The knowledge to build a Co2 Converter

Using Charcoal Gasifying technology created a lot of opportunity’s for the future.
Combining al input, gathered from comments here on DOW, reading old books, research and build the gasifiers, generated the knowledge to create the Co2 Converter.

I dedicate this knowledge to those who build, to those who want to build and to all who’s interested.

Use this knowledge for promoting the use and build of good gasifiers.

Single phrased:
Its recycling… Carbon recycling…

In this diagram you’ll find possible targets / sources / producers of high output Co2 volumes.

in next postings i will give numbers, based on official publications.

The Co2 Converter is being patented, benefit for educational institutes, so patents are pending.

The rights for USA are given to Troy Martz.
He will use them wisely

As for every patent, private use is encouraged.

a small example for the use of the converter with some numbers…

seen the comments and some recent insinuations in different recent postings, i would like to draw your kind attention to the original posting in this topic; “Patent for the benefit of the educational institutes”
Who ever not understand this, can ask me, it might be possible that my english is to bad to express myself more clearly.

further, as soon as the first publication will be made, a copy will be found here in this topic.

Who ever doubting this, feel free to debate, but be willing to learn , not only to teach your own vision.
Feel free to teach that i am wrong, but please be gentle with the chosen words :wink:

Normally patents can be used from private peoples also… I don’t understand why for only educational institutes

However… Extracted words from the close CO2 Converter thread…

“Imagine a gas producer that works on the same principle…
blow the charcoal hot with air ( the blow fase)
but this time you not play with water , you use Co2 to provoke the boudouard reaction,
cool the charcoal down with Co2 ( the gas fase )”

Attached the document extracted from the same thread…

My suggestions are…Don’t forget the nitrogen present inside the air … that diluite a lot your fuel mixture… the reduction reaction is endothermic and CO2 absorb some heat from red charcoal … using just oxygen from air (including nitrogen) the temperature decrease a lot and you don’t have an exothermic reaction as you claim… hydrogen from water vapour can help you to maintain high temperature inside the reactor but there are some ways for steam production without use the heat of reactor. Inside the reactor you need stable and high temperature in the time.

The amount of Co2 , measured in the ice layers on antartica, have never been higher… ( look at the picture )
With all the energy we consume, we produce inevitable Co2
Either we decrease our consumption of energy or we find ways to decrease the amount of Co2 produced per energy consumed.
Recycling Co2, is an viable option. The Co2 converter, developed here in Thailand is 1 way, plenty other ways may be possible.

These are the 4 main processes in a gasifier.
Balancing all of them in one system is what i call a “master piece” of inventively tinkerers.
I am still way from being a master in one step gasifying, learning step by step.
I have just found a balance between the 2 last processes now trying to find efficient ways to ad pyrolysing…

Yes… is true… but this old diagram don’t consider the percentage of 78% of nitrogen inside the air creating an negative adiabatic inside the process… in fact the inert gas absorb the heat from red carbon reducing the internal temperature!!! All change if you with the same air produce plasma from nitrogen… in this scenario nitrogen is active medium inside the process.

I am very interested in Koen’s process of C02 conversion but I must wait for the patent. In the meantime can you point me to a link or thread where your nitrogen plasma cycle is detailed? Can plasma truly be made without electricity?

Garry… at today nitrogen plasma exist only using electricity … I think that in the world don’t exist an thread about this type of plasma. No need to wait the Koen patent… read the document that I have posted previously … all is written inside.

I’m a big believer in truth in advertising… and please understand this is in no way meant to sound mean or anything like that…

I build wood gasifiers, don’t care what levels of what gasses comes out of them… will they run a gasoline engine without gumming it up? yes, and to me that’s all that matters. Will it work without wood? Well that’s kinda silly isn’t it… ofcourse not.

Koen builds charcoal gasifiers, Will they run an engine… sure seems like they will. Will it work with out charcoal?

I don’t understand how or why it would be called a co2 converter… a carbon converter, sure… maybe… but at the end of the day, as part of reduction is converting co2 and h2o to co and hh i guess you could call any gasifier a co2 converter.

