Life goes on - Winter 2023

Looking at the last time you started it on the video gave me comfidence that in some cases 4" realy is enaugh to start up a girl :smile:


HI All,
Two nice Fall days now back to cold raining. Snow in the mountains now.
YouTube educational weather.
I stumbled across this seems very complete history of electrical power:

Enjoy. I did.


Thanks Mr Steve, good for a sunday.
Long time ago I sold an installation to Suriname, 110-220 V 60 Hz. I remember the playing with a frequency inverter to get the turbine wheel the right size and find the right motor with 220 V coils instead of the 380 V we use overhere. Interesting project it was.


I enjoyed that too Steve, but I had to turn the picture off and just keep the sound on to stay away from all those waving arms when she talks.


Yeah. I looked over her channel for the promised follow on video of why 60 Herz versus 50 hertz.
She never made or released it.
Later showing her unboxing her proof copy of her electrical history book.

One video from cumulative comments she says she finally made aware she has lived with ADHD.
No matter. Info is info.
Here another for Goren, Giorgio and others:



We finally had eight Fir/Spruce trees taken down to our south.
It opens up our territorial view.
We’ve both grown up and lived always with a far ridge-line view on clear days.
We missed it. We crave this:

Ha! Ha! From the upstairs bathroom window.

The eight trees will be the next 2-3 years of clean-new heating wood after next summers drying. Finally after two years of heating with old cluttering laying done half rotten woods. Site cleaning up.
Seasonal needed fuel wood I’ll put on a dedicated topic. Fuel Wood Use Maths.

Ha! Ha! That last video I put up I know is long, long and a commitment to listen to.
But as a development detailed history . . . all of us last 20-30 years of woodgasers are all represented in it.
Right down to the two who went wacko crazy. The shameless self-promoters. The forgotten unsung real link-steps developers. The sharp contrast between the theoretical “Geniuses” not able to actually put their inspirations to actual working. Versus the sweating it out development engineers.

Have to enjoy today. Rain again tomorrow. Each with their own enjoyments.
Steve Unruh


Thanks for posting these videos mr SteveU, me as a “history nerd” appreciate it.
As i’ve read a lot of books about these two guy’s, it’s interesting to see it from other wiews. There always seems to be writers, supporters for one, or the other of the geniuses, wonder how the world have been today, if the “thinker” and the “do,er” had get along, and worked together?
I got somewhere an old book about Edisons life (written when he still was working) it includes a “fan poster” a picture of T A Edison himself, with a copy of his autograph.
Interesting old stuff.

And a good explanation how you guy’s power supply works, “on the other side of the pond”.
Much like how our three phase system works, as i understand it, you have two “phases”, 180° “out of phase”?
We have three, 120°, always the same amperage on the common neutral, both 3 and 2.
Oops, almost forgot: im a fan of both Edison and Tesla (not the car) i built a copy of one of his “toys” some years ago.

Not of any practical use, just a fascinating way to waste electrical power for my own amusement. :blush:


We have 3-phase delivery and it is available (for a hefty price), the single phase is much more common for residential. The main difference between between single phase in europe/australia and north america/japan is that we use one of the two hot wires, for 120v, and in europe most of it is 240v, and it is at 50hz instead of 60hz.

But they did that mainly after WWII, and it was cheaper and easier to run two smaller hot wires. then one larger wire with the neutral, and there is all sorts of fights about the wiring and connectors as to what country owned the patent and royalties. Then they realized they had to run a ground, and neutral. so now it is 4 wires, but it is like 240v at 8a instead of 120v at 15a.

You must be in one of the small areas where they run 3-phase to the house. Lucky you. :slight_smile:


Hi Sean, in Sweden i believe 95% of all homes got three phase electrical, maybe 100%?
One big reason, we have only had city gas plants in the big citys, probably no city-gas used since the -70s, because of that: electrical cook stoves, always been popular, old, single phase households could only boil 1, maybe 2 pots at the same time, three phase, lots of cooking power. Clothes dryers: never heard of a gas powered one in Sweden.
Cheap kw’s due to hydroelectric, made direct electrical heating popular, electrical “radiators” in every room, electrical water heaters, all this has lead to a expanded electrical grid, every house got three phase electricity, the outlets and lightning split up over 3 phases. 3 phase electrical motors are cheap here, single phase motors super expensive, only because of a cheap capacitor…
Today our kw’s not so cheap anymore… no direct electrical heating anymore, but the good of all of it is probably the luxury of be able to run a 5,5kw 3 phase motor, even in a 2-room apartment… :wink:


In Chile we have 240V, 50 hz power. Most people have single phase 16A supply here in the countryside. Electrical space heating is non-existent and water heating is practically unknown. The previous owner of our property had 3-phase brought in mainly for the cable car motor. We have to pay on an industrial tariff, so unlike residential we pay a demand charge. But on the flip side, we pay less per kwh.


