Ron H. 1956 D-4 CATIPILLAR

I finished the chunker and the shop was a little lonely, so it’s time for a new clutch in the ole cat. Just so used guys don’t think all I do is lay around and do nothing, here are a few pic’s of moving it in the shop today.

Ron H


Although the JD is nice, I would rather have the D-4
Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

Nice skidder. All the JD skidders over hear are yellow. Seen a few green ones online though.


Hey BillSchiller, made this vid. just for you, “not” but I did show you what a fish plate looks like, so hope it helps you out in the future! I did get the clutch put in and will make a short vid. tomorrow showing it done. Then off to the pony motor R&R, hope I can find the right parts.

Ron H


Thanks Ron I appreciate it. I need to take my picture down of what I did. :slight_smile: Oh well, I am learning.
Thanks again for the video. Sure wish I had a D4. It wuld come in handy for me right now.

Nice, I have a '59 IHC TD9-91 and a '52 ATC GT30, both are track loaders. Love these old machines!

Hello Ron .

Thanks for the video .

I also have and ole cat D-6 , 9U series about the same age as yours with the pony motor . I understand why once you get it started you might let it run all day .

Starting up a gasifier is very simple compared to the starting procedure of the ole cat . :relaxed:

Got another video up for those of you that are interested. No problems with installing the new clutch, but did find 4 bad seals,more things to fix.

Ron H


I found this old pic from 1994. It was the day I finished the cat and took it out of the shop. New engine/paint. O Yeah! Back in the day I was a pretty good fab. guy, I made the rop’s, rock guards, C-frame, 6 way bade, engineered all hydraulic’s from junk laying around, PLUS! That’s why I am so fond of this ole machine.

I made it all
Ron H


This pic. is of my new/old poney motor. Found it 600 miles away yesterday 04/23/15 @ 11:30 am in Oregon, Price $850.00, it showed up @ my front door today @ 3:30pm sharp for $155.00 shipping. WOW was that ever fast! They even through in all the seals and a frame rail guide I needed. They told me it has low hours on it, and way cheaper than buying the parts I needed to rebuild the old one.

Ron H


This is what I found, two bad bearings on the left side finial pinion shaft. The big bearing was $250 at Cat, I got it for $100.

This is the seal that made me tear the rear end out. Now that I have it apart I will do both sides.

Ron H