My book came in!

I have told my friends I’ll be pretty well useless for the next few days. I was truly excited to unwrap my copy of “Have Wood Will Travel” that came in today’s mail. Reading here on the web is nice but I still like holding a book in my hands.

Wayne and Chris… I really like how you literally put your fingerprint on this project. Looks great!!!

I also appreciate how Wayne explained a lot of his motivation for getting into woodgas… avoiding a hostage situation. I’ve run my diesel trucks and now my small business completely on renewable energy for the past few years… primarily veg oil and just a touch of solar. But even with cooking oil, I’m tied to the restaurants. Living in south Arkansas, we have plenty of trees. I also have friends with small sawmills.

Thanks for your hard work, guys!!!


Wayne & Chris, Nice piece of work !! It made it here to Wisconsin on Saturday. I like David B’s intro. Have just skimmed it so far. maybe next visit I can burn a DVD of the videos so I can see them and hear that Alabama “twang” … Thanks Amigos, Mike

Got mine today too.My boy was about as excited as I was.We thumbed through it cause he wanted to see all the pictures & was asking lots of questions.He will definately be a future wood gasser.Thanks to Wayne & chris for all there hard work.

Got mine friday. Everything I had hoped for and more. Thank you both for the hard work

Wow! Ron just got his “Have Wood Will Travel” I got so excited after he took a brief moment to look through it, I started reading I could hardly put it down. Thank you Wayne and Chris for putting this book together so even us rookies, like me, can understand it. We will definately have fun working on this project!
Thanks again, Ronda L.

Got mine today. Looking foreward to reading it.
Thanks, Wayne and Chris.

Thanks to all for the very nice comments on the Have Wood Will Travel book. I can’t take a lot of credit for it. Chris has been working very hard on it for a year now. Somehow he was able to watch me work and drive, read my mind and thoughts and put in print.

Most important are the members of this site with their input and feed back that has made it all possible.

Thanks again

When I read at 8pm tonight that Ron L received his book, I yelled out from the Lazy Boy whether anyone picked up the mail today. No. But it is bumpy ice down the driveway in the dark so I have to weigh out the chances of success. Out I went, my arms flung out a couple of times, waited for some traffic. There it was without any light to see it in the box. Now I had to plan on how to throw it if I went down on the way back so I wouldn’t fold it with my 300 lb mass going down. No, it’s still flat and the font size is great for men over 50 that fight their wives over the use of glasses!

Thank you Wayne and Chris I received my book today and have look over it and am impressed. This is the first time I have posted and I could not think of a better reason to post.

Thanks again for all of your hard work

" Did you guys get char all over the furniture signing these?"

Hello Henry ,

Now that you mentioned it the wife did have a few things to say about it !!!

Hello Mr. Smith ,

Please post anytime .

Everybody has a book but me, How I do I get one? I put one in my cart but cant find a cashier.


Wes, Don’t think Chris got the cashier working yet, but I could be mistaken.
Go to the top of the page and click on the “Contact us” link, drop a line or too about what you want and I’m sure they can help you out. .

I received my book yesterday as well and cannot put it down. The book is easy to read yet informative. I am very pleased to have this on my bookshelf. It warrants being located on the top shelf which is where I also keep a Bible and my State of Ohio Constitution. Well done Wayne and Chris!

Wayne and Chris, Thanks for the fine book and the great website!!! The book has arrived just in time for my new project: gasifying the '93 Dakota I bought last month but just now got running on gasoline.

Got mine today, what a great book to have a copy of. The only thing that could make it better would be a dvd of the construstion videos inside the back cover. Great job THANKS

Wayne And Chris I just got my book today
Awesome Job!!! Thank You both

I got my book today! I even got an extra thumb print from Chris S. :smiley:

Yes, Please offer a DVD of the videos … I have never seen any of them … Call it woodgas Fever 2 :o) … Just kidding … I’m proud to know you guys … What a piece of work. See you in a few weeks … Don’t know what I’m driving there yet. I’m dealing on a newer truck to pull the trailer. Supposed to get 10 inches of white crap tomorrow on top of the foot of ice and snow we have now. I may wind up taking my much more rusted black truck. Violin will be in the back of course … Mike

Hi Wayne and Chris,
I got my copy yesterday and started to read it, that’s why I’m a day late thanking you both for a job well done. I love the fingerprints and I also like having the book to hold onto and carry with me to show to my wanna be gasser friends. Borrow it?? Sorry Charlie, wrong tuna, sign up,, it’s the bargain of the years (no typo).
I’m proud to be a small part of this great group.
Wayne, my brother, Skip, gave me a well casing that is 3/8" thick 31" long. Is this too thick for the WK?
Thanks again for leading the way in America, you guys.

Looks good to me Pepe, I’d use it…