I think there may be one other country with the 3-phase in the EU block, but I don’t recall exactly. It is interesting that is the reason why. :slight_smile:

Depending on how much you are paying for a demand charge, it may be worth it to look into a ‘peak shaving’ type of system. It squashes peak demand. Basically batteries kick in to keep the amps below a threshold, like when a motor starts, then it recharges the batteries when demand drops. It is used in the light industrial and even utilities use it. Even 5-10 years ago, utilities could pay for their battery storage because they lowered the demand charges like 3 days out of the year.


In Czechia, generally all households are connected to 3 phase 50 Hz four wires and ground. But typically small flats without electric owens or boilers use only single phase. It’s up to customer to choose which one to use, if internal construction of house enables it. Definitely for the cost, because we pay fixed rate for the switch according to amperes and phases.


First snow this morning. I’m thankful for much, including all of the clever and kind people on D.O.W.


Beautiful picture, Bruce. We got our first dusting this morning also, but not cold enough to stick. It’s a shot over the bow, though. The ground will disappear pretty soon. I’ve still got a lot of firewood to split, and it’s easier without the snow.

Even though we haven’t had good results starting seed in the greenhouse, I’m very grateful for it. If I think of it as a solar wood kiln, I’m really happy with the results. There’s just about a cord in there now, slowly drying (but a LOT faster than outside), and I can rotate the rest through it as winter progresses. It’s a great blessing for a guy that never seems disciplined enough to get the fuelwood done on time. I’m also grateful for a good friend that shares his wildfire-killed trees with us. A lot of what needs to be split is already fairly dry.
By God’s grace, we’ll likely make it through another winter, warm inside, even though I get behind.


Hi Marty , so sorry i only just came across your post , I have a a couple of inverters that have lasted me for years now , what i would ask is , what do you need to run ? if its motors with high start up loads or air conditioners i would recommend getting a LF ( low frequency ) style inverter preferably one with a toroidal that has all the chocks to keep idle time consumption down a minimum if you don’t get one with a toroidal transformer and just the normal E type they tend to use up a bit more power in standby .
If anyone is considering buying a top brand inverter and i mean the type that costs thousands of $$ and you know your way round a circuit board i would suggest spending a few hours reading about what some very smart people have done .
The Inverters that i have are called PowerJacks , now if you google that you will see video’s from many years ago when they were junk with video’s of people showing you how to fix them with sledge hammers luckily they watched the internet and set out to build a very reasonable LF version .now days they build a modular system and they are well worth looking at .



if its a hybrid inverter you can not go past these MPP Solar , they make a lot of very good units and are world wide i think so split phase 120 /240 what ever you want , they are great units and now days other company are doing copy knock off of them .
this is a AU site but they will have other country’s



Such a cosy house, @bsoutherland. I dream all my life for such one.


I wish you all a very happy thanksgiving :smiley:


And you too, sir! ! !


Thanks Dave, no worries! I was looking at some cheap mobile inverters to replace an extremely cheap auto store type 400W modified sine wave inverter. I have that one on a microhydro turbine and it does everything I need it to do except start a refrigerator. Mostly, I need it for LED lighting, computers and a refrigerator - emergency stuff. Aliexpress sells a lot of true sine wave mobile inverters and I was looking at some of those, as opposed to a more expensive made for solar power designed one like the MPP.

I am leery of these inverters because I know a guy here in Chile that bought one of those Chinese inverters in 2008 and had it fail on him. He is an electrical engineer and he took it apart, diagnosed a huge number of design issues, fixed them, and finally got it working somewhat. Interestingly, it was a PowerJack too. The guy is a true renaissance man and is really fascinating. He wrote it up on his web site:

Of course this was 15 years ago and as you say a lot has changed.