Life goes on - Winter 2022

Started to build a logging wagon for the little skidder today, feels like i have most material i need.

First i cut the hubs from two small trailer axles i’ve saved from work.

Had to bring the big one.

Here’s whats left of the hubs after i cut away brake drums (integrated with hub) and brake shields. To save some weight.

Then i dug into my stuff/scrap/chainsaw parts to find my stoneage metal reciprocating saw… to cut some material. :smiley:


Robert, it’s like the Husky Rancher 55 that I found in the woodshed when I bought my property here. No compression whatsoever. Ordered a $20 new piston and cylinder from China, and it has been running 9 years now. Now if I could only find a dead tractor like Goran’s somewhere.


That “big one” reminds me… have l missed the “guess how many saws Goran has?” Game reveal? Seems all bets were given…


I think Goran was trying to count them and had to take a nap because it too to long.


göran ,i think it is time that you tell us how many chainsaws you have…impressive the mixed chainsaw-angle grinder model…
what is your oldest chainsaw model?
ciao giorgio


Bob, I noticed that your saw is missing the chain brake. I never had my saw activate the brake on a kick back - mainly because I am super vigilant and always keep a firm grip on the beast. Before I retired, I worked as a forensic engineer and saw too many pictures of the results from accidents. Mostly the brake is an annoyance because it trips when the lever snags a branch. However, you never know and it is extra insurance. I saw one for sale on ebay (my go to source) for cheap:



Thanks marty I will try to get the repacement parts for it. The saw was free so spending a little money to make it safer is alright with me. I was thinking on making it a swing down cross cutting saw for my log cradle bench.


Please do @Bobmac , we all want you to be safe. Accidents happen to the most experienced people too. :slight_smile:


It is ordered will be here on the 27th. Thanks again.


Ok, here it comes: i have 122 chainsaws, in running order (i only count runners) +1 semi- runner, waiting to it’s turn on the workbench.
Oldest one is a French Rexo, from 1946, (until now the oldest in my collection was a German Dolmar, 1936, it had to find a new home to pay for the tracked skidder)
“Wrecks” i can’t count, they are not near running order, and are spread all over my place. :smiley: :crazy_face: :roll_eyes:


We all under guess your count. How many not running and not running then.
And where is this storage shed you store them all in. Wow. That is a collection.


Wow, that is an impressive number of chainsaws. If you dont have a chainsaw shed/barn to have them in I imagine there are chainsaws everywhere, behind the couch, in kitchen drawers, next to the laundrymachine and so on.
The mental pictures I am having now are fun


My hat is off to you sir. I know where im going in case of apocalipse :smile:

But who was the closest? JO sayd 100?


Looks like Steve won. With 100+.


Kristijan, I guessed “only” 80 and without checking I seem to remember someone exceeded that number…
Oh, and since only working order counts I’m down to 4 (maybe 5) - not 8. Göran makes us all look like sissies :smile:

Edit: there we go…Congratulations Steve!


With my broken saw that needs parts I guess I won the least gas powered saws.


Congratulations Steve :+1:
And yeah, i emptied a shed and made shelves, the situation was untenable, chainsaws everywhere, they tend to multiply, it seems :laughing:
And yes Johan, i had some in the laundry room, you can guess… one of them leaked bar oil…


Boy, if one of my chainsaws leaked oil in the laundry room I would probably be missing body parts or worse!


Yes. But I did guess a range of 90-110.
And by Gorens defined count of they must be running useable I have to cut myself down to only three.

I’m rainyday now stuck inside with a puking sick little girl all day.
Busy trying to find a current Net link to Australian Kurt Johannsen’s vehicle wood gas system he made up in 1986 and installed onto his 1982 retirement travel Dodge Coronet station wagon. 318/5.2L carbureted V-8. A rear bumper mounted system. Used rough country road sides scrounged wood. Be right up @Bobmac desires.
KurtJ. used to have a colored pencil sketch plan set he’d sold. This had been a few years ago; now decades later someone had put it up as open source. That link now dead.
I have wanted to show this to @Tone. The reactor hearth endcaps made of plow discs. Had a down from the top Tee supported single central brass pipe air nozzle. The inner body lined with cemented refractory bricks formed to make a narrowing waist. Had a very thin metal outer gas tight skin. Seams needed to be made by a really, really good tinsmith or a very good welding autobody man.
Ha! Been trying to teach myself the WayBack retrieval system Admin @Chris recommends. No joy finding it yet.

Anybody have a photocopy saved they could post up to share to the group??
Steve unruh


I have to say though, I do like the smell of chainsaws, bar oil and two-stroke gasoline all mixed together with some nice conifer woodshavings but I suspect my wife would have a different opinion in the matter, especially when the clean laundry smells like it.