Order your Argos 2015 T-shirts here

T-shirt time… If you want Argos 2015 t-shirts this year, we’re doing 100% pre-orders. Place your order here.

The shirts go to print on May 14th, to allow 2 weeks for printing. That means you must pre-order your shirt before May 14th. If you don’t I can’t promise you a shirt. There will of course be DOW shirts, hats and Gasifier Girls shirts, as well as some Argos 2014s still left.

Here’s the design. Shirts are $13.60+, depending on size. You can pay online via credit card.

Ready to preorder? Click here.


Do you have extra shirts from last year? I will take a couple more if that is the case.

Yes we do. Email me with sizes etc. I’ll have them ready at Argos.

This year’s shirt features Henry Austin, striking the classic woodgas pose.


Dang, April 15th is over. I would have ordered. But I’ll take two small 2014 if yah have them?


Sorry about that Jeff, I meant May 14th. Still plenty of time to order.

Got it… Thanks…!


Where’s the pocket ??? A shirt is worthless without a pocket … LUV, Mike

I want a new one and an old one, both large, and a hat if there are any left.

You’d better preorder it then. Custom Ink Group Orders - Indiana Woodgas Meetup 2015

Plenty of those coming to Argos. I’ll set some aside for you.

Hats?? :scream:


P.S. Dang posts have to be at least twenty characters.

DOW hats, yes.

How much $ for hats and last years shirts?

All shirts are $15, hats $12.

Only six shirts so far, and two of them are mine! I know there’s more folks that want shirts. 10 days left, put your order in soon…

Three days left… Order one if you want one. Remind anybody who might not see this post.

Last day! Last reminder… Closes at Midnight eastern time.