New WK Gasifier For Sale

Hi Guys,

I have decided to make available for sale my WK gasifier. Will sell the gasifier alone or entire truck with gasifier.

All new materials utilized except fire tube. Professional level build, documented material cost. BO.

Detailed build pictures available in the Builders discussion area.


Just saw this. So, what happened? I see no discussion or offers or what.

Apparently, no interest on site in a new WK gasifier.

Peter, I’d buy it if I needed another one. But I’ve already built one. :slight_smile:

How much are you asking?

Hello Perter,

I wish I could help you but I have three and have bought the truck to convert the forth.

Chris, since there is no demand, at this point price would be related to the current price of junk steel. $.08 per lb ??

Wayne, I appreciate the thought.

Hello Mr. Peter,

WOW I wish we were closer, just checked the map and we are 1300 miles apart.


A 300 lb gasifier is worth way more than $25. At that price, buy it from yourself and keep it! The woodgas bug will bite again…

Hello Pete,
I was wondering if you could put a price on it. I have already built one for my truck but would consider purchasing yours. I liked your craftsmanship on your build. Thank You, MikeyB

Hi PeterC
Re-purposable steel scrap here in the PNW goes for $0.30 to $0.50 USD a pound. Mixed scrap delivered to a shredder is paid out at ~$0.11 USD a pound. Peter you are cuttng your self shortnot reflecting any added value by your fabrication.
I’d buy this from you PeterC but the cost to truck ship it East Coast to West Coast would be at least $300 to $500 just by itself. And in my case I already have two gasifiers and a whole bunch of different coolers/filters, ect.

Keep your chin up. Sombody within self driving range of you in NH? will want to pick this up for a fair price.
Did you ever get that VesaM book?

Steve Unruh


I live in Northern Maine, and may be interested in your gasifier.

So, have you determined a price???

Let me know. You can call me also after 4pm. (207) 538-7583 and we can discuss this?

Yup, if I were closer I’d be asking price… Shipping into canada is stupid expensive.

Hi Guys,

These are the actual cost figures for the gasifier;

$365.25 New Barrels
$146.00 Strips sheared, angle, .750 bar stock
$170.00 .052 inner & outer skins rolled to spec.
$ 25.00 New,but rusty firetube
$ 46.00 New 24in wheel spacer
$ 60.00 aluminized tubing & marine grade couplers
$ 50.00 computer flame cut fire tube discs & heat exchanger flanges
$ 50.00 shop supplies

$912.25 Total cost + 50hrs min. labor. This is the actual cost to build new. Make me a reasonable offer.


Hi Peter ,have you sold your gasifier yet??

Hi Ron, It is still here.

Peter, I just have to ask why you have given up on it ?? I think it is a northeast phenomena ? Ted Carbone in New Jersey spent a lot of time building and trying but for some reason he just couldn’t get his systems to fly so he just gave up and sold it all. I wish I had been in the neighborhood to take a look at it after it was all together and may have spotted where a simple issue was. It doesn’t take much to goof up a system. The last problem I had with my trailer is the heat exchanger got partially plugged with slipped char and the such. I had to blow it out. I will build slightly different next time. Well back to my original question ? I just hate to see folks quit before they get that sh_t eatin grin on their faces from a real drive with the liquid shut off.
Regards, Mike LaRosa

Hello Mike.

Ted seem like a real nice guy, he and his buddy ( forgot his name) .

I saw his gasifier when we were all in Kansas but I can’t remember what type it was ( imbert I think)


No phenomena here in the Northeast. In no way have I given up. Cutting my losses may be a better description. I can no longer justify building a quality piece that has no value whatsoever. Although I would like to continue, it does not make economic sense. The good news is that the truck will be fun to drive @ 2700 lbs with a 500hp small block. In this form, the truck increases in value. I would like to get into this subject further, but it is not appropriate.


Peter, I did check out your pictures. Cars and trucks that actually get driven rot so fast here, I try not to invest much in them. I don’t think I have spent more than 300 to 500 dollars on any gasifier build. I think I paid $287 dollars for the trailer my current gasifier sits on. It was a bolt together but had too much flex so I had to weld all the joints. A local plumber dropped off the water tanks I used rather than taking them to the dump. I had to braze up the holes in them that caused them to need to be replaced. I am almost out of EMT tubing but they cost around $30 a 10 foot stick when I bought them. My joints are just steel strapping held on the joint with 2 stainless hose clamps. I suppose one of my bigger costs is acetylene for brazing and the bronze rod. I am slowly learning how to use the Millermatic welder I bought a couple of years ago. I paid around $1200 for that whole setup but really enjoy using it. I make real elbows now out of the EMT. I go through lots of drill bits. You know the drill.
Bottom line is the fun IS in the building and the satisfaction comes from when it works and even more if it works well and reliably. You are right in that it doesn’t make any economic sense BUT if we start invading another country like we did Iraq, It makes a lot of sense. On some of my trips, the kids have checked me out in the rest areas as I reload. This is worth it’s weight in gold … Then I take off and go puff puff puffing my way down the road again. I consider my building to be part of my business but on the research end of it so I deduct most everything so maybe that would make it make more sense on your end if you already have a business ??? A 500 HP engine in a lightweight truck with a WK gasifier would kick butt. Wayne would probably drive up there to take you on ???
I did a 91 S-10 a while back but had to run the pipework overhead and through the fender to the mixing valve. It was stock of course and things in that engine compartment were way too tight to go under.
Well at any rate, I hope I’m not outta line. You don’t need to reply. I just wanted to cheer you on a bit.

Hi would like to know if your gasifier is still for sale? Please let me know Thank you TOM