MGS S-80 Sawdust Gasifier Resurrected

Mr Steve, the automation piece is solved. That is how I ended up here. Yesterday I was at one of my clients workshop and showed the system to my daughter. Two years passed already that I build this. Super! Works ok, still after two years.

You talked about that Alaskan guy before. Can you give me some links?

Add moisture for pressing I know from my pellet period. But for burning? The drier the better?



Ha! Ha! Yes. Automator’s love their creations alright.
Modern automobiles have been going more and more electronic, servo-motor automated for the last 40 years.
How many can even diagnosis, let alone fix a malfunctioning modern auto H-VAC system, eh?
I have. I can. I just choose not to anymore for professional pay.
My newest, the 2017 GMC box-van has vacuum mode switching. Mode knob turn and hiss-change. See-Do. Listen-Do.

Nope sorry. I had no direct contact with the Alaska guy. He put up his stuff on a few youtubes. He only briefly participated in the one of the now defunct woodgas forums.
All gone bye-bye now except in once-was, memory. Others here did see this too.
Reverse Engineer from hints.


Hi Steve , Mike .
Thanks for the videos , I’d seen both of these over the last couple of weeks.

I believe I read (somewhere in DOW) with the S-80 unit , operator will start it in a dry-ish sawdust , but once running , was having sawdust added on the go , of which , some sawdust was damp , and the gasifier didn’t mind it .

Steve , is it possible to look at some of this sites earlier downloads as listed at the beginning of this thread , under the first post ?

Fascinating stuff this gasification , still reading , still learning , the hamsters upstairs in my mind are frantically turning the “wheels of possibilities “ .

Cheers for the reply’s and insights folks .
Shrappy :sunglasses:


Admin Chris has used, and recommended the WayBack tool site.

Never used these myself. Can’t say.


Great Stuff Steve .
I’ll look into that .
Shrappy :sunglasses: