Selection and construction of a coal generator for boats

What do you propose making the sphere from to withstand the temperatures, or will active cooling be used? What are the foreseen advantages of using this arrangement?

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Я думал, когда рассматривал конструкцию Коена. Я теперь не думаю. Думает FlowVision. Я выбираю: да или нет. Сама схема предусматривает регулировку температуры от входа в GG и до входа в двигатель в автоматическом режиме. Думать не надо, надо делать. Коен думал, FlowVision думает…

I thought when I looked at Кoen design. Now I do not think so. Thinks FlowVision. I choose: yes or no. The scheme provides for regulating the temperature at the input to the GG and at the input to the motor in the automatic mode. Do not think, you must do it. Кoen thought FlowVision thinks …

I thought when I considered the design Koen. Now I don’t think. Thinks FlowVision. I choose: Yes or no. The scheme provides for adjustment of the temperature from the entrance to GG and to the inlet of the engine in automatic mode. No need to think, to do. Koen thought FlowVision thinks…

Это гибрид прямого и поперечного GG.
It is a hybrid of direct and transverse GG.

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Малый газ
Small gas


Резко полный газ
Extremely full gas

На маршруте
On the route

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feel welcome to create your own design. :slight_smile: Most people who do try, do not get it correct the first time.

Они будут видеть, понимать, делать.
They will see, understand, do.

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Минимальный рабочий объем топлива.
Minimum working volume of fuel.


Обработка сварки и покраска.
Welding treatment and painting.

12,4 Kg.

The base camp GG.

Полярный волк.
polar Wolf.


Hello Aleksandr.

Thank you for the pictures .

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I would not like any of those critters any where me or my livestock.

I agree it seems odd to me that there is a movement in the United States to bring back wolves and cats as top predators. It is as though we have forgotten why they where hunted out of the region just about 150 years ago. I know I don’t feel safer knowing they are comming back.
One of the reasons I like galloway cows they are good around people but are vary protective of there young from anything else. To the point where you want to be careful around the new borns. But I sleep better knowing they can defend themselves.


I just saw a wolf pup cross the hiway yesterday morning.
Around here farmers are keeping donkeys to protect catel.


До осени будет много свежих фотографий. Здесь выложу для всех. Будет и работа ГГ на лодке.
Until autumn there will be a lot of fresh pictures. Here I will lay out for everyone. There will also be a work of GG on the boat.

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Дикие Волки нужны для освежения кровей собачек. Всех выбивать нельзя.
Wild Wolves are needed to refresh the blood of dogs. All can not be knocked out.


Very nice clean workmanship.

It’s been many years already. I came back and decided to add information that I had missed in the past. It is important. In such a scheme, it is impossible to take gas from the very top cover. It is necessary to select CO in the reactor itself, close to the place of gorenje. It worked well for me when moving away from the nozzle up to 20 cm. Then it was already bad or completely stopped working. The gas was no longer combustible, porridge in a word.

Прошло много лет уже. Я вернулся и решил добавить информацию, которую упустил в прошлом. Это важно. В такой схеме нельзя газ отбирать у самой верхней крышки. Отбирать СО надо в самом реакторе, близко к месту очага горения. У меня хорошо заработало при удалении от форсунки до 20 см. Далее было уже плохо или совсем перестало работать. Газ был уже не горючий, каша словом.


You also gain the benefit of more consistency in exiting gas temperature I would imagine.

So is the gas sufficiently cool at a 20cm distance from nozzle, or does it require an intercooler like a transverse or downdraft reactor?

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Tried to select CO at the top of the bunker. There is a filter in the expander. Nothing is on fire. Deactivation occurs when passing through birch and pine charcoal. I lowered the pipe almost to the hearth and it all worked. The length of the channel and the expander - the filter cool the CO sufficiently, and in Siberia our heat is a rare case. When mixed with air, it cools down. However, all this is cumbersome and messy. In a country where oil flows in rivers, and swamps “breathe” gas, such a gas generator is complete nonsense. Lost interest.

Пробовал отбирать СО вверху бункера. Там и фильтр в расширителе. Ничего не горит. Происходит деактивация при прохождении через древесный уголь из березы и сосны. Опустил трубу почти до очага и всё заработало. Длины канала и расширитель - фильтр достаточно охлаждают СО, да и в Сибири нашей жара - редкий случай. Смешиваясь с воздухом дополнительно охлаждается. Однако, всё это громоздко и грязно. В стране, где нефть реками течет, а болота газом “дышат”, такой газогенератор - полная бестолковщина. Потерял интерес.


My goal was this: to run a gas generator for a chest freezer on a boat. But I came to the conclusion that from May to October it is more profitable and easier to have a 250 watt solar power plant on polycrystalline panels. Just great. Moreover, in summer we have a polar day around the clock, until mid-August.
Моя цель была такова: запустить газогенератор для морозильной камеры на лодке. Но я пришел к выводу, что с мая по октябрь выгоднее и проще иметь солнечную электростанцию мощностью 250 Вт на поликристаллических панелях. Просто великолепно. Кроме того, летом у нас полярный день круглосуточно, до середины августа.


I have read in many of the Gas Producer books, it is beneficial to extract the gas when it is hot to prevent CO “decaying” into CO2. I noticed this in a few charcoal gasifiers.

I don’t think anyone will begrudge you for utilizing a plentiful resource. But at least you have the knowledge to make such a producer if need be.


I came to the following conclusion: in porous coal, this reaction occurs, the formation of co2.
It’s not about oil, but about profitability and the final cost of fish and meat. Therefore, the choice fell on the Sun. Lots of free time. It is important.
And for a long-distance transition from the site to the base, you need speed. Coal does not provide it. Twenty-five again: gasoline wins.