This is a test topic.

Hi Chris, My turn … How’s the board holding up ??? Mike L

Yup, works for me.

Not sure if it’s on the to do list but it was nice to be able to have the option to push ‘view original’ for the pictures and view it full screen.
Is that the board for your blowers?
Yep, editing works

Just tried to edit my last post Forbidden. I use my phone for my posts if it makes any difference

The image doesn’t scale with the text, when doing the control key and mouse wheel.

Hi folks

Yes theres still quite a bit of broken stuff around Currently you can post but not too long, should be able to edit sometimes breaks too, and picture upload button is broken, although you can save it with your post. Image popout is also broken and high on the list to repair.

G’day :slight_smile:

Very odd. There’s a hard limit currently on special characters and punctuation, you may run into that.

Earlier today I was forbidden to post anything.

Edit: seems to work OK now.

Edit: "What’s new " requires a double click now. Is that the new norm?

Edit: Still can’t post on other topics. Sorry everyone, I wish you well but can’t post it.

I noticed that too Carl. We are still very much in “fix the broken stuff” mode. That will get fixed too.

For now, shorter posts with less punctuation seem to work better. Not sure why

Hi Chris
Working ok here , still battling with the image upload gives the oversize 80 coment , but then saves the pic anyway .
Thanks for all the hard work sorting the bugs out !

We’ve made several changes, hopefully there will be less errors. Keep posting and trying things, every time you generate an error it’s a chance for us to fix it.


Yay! Images are working now. Upload button should work fine. Feel free to test this yourself, below.

Popout images are still broken, coming soon though.

Hi Chris et al,
Winter came overnight. Close to 2 feet at my house. A huge 4 wd front end loader for this just damp heavy snow! $$ ouch.

Came back to test the edit button. it’s OK.

we got about 5 squals that size last winter, glad i dont live on the north east coast.Nice snomobile weather though if you like snow trailing.Hope you are staying warm,wood is good.

Yup this are a test…
Test edit…
Still can’t get “original image”
Ok, here is another edit.
Yup it still works

Full size images are still broken. That should be the only thing though.