Take a guess for fun

first runs on latest project here is a couple of pictures take a guess on whats going on.try to ignore the crap on the left scrap is so low I cant bring my self to get rid of it .


Turbo meat smoker? …,…

there is smoke but no meat good guess

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trying to make woodgas from a stump?

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that would be a good one but no here is another pic

You are making biochar inside the barrel.

no biochar for this set up bob I haven’t seen it done on this site but a link was posted at some time.

You have a barrel full of cats and pumping in woodgas to prove there is more than one way to kill a cat :grin:


wayne im beginning to think you aren’t joking about miles perr cat :grinning: thanks for that one.


That’s a thermal barrel cracker – if I ever seen one…

jeff I would say your right and the stock being cooked.

Does the alcohol, tobacco and firearms people know about this?

edit: oh too late, Jeff already guessed it.


thanks for playing anyway don. I figured a still would of come up sometime.

Ahh, the old old tire cooker…! That sure would be a nice way to get rid of some of my old tires…

that’s what I was thinking and it seems to produce about a gallon of oil per tire that will be burnt in the shop and im gona half to change my profile jeff davis in union city,pa that does look good.


What is the oil like? Some of the tires I have are nylon, I guess they would also have oil.

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from what I have found on this magic machine the oil is close to #2 fuel oil and it is thin but burns but it stinks not while cooking but the actual oil has a burnt diff oil smell . I hope it don’t in the oil burner.

I hope you will be sharing the design of this. I have been thinking of a way to better utilize the old tires around. I understand plastic waste can also be reduced back to oil as well.


there is a few videos on u tube look up tire oil retort I didn’t realize there have been industrial size unit operating for years. but after looking at all info it works like a still you heat a air tight container condense the smoke oil drops out feed the remander back to the fire its a gas like we are producing to help the process keep going.

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Where do you think the cat went that was on his bed the other day?