Red bear, long grass mower on charcoal gas

This is this hay raking tool, made in Slovenia, for mounting on a BCS mower, carefully stored in the bushes

height adjustment mechanism and wheel steering

some parts for fastening and tightening the belts


This is very interesting, I never knew that there were so many attachments for bcs type of machines. Thank you guys :grinning:


Giorgio, yes the haystacks are good.

Johan, there are many more. Bundle bounder, the Carron is interesting, turns it in a truck. It even comes with a belt driven stone sharpener for sharpening the blade


A couple of years ago I thought about a Bcs but I discarded those thoughts since I already have a rototiller but now I would like one. But it seems mid and southern europe is where the attachments are. Bcs and those kind of two wheel tractors are not really common here apart from Belos, those are more common.
Norway is probably the closest that would have those kind of attachments, smallholdings growing crops on those mountainsides.

It is not highest on the list but I will keep my eyes peeled for a bargain


You might be able to convert your rototiller to take BCS attachments with a bit of work. But personally a small tractor with a 3pt is more useful, and probably easier to make.


That would be quite a lot of work as my rototiller does not have a pto, it is either tiling or wheels. Still it was sold as a two wheel tractor. Only pulling stuff then I guess, unless there is some conversion kit but then it starts to get too pricey with both parts and conversion/adapting work.


Oh I understand. :slight_smile: You need to be gifted with both fab and the tools to do either, and not everyone is like Tone :slight_smile: There is just more space with a tractor. Lawn tractors typically use a belt to a transmission, and an electric clutch for the belt to the pto/mower. Then newer larger tractors just use hydrostatic for both. And there are some with electric drivetrains and pto’s.


Johan, whatever you do, don’t get an older Belos, we want you around here.
(Ofcourse you are able hanging around DOW forum from a wheelchair, but…)
Personal experience, i don’t get rid of stuff, but my old Belos had to go…


Thank you and don’t worry, I will not get a Belos. Never had or tried one but I have heard stories about them, I was tempted to buy one for next to nothing but I resisted that. :smile:


If you can arrange shipping they are cheap here. I payed 300€ for myne, including the seat carrage. For 600 you can get a renewed one, basicly new, and it will serve you a lifetime.

Those things used to run preety much 24/7 in summer around here. Father in law was among the first ones to have it, probably in the 70s, he cut grass during the day and harvested grain in the night, for people wide around. Earned his living with it during the summer. 40 years later l still used the same BCS and the motor hasnt been touched yet.


That is a good price, I looked around perhaps six - seven years ago and then they were priced at around 1500€ and looked no more than ten years old (only found two for sale in Sweden then, none right now) and with no attachments besides a rototiller and the occasional snow blade.
I think it is only the market gardeners that use them here.
They sell new Ferrari ones with a honda motor at around 4000€ here but they seem a bit unstable as the wheels are too close together, perhaps they rely on the attachments to stabilize them.

Shipping is not going to be cheap, it would probably be cheaper to fly there, buy the stuff including a car and trailer and drive home :smile:
Of course that would include some priceless visits too while there :blush:

Ah well, one can dream, it will probably stay a dream as well as it is cheaper to buy or occasionally pick up for free old small scale farming accessories for a tractor. Including a combine as most of the few farmers around are big ag companies these days.

I’m sorry @giorgio if we are clogging your thread


My dad used to say " Spend a quarter to save a nickel"


I think it’s two dollars to a nickle now Don. Maybe more if this isn’t posted within the next couple minutes.


It would be if you put a gasifier on the truck! :slight_smile:

Im not sure how border crossings would go though.


I used to get that one and “pennywise. dollar dumb”.


Not much problems nowdays with the EU thing. The migration chrysis did establish some border patrol for some time but now its similar to you guys state to state crossing


Last year, when I was transporting logs with my Fergi in the summer, I met about 10 older Volvo and Saab vehicles on a gravel forest road, they were marked with Swedish flags and license plates,… apparently they were some kind of Swedish vintage vehicle club, which they traveled through our places,… unfortunately there was no time to take photos.
Jan, tell me what you want, regarding BCS lawnmowers or something similar, I have a few examples in my collection, but if you have special wishes, I can get something else. I still have a little hope that we will also meet wood gas users in Europe, and I could deliver the goods to this place,… :grinning:


That is so very sweet and thoughtful of you Tone and as much as I would love one it is not a viable option for me to drive 4000km with a trailer there to pick it up, the trip alone would be around 1500€ including ferries and such. Ten years ago I would have jumped on it right away as it is more in the size farming I would like to be but now I have collected farming equipment for small/medium tractors, there are still some things I don’t have but there is no need for those right away.

I love the offer though, it warms my heart, thank you very much :blush:
Meeting eachother and other woodgas friends I also hope is in our future.


Yes, maybe pick a date to get me going.

And I can bring the tool from Tone to me or maybe near you if you are not in a hurry. We leave for the south in a few weeks. Told myself it must be after I accomplished some real woodgas to pay Tone or Kristijan a visit. But this is good enough :grinning:


two days ago working in the hay with our old hay turner…
the problem with this old engine on our uneven and stony ground is always damaging of the forks…aprevious owner had began to replace them with springs instead instead of the forks, but has not finished the work…for some years i have looked in internet to find simil springs, but it is difficult…all springs offered are thicker and longer, till 60 cm…cutting would be not a problem of course, but the additional weight and less elasticity makes me think…the springs i was looking for are only 7 mm thick…the newer and longer ones are 10 mm thick…
has someone a idea from what engine the springs were i am searching??- last foto , the bended springs…