Storing woodgas

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I just added a port on top of my hay filter and did some plumbing on my compressor to skip the main tank when needed so I can fill propane tanks for bar b q cooker lanterns just to see how well it works .my house is run off propane now fridge, hot water, stove, backup heater if we go away overnight who knows ide rather fill a tank or two every time I ,m shutting down my truck verse payin my gas company.

Hello Paul .

Please be careful when filling a container with the wood gas . If for some reason a quantity of air ( oxygen ) got compressed in with the wood gas it might make a big bang when lighting up and using from the container .

So then after filling it, it would be wise to place the cylinder in an explosion proof container and do a test light, just to make sure. After that, it’s like a bottle of propane.

WHEN pumping gas into a tank, one should allways have a way to test if there is any oxegen in the gas line.oxegen mixed with hygrogen / co2 wont burn at the line,it will burn back too the sourse,all the way to the tank gas , and exspode the gas and the tank, you put the tank under preasure and it would be a lot worse than a zero presure puffback like on gasifier.IN SHORT i would not go that route, with out safty sensors and actuators that stop gas movement if oxegen is in the mix, All it would take is a loose lid or air leak anyware on the system too breech safty margin, a small air compressor tank with no explosive gas , just 150 lbs of air that it holds can throw an air compresor acrost the garoge,with a tank failure rusted out, boom ,what is this,boom the pump and tank slams in too the cement 2 foot from my toes, SAFE REGAURD’S, BBB, SWEM

My thoughts are: if you use a water pressure tank with a rubber bladder then you will have no oxygen when filling and you will have a good storage under rubber balloon pressure inside a metal tank for protection of the bladder. They are cheaper than new propane tanks. I don’t know how long the rubber will hold up to woodgas, but a CO monitor would tell you if the rubber was leaking (or rubber bladder would just go flat). If new… then should last a long time. As added safety you could make a safety lid like on a hopper. better yet …listen to JimL

Propane is very cheap to use as cutting gas ,.save the wood gas where there is real savings . It is not worth getting hurt trying to save $12 a year.

I think a large water pressure tank with a rubber bladder would be the best way to store woodgas for later use.( propane fridge,cooking.water heater…etc) A flashback preventor would need to be used and an open top on the housing in case of catastrophic failure. People might need to do this someday in emergency. I believe this is a good topic for discussion . I see quite a few videos on woodgas storage online. Wayne’s observation of accidently adding oxygen to the mix made me think.

Bladder or no bladder,if oxegen is in gas, you DONT store it , air in storage gas exslodes tanks, water bubblers are for non storage use, If you enjoy your freedom/safty / get the safety measures learned and working first. wood gas stores very little voluem. it is not like propane that is liquified to increase it voluem.the emount of gas you would get out would not even equal probbly two gallons of gasoline.Remember a gallon of gas is equal to a stick of dinomite, and you dont want it in a tank under any preasure at all ,with any possible air mixed in the fuel, not worth it with out the proper expensive safety equipment involved, NOBODY WITH ANY GOOD SENSE AT ALL would store any gas in a tank,with out the oxegen detection systems that are mandatory for safety. HAPPY NEW YEAR. AND HAPPY SWEM TO THE NEW PAUL MCCOMBIE. YOU ARE JUST TOO HAPPY / ! / ! / ! !

I aint talkin about no bubbler. People are storing it . People are doing it… properly it can be done and will need to be done someday possibly! Woodgas isn’t nearly as explosive as other gasses stored for further use. ITS A GOOD TOPIC FOR DISCUSSION. I would like to hear from those that have done it or are thinking of doing it.

like with everything nobody wants to get hurt or worse . so blowing up is on the long list of things to do but working with liquid gas or vapor you still need the proper mix to ignite that’s how we all can have an electric fuel pump in the tank ive pulled fried wires out of sending units many times there is oxygen in there but not the right mix no boom if a engine has too much fuel flood no go not enough fuel to lean no go has to be just right . now that said I still don’t plan on being a dingbat with the stuff I spend thousands a year on propane and gona push on thanks.

IT is a good topic/ your bladder tank is a good measure/it should be moved to a storage thread/ wood gas is very exsplosive/ as hygrogen will seperate and burn first/ or exsplode first if oxegen is present in the tank/ nobody with any good sence would store hydrogen in a tank . without a minimum of oxegen senseing safety system/ let us find the minimum system, smart people dont pump up tanks of home made hydrogen in too a tank, with out an oxegen detection safety shut down system in place, as one seal leak any ware on the gasifier system can bring air in, It is not worth the risk,with out the safty systems.SWEM

I see guys storing woodgas to 90+ lbs. in propane tanks. I don’t think you can go more than 30 or 40 lbs in a rubber bladder? I don’t know. I do know I’ve seen old pics of cars and buses storing woodgas on top of the roof. I would like to rid myself of as much dependency on oil as possible. That is my goal. Oil companies have made my life miserable. I agree about the safety factors…That is the main reason for the discussion.

allso farmers store methane fuel from cow crap.I am not sure ware the farms are,i am sure they have safety senser shut offs built in too a sereies of lines ,before the fuel gets stored ,it must be cheched for oxegen, as it is being made and then stored, I am not trying to be condesending, only trying too help be safe.those bus tanks on the roof are like ballons, as the fuel leaves , the bladder tank shernks,too keep air out,till the gas is gone, like a ballon.That gas likely was monitored for oxegen before it was loaded in the ballons.Happy new Year YOUR GASIFIER IN THE VIDIO LOOKS GREAT, KEEP US POSTED/ BBB

I will keep you posted in my blog here. “my first gasifier”. I see around the world they are storeing biogas in rubber bladders for later use. It’s a whole industrial business. I’m inquiring for info… interesting

I am just going to through this out there in hopes that some of the old times that use to post on [email protected] will jump in with what they remember. This subject was thoroughly vetted on that sight. As I recall compressing woodgas caused a chemical reaction that made in not good for the uses we had anticipated. Bruce Jackson did work with this and had a compressor that he actually tried it but eventually gave it up. I will say that putting it into a bladder at around 14.7 psi is very different from putting it into a tank at 250 psi.TomC ( I think has vanished)

Just had to throw the Haleson motorcycle in because it was so cool

That is a very cool motorcycle. Check out the size of the ‘gas’ tank in the second picture! I wonder what kind of range they had with that. I would have to guess it wasn’t very far.

One thing to note on the bladders is: As far as I know, they only used a few of them on rare occasions and only for a very short time period. Those HUGE bladders gave only a very low range but were effectively driving around with a “Hindenburg” on top of your car. Very low benefit for extremely high risk.

Remember “Just because some guy did it and took a picture of it, does NOT mean it is a good idea”.


Ha Ha Ha. These pics are for entertainment. I’m not advocating going back to driving with balloons on our vehicles…please. I’m advocating having a reasonable discussion on the viability of storing woodgas for later use as it is done around the world in biomass bladders instead of storing it in propane tanks. Safety and responsible storage is a possible need someday. WE are woodgassers!!.!

IT would be neat too have small gasifier system for moped scooter with 25 mile rang or more.

Got DOW working with out forbiden message,I was locked out for 40 hours or so I reinstalled chrome and it worked.

sorry about freeking out on wood gas storage,as the pictures show they did it in ww2 ,safty design oxegen monitor ,should not be too hard too build.At least i would want too have a gas oxegen monitor system in line and tank, not sure what kind or type of meters would work good ,good subject.

I gess i am thinking wrong/it is co that is 22 % in wood gas not co2/caint mig weld with co,