Red bear, long grass mower on charcoal gas

Giorgio, generaly, dry charcoal is used in updraft versions and wet charcoal in fowndraft versions. What you say about filtrability is true, moisture hlps but will make slightly weaker gas as, in order to have water droplets in warm gas under slight vacuum (super saturated), l think l once calculated the ampunt of gaseous water in the gas is 10%!

With a wood gasifier, we rely on the ash cone to protect us aginst tar flowing behind the nozzles. Ash mixed with charcoal fines insulates and seals everything.


Giorgio, I have in mind minor changes in the construction of the gasifier, which will allow the production of a larger surface area for the production of the heat exchanger, possibly even simpler assembly of parts, I will try to draw a sketch.

I will use a standard 200 l barrel, inside a standard 115 l, nozzles on top 10 pcs 5mm at a distance of approx. 30 cm, offset to the taper approx. 20 cm, the bottom nozzle will have a 6mm inlet and 6 openings of 4mm…I will specify the exact dimensions after production and performance test.


the mower comes in work again…

a bit lazy at starting, maybee because of too dry coal…? a week ago produced in the bread oven…

horse hair filter, gas entrance

gas exit side
always new fascinating running engines on chargas…


Giorgio, you have me interested in the horse hair filter. I know a dog groomer and I might try to utilize dog hair.


i will try also sheepwool how tone does, but since they have introduced wolfs here, there are no sheeps more…only one, but antipathic neighbour has, but not like ask him


I have a dog hair filter Cody. works fine. Hair is hair. Of course it’s been about 40 years since I personally produced any.


Confucious say “man bald in front is thinker: man bald in back is lover; man bald in front and back thinks he is lover” :grinning: