SOLD: Henry Austin's 1991 Woodgas Chevy truck

NOTE: I have received many inquiries on this vehicle, specifically about the asking price and delivery options.The price is $15,000 U.S.

You must take delivery in person, I will not ship, export or deliver it - Buyer is responsible for any necessary arrangements.

Payment Methods I will accept;

CASH ONLY in U.S. Dollars - To be transacted at a bank (to avoid counterfeit bills).
No checks of any kind will be accepted, no foreign currencies, money orders, wire transfers, Paypal or Bitcoin and NO bartering.

There will be no exceptions on payment method or negotiating on the price.


1991 Chevrolet K2500 (4WD)
Extended Cab

454 Big Block Engine (Tonowanda Plant)
4L80E Automatic Transmission (6 Speed controller equipped)
3.73 Gear Ratios (GT4 Option)

Mileage as of 07-30-14;
136,675 Miles (Total Miles)
6,343 Miles (Woodgas Miles)

Wayne Keith Gasifier, 12x22 Firetube

In-Cab Instrumentation;

Vacuum (Inches H2O Scale, Panel Mount, Non-Illuminated)
Hay Filter 0-100"
Cooling Rack 0-60"
Hopper 0-30"

Temp (Degrees C, Digital, with analog output)
Cooling Rack

AEM Wideband O2 AFR Gauge (Analog Display, Analog Output)

Gas Gauges for condensate levels of Rear and Hopper Condensate tanks - Driven by Stainless Steel Marine Fuel Senders.

I have (2) Videos on YouTube:

Bed Lights - - YouTube
Running on Wood -

I’ve also uploaded several photos here:


The instrument cluster was changed from the ugly “Moonies” display (1991) to the modern “Needles” display (1992 & Newer) at 129,347 miles. The newer display adds the tachometer, an essential piece of instrumentation when driving on wood. The new display had an O.D. reading of
124,634 at the time of installation.

The actual mileage on the vehicle is:
Current O.D. (131,962) - 124,634 + 129,347 = Actual VEHICLE Mileage (136,675)

The swap was done before I started driving on wood, the mileage on woodgas is:
Current O.D. (131,962) - 125,619 = Woodgas Mileage (6,343)

The previous owner had a Gooseneck/5th Wheel hitch on the vehicle but removed it leaving only the rails when I aquired it. The rail bolt holes are still there but I have removed the rails for a cleaner truck bed. The vehicle comes with an electric brake controller and 7-Pin RV trailer connector - ready to tow. Drive in, rent an auto hauler from U-Haul and tow the car home behind her when you buy it!

The truck bed has LED down lighting to aid in night time operation of the gasifier. The lighting is controlled by a PWM module in the cab (adjustable). There is some hum in the video from a power supply I was using when I shot the video - the LED’s produce no noise. Also, they were installed before the gasifier so it is not shown in this video.

The front bench seat has been removed and replaced with a pair of bucket seats from a Tahoe. The drivers seat is power and both seats have the air-lumbar (all working). The rear bench was removed and has been replaced with a base upon which I had intended to mount a PLC and other automation components. These were never installed but the base is flat and level. A shelf or seat could be mounted on top of it. The base provides clearance for wiring, vacuum lines, etc to enter the cab (from below) and should not be expected to be removeable. (See Photos).

The instrumentation is currently mounted in a metal panel. I had planned to mount the panel in the front of a custom center console, but did not get to that either. It can be moved or modified to suit your needs but wires and vacuum lines would need to be extended or shortened accordingly.

I have wiring diagrams for everything that has been done and the build was well documented, I will include this information with the vehicle.

The cab cargo light was removed as it is useless once the gasifier is installed. The gasket had started to leak (why I removed it in the first place). Currently, there is tape covering the hole to keep out the elements. I still have the light and will include it if desired but it will require a new seal.

The vehicle is VERY solid, the frame was not cut anywhere during the gasifier installation process. The Rear condensate tank is the lowest hanging component and remains higher than the rear differential, every effort was taken to ensure that vehicle ride height and clearance were not compromised. The vehicle does have some rust in the cab corners as is typical and the rocker panels are starting to go (see Photos), otherwise the body is in very good condition. The paint is checked and peeling as is typical for GM trucks of this era but dents are minimal. With a little bit of love this vehicle could be made to look new again and it’s well worth the effort. I have hauled many heavy loads in this truck and would not hesitate to put 2500 lbs in the box and go - A yard of sand hardly makes her sag. (See photo).

The AC no longer works but it is complete so it could be serviced and repaired. The cruise control does not work, but is not practical while driving on wood so this wasn’t a serious concern (why I haven’t repaired it). There is no radio so you’ll have to put one in, but I recommend leainge it out until you’re an experienced woodgas operator. The tires still have some miles left on them but will need replacing in another 10k or so - I have no idea how many miles are on them as I purchased them used.The Power Windows & Locks all work, just add your own keyless entry!

Please note that in the under hood photos, the positive battery cable is landed using a top mount adapter. There is nothing wrong with the battery cable in the vehicle, this Optima Yellow Top has a damaged (+) Side post (previous vehicle installation). Upon sale I will replace this battery with a new one so this will not be an issue.

Asking Price is a $15K. A LOT of work goes into building a gasifier and converting a truck to run on woodgas. This one is operational and proven to work. It was seen at Argos this year and was on the DOW site for quite some time. Many members of the DOW community and others have ridden in this vehicle. This is a heavy truck capable of doing a great deal of work!

Henry can be contacted via email at hadecoy-woodgas AT yahoo DOT com.

I spent a lot of time looking it over in Argos this year. Henry is a good builder. This is one well built and very STRONG truck.
I’m sure it will make somebody very happy.

Best wishes Henry.

Al D

Henry, You were actually able to fit one or two of Ron’s crates in the back of that truck !!! I’m stuck with sacks … trouble is getting the wood from a crate into the hopper :o) … I hope you are building a new one. Good luck on the sale … Looking forward, Mike LaRosa