New Project


Well I bit the bullet and did my first cuts on a new build.

It will be similar to what we have already done, based on Stephen Abaddess’ Victoria but with a 4" restriction.

I will probably try running my truck with it. If it works out well enough I’ll then up scale it one more time to a 6" restriction. I’ll try to post some pics as things progress.

Wish me luck.


Good stuff Maynard!
Let me know if I can help.
Pics lots of pics.
Get er done
Mine is ready for fire, except the plumbing is only half way to the front.
Food or fittings, that’s the question. :slight_smile:

Will do mon chum…

burn that thing buddy… :slight_smile: you don’t got to have all the fittings there to make a fire!

slowly gathering parts for the next one… this is some of parts for below the hopper… if that makes sense… lol. Hope to actually get welding in the next couple of days.

Hi ArvidO.
Lookin’ good on your project.
I look forward to seeing your results into vehicles with your use of the Victoria based hearth. Chipped fuel still I assume.

Sorry about that Arvid. They have a new thread now.

Lol… it’s all good Chris… I know how easy it is to get going on a tangent…

And to answer Steve’s question, my hope is that it will still be able to use course chips. And I most certainly will be trying them :slight_smile:

well, after having to fit my lil flux core welder i did manage to get most of my grate build… yeah, it’s a start… next!

After a conversation I had with Terry L I redid my outter reactor tube, it should handle stress from heat better…

Also, don’t have to have a flange on the bottom now… I almost kinda like that.

Look at you go without a helmet!
Well, maybe a welding helmet :slight_smile:
That should help with heating / cooling cycles.
Good on ya

Yep, yep. Flanges as nice as they are for assembly and disassembly are a PITA to cut out, get welded flat and DO Indeed concentrate heat stresses. I even come to hate all of the nut and bolting. Any way to getter’r done without flanges now is great in my book.
Lookin’ good.
Steve Unruh

reactor area coming together… I’ll use the green vessel as a small hopper… I have plans for a much bigger hopper in the very near future. but this should get me goin.

Hope to have the insides welding in tomorrow… hoping… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words… yes Terry, I’m not always wearing the helmet now… more so the welding helmet now though, lol… I hate waking up in the middle of the night and going dang! why can’t i do it that way?.. of course I can do it that way… go back to sleep dummy… I seem to do that alot

from the top, and from the bottom

got the top row of nozzles welded in finally… I’ll hopefully get the bottom row done today or this weekend and post a pic. always something getting in the way of getting what I want done…

Thanks giving in Canada this weekend… wishing everyone a safe and peaceful weekend.

top row

You go Arvid. That setup ought to run a 4 cyl nice even in the winter time if you got enough drains eh?

Lookin good Arv…
Probably be putting fire in the hole tomorrow or Sunday.
Come on up.

LOL… yeah woody, drains are a good thing.

Dang… I was at my house and of course no internet… I’m with ya there in spirit T… can’t wait to see that thing burning…

bottom nozzles welded in. and i ran outta wire again… dang…