MayI use 3/16" stainless steel sheet to build a burning chamber,pse?

MayI use 3/16" stainless steel sheet to build a burning chamber,pse?


Hi, Vassile 52!

Why not? If you have the heavy rolling equipment and welding equipment…
For mobile use it is unnessesary heavy, but it is just a small part of the whole system.
“The burning chamber” is usually covered inside by passive char and ash, so sustaining the wall is not done by using metal thickness.

In stationary use the thickness is not a backdraw. The general size affects the thickness needed for mechanical stability.

You sure have more questions, as you present your plans?



Welcome Василь:

Yes you can use 316 stainless steel.
I think this is what you are asking ( alloy not thickness )
This is an alloy with nickel and chromium.
It will resist rust and has a higher melting point than common steel


I just looked up melting temp ranges for 316SS vs A36 (which is what most people call “mild steel”.
316 2500 2550
A36 2599 2800

But here’s a chart I found which shows quite a range for various SS’s:
Grade 304. 1400-1450°C (2552-2642°F)
Grade 316. 1375-1400°C (2507-2552°F)
Grade 430. 1425-1510°C (2597-2750°F)
Grade 434. 1426-1510°C (2600-2750°F)
Grade 420. 1450-1510°C (2642-2750°F)
Grade 410. 1480-1530°C (2696-2786°F)

I suppose the corrosion resistance is what make the SS useful?

Pete Stanaitis


Nickel adds toughness to steel so it is less likely to crack.
Chromium adds corrosion resistance (but makes it brittle and hard )

The combination of the two metals in the right amounts make a steel with a tough oxide layer that resists corrosion and carbon soaking

Inconel is a series of super alloys of nickel chromium cobalt and molly.
They all work the same way, increase the melt temperature but mostly resist oxidization at high temperature

Inco specialty alloys
( aerospace super alloys developed by INCO before cvrd, the great Satan of mining bought us out in a hostile take over, fired all the smart people and replaced them with bankers. Now called Vale we are just about picking rusty rocks off the ground and sending them to china and i don’t think the management can spell Alloy ).
But i’m not really bitter, just adjusting…


Melted buckled folded torn stainless steel .

This is underside of reduction . In most drive on wood designs it is a consumable replaceable item . here it is not .


Excellant SS failure picture Henry.
The most important characteristic in a stainless/rust-free steel is will it be weldable. Important to Not try and weld an SS to standard carbon steel in these high temperature gradient gasifiers.
Down in the low/no oxygen Reduction zone it will not self-oxide protect itself. The glowing hot char will strip out the oxygen molecules from pre-condition SS down there. O.K. until the whole gasifier assembly may sit unused in a cool high humidity storage. Then it will rust just like a carbon steel. My all-SS unit does this.
As MaxG has stated to CarlZ; SS has it’s best benefits in the above the air nozzles and upper fuel hopper/lids areas.
Steve unruh