Signage For Woodgas Trucks

I know that many people on this site either recently have completed trucks or are close to achieving that goal. I also know the goal of many builders is for their truck to draw as little attention as possible. That was my goal too, but after driving around for a few weekends and going to the store and such it is evident that the truck does draw attention…and a lot of strange looks. So I have decided to put a sign on my tailgate so that those who wonder but don’t ask can get an answer to the question I know is running through their mind which is “what in the world is that thing?” I also think a sign would be valuable, and probably even required, for entry in local parades. So I just solicited a price from a local sign shop for a sign that can go across the tailgate that reads “This Truck Drives on Wood. For More Information Please Visit”. Before I put this on, first and foremost want to make sure that I have permission from the Owner(s) of this website. It also occured to me that I am probably not alone. I wonder if we should standardize our signs and maybe even have them for sale on this website. If anybody (especially Wayne or Chris) has any thoughts please chime in. If I’m the only person who wants a sign on my tailgate then this is a dead issue. If others are considering this as well then maybe it is worth pursuing. Best regards.

Hey JohnC.
Great idea. I’d like to see authorized hats and pocketed “T” shirts.
These, like vehicle signage you only have a snap-shot glance opportunity so the verbiage has to be short and to the point.
The web site address pretty much says it all. Toss in the flame logo for the color and as an eye catcher and good to go.
Basic charcoal/goo black please.
On a T or a truck sign with space I’d suggest also the line, “Power Your Life”.
Steve Unruh

Good morning John,

Great job on all you have done.

You certainly have my blessing on the signage.


I like the idea. Is anyone in a position to print any of these? Val

I have heard from various folks that wanted to make signs, and nothing has happened yet. Go for it!


Richard sez: Ok Ya’ll I have just placed an order for 40 of these door magnets, they are $5.65 each with a $5.15 shipping fee. Two signs with shipping $16.45. If you have PayPal you can pay there at rccooper4 AT yahoo DOT com and email me your address at same email address. If you want to send a check or money order my address is

Richard Cooper
2678 S Stringtown Rd
Covington, In. 47932

Brent Wolf?
Lee Haley?
Mike LaRosa?

Steve Unruh x2
Richard Cooper x2
Richard Craig x3
John Cleveland x1
Carl Zinn x2
Darren Curtis x2
Sam Marshall x2
Peter Coronis x2

Total signs = 14

This is the sign that Chris got me.

Good feedback everyone. I agree with Chris.

Powered by Wood

That is much easier to read than my original text. That with the flame logo beside it would be pretty cool. If you can e-mail me the high def logo I’ll take it to my sign shop. I suspect we should possibly have several sizes to choose from. I’ll probably go for something that takes up most of the tailgate. Some folks may want just a bumper sticker. I’ll work on this in the next couple weeks and see what I can come up with. Thanks again everyone for the feedback.

Was going to order some of these 6" x 12" Aluminum License Plate but didn’t seem to have much intrest before. I can order these for 10.00 each if there are enough folks who would want one.

i want a sign/logo/something to reference this site too!
this is great pr and i bet we will get alot more hits on google with these signs driving around everywhere!!
this is how we start the revolution! lol

Not that there is no interest RichardC.
My state; Washington, issues a ticket for no front license plate. Hrrrm. Got one of those.
They can even issue a ticket for a license plate cover.
Have us all conned into new mandatory plates (for a cost of course) every so many years due to “loss of reflectivity”. My 94 is in it’s 3dr? 4th? set of plates. I no longer bother to memorize them.

Steve Unruh

In CA we can’t cover either front or black plate but like the size and could hang it from the cooling racks? or in the back window of any other vehicle. Maybe bumper sticker would be easier.

I ordered ten bumper stickers for $1.85 each and two door magnetic signs for $19.99 each earlier today. Look similar to the middle sign Chris posted above. I am on my phone so I can’t post the picture at the moment. I ordered from vistaprint. I like what Richard posted. Ohio requires front and rear license plates also.

I also like what Richard has posted. I think burning embers really send the message!

I like them all. . . I’ll take 2 magnetics and 1 license.

My own site is down so my links are not very good at the moment. I just have some signs in the window that say
Woodgas / Gasoline Hybrid
H2 CO2 CH4
and my phone number and e-mail address.
Some signs say unleaded (used to be gasoline) etc etc etc …
It seems folks are used to the $4 gasoline and just don’t care … It’s business as usual …
Nice batch of signs on this page though … I did run with “Give Big Oil the Finger” for a while …
and my favorite one is “No Blood For Oil” !!! Hard to find those stickers …
I wouldn’t show the flames. We are in a drought here and a few loose coals could make a real mess in a hurry and now the ground is near covered with leaves. They will be bone dry in about 2 days …

I never thought about the states that have front and back tags we only have one here. here is the fire in a 8x11 door magnet. I can order 40 for 5.65 each plus shipping to your place 5.15 USPS flat rate envlope. How many do I need to order?

Richard, I like the embers, but the white text is a little hard to read in spots, particularly near the yellow. Also I would increase the text size, make it readable from a distance. Remember, most folks will just be glancing at it while whizzing by at 75 MPH. Less is more.

Anyone interested in a magnetic door sign post what design you want, and how many, and I’ll update the post above:

Hopefully we get a consensus one way or another.

Hi Richard,

I’ll take three 8X11 magnets.

Richard Craig

I have made the font larger and tried other font colors, which color do you like the best? red black and yellow do not do good with the fire.

Hi RichardC.
The font in blue looks real classy. I suggest going with that. I really like the life of the burning embers a lot.
Can you get the letters black out lined (for a cost of course)? If so the blue font in white with black outlining would really stand out.
Steve Unruh