New WK Gasser Project

Hi Guys,

Just got started on my new gasser. Much easier when someone else has done all of the homework!!

(firetube pictures here:


Beautiful welding there Mr.C !

Peter, those are beautiful welds! How did you do it? Let me guess…big TIG machine with water-cooled torch, high argon flowrate,…maybe stainless rod? 1/8th" RG-60 rod? Wow!

looks great, i need to learn to tig weld, lol.

Hi Ray,

Thanks, The large welds are done with .045 inner shield & wire feeder. The caps are welded to the angle iron with a TIG.


Hi Dave,

A TIG won’t help much on this project, too many feet of weld to cover. I am trying to come up with a .030 solid wire tune up for the wire feed to nail .052 strips to .250. The TIG works well but way too slow!!


Peter You do some beautiful welding. I think I will do the rest of my pictures in the lowest resolution possible…lol We do have it easy following the rest of these guys. Hope to keep up with ya.

Harvest in circles

Good deal PeterC.
Nothing puts a smile on my face as seeing another IC engine intended woodgasifier and gasifier operator being put on the face of the planet in real metal.

For your woodgas engine tuning future I highly recommend Mr Vesa’s Mikonnen’s book listed in the Resources -> then Books section here.
He can give you a launching point background in NA and forced induction, cylinder head/valves, camshafts, timing curves - mechanical and electronically controlled, mechanical and EFI carburetion/mixers, boosted CR’s, rear diff and auto tranny mods all based on hands on experience of doing it with small block V-8 Ford/Mercury/Lincoln and GM 350-400 CID engines.
Ha! Ha! Shows measured performance and pictured munched piston/rods to prove it.

Best Regards
Steve Unruh


Thanks for the support & information. Burnt pistons & kicking rods out occasionally is part of finding the fine line, just don’t make the same mistake twice!

Best Regards

Peter C

Hi peter
Super good looking gasifier your building
What did you settle on for cooling fins

Thanks Gary

Hi Tom,

I am using 1.250in x .050 sheared strips for fins. No saw blades readily available.

Thanks, Peter

Hi John,

Thanks, Be proud of your project, the welding just takes practice!!


Finally came up with a tune up for the welder & jig for the fins. Trying for 150, but is looking like 147

(firetube pictures here:



It is a shame all will be covered and never see the light of day.

Hi Wayne,

Yes, you are right! Problem is, I was taught old school ---- the teachers still come by the shop to visit & inspect, they are experts @ torture!! Actually, I am using the extensive welding for practice & experimentation on light gauge steel with a wire feed. Generally .125 & lighter we use a TIG. Bead size definitely has great effect on distortion. Small, fully wet out beads on light gauge is similar to operating a gasser, right on the fine line! Hopefully this practice will help me on the rest of the project.

Thanks, Peter

I decided to go with an early S10 with a 350sbc & 700R4. This decision required lengthening of the fire tube. FINALLY DONE!!!

(firetube pictures here:

Nice work. What length fire tube did you go with? Using the angle iron to hold the fins make it easier to weld.

I have a '67 Chevy 4x4 1 Ton with a 350, sm465, NP203, 4/10 gears I will be converting soon. I hope to be starting the project by the fall. I am finishing up the restoration on a '72 Camaro, for a friend, and then I will have the time to complete a project of my own.


I had to lengthen the tube from 18 to 22in. on the advice of one of the experts. You should check with the guys prior to building.


Looks beautiful Mr Peter
Now how much to become the site hearth tube weld up supplier??
Steve Unruh