Tarred motor cleaning

I dont think i tarred my motor, but if one tarred a motor is there a procedure that works, other than pulling the valves out of the head and polishing the valve stems, and or soaking in bleach and wire brushing.

Hello Kevin .

It has been a long time but once I dumped in some wood chips in a gasifier that was designed for wood blocks . I drove ( 460 ford ) about 30 miles and the next morning while cranking it I bent two push rods. ’

I found the two stuck valves and removed the push rods. I started the motor ( missing on a couple of cylinders ) and let it warm up . Took the valve cover back off and lightly taped the valves with a small hammer until they freed up . Straighten the push rods put them back in and drove the truck for several more years.


Good evening Wayne i know i built this unit not exactly from your dakota design plans.i used cyclones intead of heat exchangers, Though i went one step farther with trying too run my motor with out a hay filter, by useing 6 cyclones toltal or actually 3 cyclones per each side of the v6 motor, ran good for coulple barrels of wood till i noticed sooty cake on my air cleaner screen , and the wood stoped pulling fuel in. i think it may have bent pushrod. As a lot of plain soot likely got in the intake and or in the piston area.THANKS FOR THE IDEA I WILL CHECK FOR STICKING VALVE. And try burning some out till i fix it.last time i stuck the torch in the carb body it idled up but no smoky trail out the exaust pipe. My next vehicle may be a v 8 dodge dakota 1992 too 1996.

Hi Kevin, I saw video on you tube of a guy doing the Seafoam product treatment on his old Ford that had sticky noisy valves. He just sprayed into the intake with the engine running. Used the hole can and then shut it down and let it soak. He also put a few ounces of Seafoam into his engine oil. You could see the difference after running the engine on the oil dip stick. He treated his engine with Luckus oil treatment. The engine went from misfiring, and noisy tapping to a quite running engine, running smooth. He did not do a tune up. I for one was impressed. He didn’t have any bent push rods.


Hi Bob Mac i do have some of them back fireing and hard crank feeling.So. i think i overloaded the intake area with excess soot cake, from trying too follow Matts idea of useing extra cyclones, I ran out of space and tryed running with 3 cyclones about 6 " by 16" long, a little oversized for my 1" and half plumming. For each side of my 6 cyclinder motor, Well not enough soot got removed that way.Matt had menchened a little diferent arangement of smaller cyclones with air feed too carb comeing in at the 3 small cyclones 4" dia. Any Way i removed the front cyclones that i had built and built a hay filter too replace the cyclon idea But i think i just loaded the intake valve area with excess soot matter and the bitter cold dont help, even with the bitter cold i never got one throttle sticking, so hopefully its not tared just soot sluged. Thanks for the sea foam idea.P.S PEOBLY SHOULD TRY MAX GAS MANS (HOT FILTER) IDEA WITH NO EASY BURN OUT PLAN MOTORS.AND A HEAT EXCHANGER GOING TOO INSIDE THE CAB TOO HEAT THE TRUCK IINTHIS ZERO WEATHER TIMES.

I’ve tried every solvent and additive that I could find to loosen stuck piston rings. Acetone, marvel mystery oil, sea foam, acetone, transmission fluid, steam, and various engine flushes. EPR by BG gets my vote.


Hi bruce what makes you think the engine rings were sticking. All that most tared motors uasualy need is the intake valves freed up good, and the carbon burn out is another different step. Just wondered weather or not you are running motors on raw wood or just charco. That EPR works on rings i supose may work good on cleaning intake valve stems as well, THANKS FOR THE CLEANING SOLVENT THOUGHT.HEY AND ITS SAFE FOR THE PISTON AREA TOO.GOOD IDEA. EPR BY BP ENGINE RING CLEAN SOLUTION.

I inherited tan MGB that had set for 13 years outside. Valves were closing, but one cylinder had very low compression and the engine smoked terribly. I poured EPR into the cylinder as I had the other mentioned fluids. I used a compressor to blow it past the rings. Ran the engine under various loads and RPMs to shake the piston around. Finally broke loose and quit smoking.

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Now that is some good Engine ring cleaner for sure.I got two 85 6.9 ford desiel motors that might cure with that stuff they been sitting closer too 18 years. My motor got soot cake in the intake area trying too run with cyclones INSTEAD OR IN THE PLACE OF THE hay filter. NO TAR JUST LOTS OF SOOT CARBON TOO CLEAN OUT.Are you thinking of building a wood gased truck project or pretty much set on charco motor fuel.

I admire what Wayne and those who follow his excellent guidance have done to bring renewable wood fuel to automobiles. I’m thankful that his ingenuity created the momentum for this wonderful DOW community of technicians.

Wood gassers are making better use of the energy tied up in biomass, but I’m in love with charcoal. More power with less weight and less complex gasifiers has me hooked. Also, charcoal made from crop waste makes gasification possible for places experiencing deforestation.


Nothing wrong with charco power cars, i have not got around too trying charco fuel , though it is all just as interesting, and valualble knowlege.I bet corn stalks would make good charco as well, some biomass only work best with charco too.SWEM.

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Good afternoon bruce S are there any real world numbers for pounds of charco too “one gallon gas” ? I know what wood per pounds is but havent heard on charco weight too gas gallon.Thanks

See entry # 279 in the Mercedes-Benz E230 topic where Til writes, “In old books, there was a rule of thumb that 1 litre of petrol equals about 1,5 kg of char without EGR or steam.”

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Thanks Bruce i can calculate from the google converters. I was just wondering how far i could go in a small car like yours on about 1/3 of a barrel of charco too compare the bio mass useage after converting a barrel of wood too char.Thanks again.

Best thing I found for melting tar is kerosene.

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HI AL I dont think i tarred a motor yet, though Wayne K uses bleach for hand cleaning when gloves got dirty, that seemed too work best for hand cleaner after working inside the hopper.Thanks.

Well if i done my calculation right ONE GALLON DINO= About 12.5 pounds bio charco, with out adding water drip or exoust. Now i will have too weigh some dry charco too get the volume figure.

There may be quite a range of volumes between pellet charcoal or hardwood and softwood charcoal.

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Thanks Bruce I weighed my 5 gallon of most likely white pine char was about 5 pounds. Just wondered what size hopper you were able too sweeze in the mg. It dident look like room for 30 gallon hopper.

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My reactor body is indeed a 30 gallon drum. I can only burn about 15 gallons before the exiting gas temp gets too high.

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