinner. When I finally got home there was only a image, no sound from the couch. After half an hour under the shower my temperature was ok and back downstairs the ice was melded :grinning:.


Couldn’t pass up the opportunity at a early morning clear mountain picture, and a happy syllus with a fistful radishes from the garden

Been mighty toasty here the last few days so a little swimming in the fishing hole was in order


Are trailer licenses expensive? I’m curious because i don’t think i have ever seen anyone pull a boat into the water like that. They are either on trailers which are backed into the water, or drive as close as possible pull the boat off the truck and pull them in by hand.


No, did ten years without and decided it was bether to get it. If you you pass your exame, I will eat my driverslicence, my wife said. :grinning::grinning:. First phone call, start eating , honey. :grinning:.

License doesnt prevent from doing stupid things. It is more that insurance wont turn away. Boat ramp at our place is just a little short and I popped the trailer off a few times.

And license is only needed above 750 kg with a max of 3500 kg.