Life goes on - Winter 2022

Summertime is done… Get ready for winter!

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Well i did move the cab of my case 5240 into winter storage… that is unfortunately about all i have gotten done on my long list of fall projects. That case has been sitting since 2014 with a blown transmission and high hours Cummins engine that needs to be overhauled. I finally realized the D15 loader i put cylinders in a few years ago actually has the lift to remove the cab. That case will make life much easier on my farm the other 2 tractors have been struggling to do the work that i planned on doing with the case.


Cute girls you have there Chris. They look a lot like their mom.


I thought matco was rebadged like Lincoln. It looks like abs. I have terrible luck with glue and plastic. I personally would try to plastic weld it, but I have cheap soldering iron with the digital temp control. I wouldn’t do it with normal iron, they get to hot and you have to be very quick to not burn through, and you end up losing plastic. An 80 dollar part that is going to get stressed isn’t a good first project. Kids toys are much better. :slight_smile: But if I cool the tip down with a damp sponge, have the part glued to kind of hold it, then stitch quickly across perpendicular break with the soldering iron, I have gotten it to -hold- using a soldering iron. But I haven’t tried that with ABS.


I will not tell @SteveUnruh That my wife and I have just returned from a vacation in Northern Michigan where the weather was crisp, unseasonably warm and beautiful, and we sat on the beach for hours. The water was too cold for swimming. (We also wore multiple layers of long-sleeved clothing). Traverse City, the peninsula lighthouses there, Cheboygan, Petosky, Mackinac City, (Upper Peninsula via Big Mac Bridge), Saint Ignace, Naubinway, (Yes the snowmobile Museum is still there, we did not go in) De Tour Village, Ludington, Home. Lots of driving miles. Had the windows open at the Ludington (Nader’s) hotel yesterday to get the stuffy air out. 75 degrees today at home, still now have the windows open. We will pay later, of course! :cowboy_hat_face:


It is hammering rain so hard right now i have leaks in the shop and while shooting the video for tomorrow I was being rained on inside the shop :joy: its cold, but real quick this Dodge is gonna heat things up…


Did you take the ferry across the lake Mike? That would be interesting but kind of pricey. You got out of here just in time. Two and a half inches of rain between tonight and tomorrow and 50-60 MPH wind gusts, or so the weather guessers claim.


Tom, we were extremely blessed with great weather. I thought about you way-up-north Michiganders a lot this week. I hope the weather is not as bad as they say. We have watched the Badger (cross Lake Michigan ferry to Manitowoc, WI) arrive and depart Ludington, but have not been aboard. Drove by the docks Thursday, and they were getting ready to load up again. Winding down for the year I think.
Edit: Just looked at the ferry schedule, their last day was October 16th, so I guess they were working on the old gal.


I’m glad you had a good vacation MIke. The weather has been great. Last year we had snow at this time. I’ve been able to bring in a lot of firewood even working a couple days in a tee shirt. once this storm passes, next week looks to be more good working weather.


It’s two degrees of separation from Lincoln.

Marquette made in Italy, is owned by Lincoln.

I’m thinking of using a strip of aluminum across the whole bottom flat portion to beef it up.

Also my mom has a plastic “welding” kit somewhere around here.

Edit: When Marquette was its own company they made very high quality welders. Once I get my dad’s old Marquette stick welder repaired I’ll do a video on it. Very old school, amperage is determined on which socket you plug into.


Beautiful weather here—Sunny, 74 degrees today, 78 for the next three days, rather dry–perfect for doing things outside. After this comes rain and cooler weather the middle of next week.


I was going too ask , are them your prize cutties girls, though after hearing don manns congradulate you about the girls, Now i have too ask there ages, though they look happy and healthy, Nice pic chris saenz. God Bless.


The main storm has past; remnants heading south and east.
The creek now running high and strong. Our rivers now flushing encouraging the fall/winter fish runs in from the ocean.
The wildfires are now for sure wet and dead.
Life is good.


That really is a B-E-A UTY fireplace Steve, I could sit in front of that for hours and just watch the flames dancing


Hey Norman,
We bought this house with this central rockworks feature. Wife hated it. But, has grown onto her now.
It only goes up to the ceiling height. Then patent air gapped triple wall stove pipe up thru the roof. So minimal heat gets conductive wicked out. Newer pipe systems are better yet, with only two walled with the kawool insulation in between.
This has to be 10,000+ pounds of rock and mortar thermal-mass is inside the house centered, free-standing, so once heated up has quite the heat carry over flywheel effect.
The actual stove is a LOPI brand “Revere” model of certified fireplace insert conversion.
I have become impressed with this combo.
The initial when built, and previous owners added insulation in this house allows this one stove to comfort heat well.

Actually, I flame relatively little getting to an airtight controlled wood char glow heating.
Computer camara is not-so-good. Does not like the intense red radiant glow spectrum.

As you see our from-Texas single coat dog likes having his bones warmed.


That dog knows where the good spot is.

If I didn’t have so much clutter in front of it I’d take a pic of the living room fireplace.

Nothing special it’s a big open space inside, chainmaille ember screen and the fold out glass doors. Has some sort of heat exchangers fans in the hearth, I hope the fans are easy to access, I’d like to change them over to 12vDC system. The heat vents have 4 areas, 2 high and 2 low, maybe the low vents are cold air input and the high vents are hot air output.

The fireplace in the Den is a steel stove inletted to the brick. I wouldn’t call it the basement because the house is built into the side of a hill so we’re both at ground level.

It’s not in the center of the house but their chimneys are beside each other in the same brick. I’m assuming probably clay/ceramic chimney pipe. Chimney top has a cage around it to keep the critters out covered in stainless diamond grate and a rain cap. I still need to measure the chimney diameter to get an appropriate brush and sweep it.

If the power went out I’d immediately start a fire and sleep in the living room. My bedroom and my mother’s bedroom are pretty far away so it would be pretty cold. I’m used to the house being cold so I sleep under a big comforter, any colder and I break out the longjohns. Depends on how bad it gets, I can handle a few cold nights but I’d get sick of it eventually.


Yep I think winter is here

First snow prob stay for good now


Well contructed rock gardon around the fire place, i was going too ask if the rocks help hold the temps up in the morning before refilling , Then i see you allready menchened the flywheel effect is working to that effect. Nice looking set up for very little heat loss, My DIY water boiler wood heater out in my barn , looses quit a bit of heat out in my barn, Its in a insulated room, I pump the water jacket water about 50 feet through the barn and under ground and intoo my trailer radiator, keeps my pipes from freezing and sleeping area cozy warm. Though it probley eats more cords of wood then the setup wood heater you have there. Luckily winter is not much over 3 months for the coldest part,anyway.


First snow dump of the year started at 2200’ elevation right at my friends house where i normally going hunting and shooting. I see @Bobmac is getting his first flurrys as well, we are on snow watch in the lowlands now


Marcus you finished your V10 just in time. Thank God for the skills given to you.