Making your own fire tube

I could not find any 12" pipe around here and was not going to drive 100 miles to find some. So here is what I did. I found some scrap 1/4" plate (4 pieces) 9" X 20", laid it out and bent it on my 30 ton press. Staggered the top and bottom and welded it together. Just a thought for those that try to do the impossible with nothing.
“Living Life in North Idaho”

Ron, that came out nice and round. Dave Bloom also welded up a cylinder. His photos are here:
Speaking of N. Idaho, my son used to have a house near Sandpoint. I rode my Harley up there in late fall of 2005 to help him pour a concrete slab. Almost froze to death!

Welcome to the DOW site Ron .

Very nice job !!

Thanks Mr. Keith, it means a lot to me that you even noticed. I’m sure I well be asking you many Q in the future.
“Living Life in North Idaho”

Thanks Ray. 10 hours of hard work swinging a 5 lb hammer, BUT it was better than the 100 mile drive one way to pay $11.00 an inch for 12" pipe. -10 F this morrning.

Ron H. Welcome to DOW. Here is a link to the thread about building one’s own firetube, focused on increasing the heat recycling.

Good Morning Ron,

I enjoyed reading your bio , I try to read everyone’s and see what part of the county or state they are .

It seems our past has a lot in common . I tried a lot of occupation and did OK at most if there were no requirement for staying still or clean for long periods of time …


Ron Holmack are you using the Saw Blade as your Choke Plate?