Keep up the good work Koen, I have nothing against charcoal gasifiers… just I personaly wouldn’t make charcoal to put in one when i can build a wood gasifer instead.

You nailed it…
I build charcoal gasifiers because i can and i can’t build a wood gasifier yet… ( i am not a copycat )
The Co2 converter ? my first sentence in this topic explains it all… ( i hope ) if more question or a specific answer needed, pm me
Calling any gasifier a Co2 converter ? please do so, it would do so much good , political spoken…
I stick with charcoal, here in Thailand, because its easier for people to understand and its less easy to mess up with…

Most pateint are none working junk ,or dont have to work as decribed. or most likely use up energy some whare down the line than what is claimed,they are not the paper they should be, ask a pateint lawer.Thats what one told me.

And if it dont tar up the motor,and its cleaner than other fuels that will be hear a long time to come.why burn it twice if you can just dry the wood then drive on it.Unless you got some proven increase in miles per pound of wood design, including makeing the charco energy lost, I am interested in the plans with good numbers increase , meyers hho pateints people been following for years , i see no overunity in the experiments, that are usable volume. Good luck in your study;s KOEN. ( ITS JUST MY OPINION ON PATIENTS ) & CLAIMS,.A LOT OF THEM OUT THERE

Truth in advertising… Yes Arvid you nailed it. Let’s call gasifiers what they are and be done with it. I’ve said my piece regarding the “CO2 converter”. I don’t need to call BS a second time.

A unit of carbon fuel MUST go in, and a unit of CO2 will come out the tailpipe. Sending it through a second time is irrelevant, and won’t alter the outcome.

The intent of starting this topic was and is, to share any outcome from experiments done by using the available knowledge.
Knowledge and experiences coming from many of the members on DOW.

War of Words in a man’s mind…

The outcome is still open but sure is promising…

Making units for every days work, learning, dreaming and teaching…

The above posters have a good point made out, why waste energy in converting wood into charcoal if not needed to do so ?
Believe me, i am a lazy person, thats why i try to find ways to avoid labour…

For personal use i would prefer a raw wood gasifier, to fill with nice dry wood and to have it run with no headaches…
But for bringing that knowledge to people around me and make them use it… whole other ball game
People around me are poor, do have a lot of small engines but no money for fuel and their need is high.

How to teach a good person, without any technical knowledge, to build a nuclear plant that will provide him with sufficient energy ?
Oh well, lets start simple…
Simple fire…
Simple fire Charcoal gasifier…
Gilmore style Renewable energy Thailand green waste charcoal gasifier…

ow, they use exhaust gas return … Co2 to Co … amazing…have to try that… study about that… have to build something… testing it
omg… its alive…

Curious now… how much energy could i save if i recover/recycle/reuse Co2 ? testing, calculating … a lot is possible
Mind is getting pregnant… idea is born…
How can i use all this knowledge to help others ?
If i reveal to much, then chinese will copy and sell their products to the people i want to help here…
I don’t want rich people getting richer with an idea that should benefit the poor…
What i want in the future ? What i want to be ?
I enjoy showing of my knowledge, why not become a teacher ?

Things going fast… building the first set’s with nothing more then availables from the local shops
Visiters come, words spread, Schools come to my house…
Koen, can you do this with us together ?
Yes we can…
Worked on future idea’s, applied for patent for the Co2 converter, it should be build local by local people and not to be imported…
How to give this knowledge to others ?
Someone’s knocking on my brain… (lightbulb) idea… i give the rights of the invention to different people in different locations ? as long they have to correct mindset… Knowledge to benefit the people…
lets do it…
Write about it on DOW…

i never expected a War of Words on DOW…

but didn’t i want something nuclear… ???

Goodmorning to you all

Koen, I have no doubt you are doing good work there. Much needed work. Please keep it up as we all benifit.

My issue is with how we have to be, or atleast try to be politically correct. political correctness is all bs to me. I’m very much a call it what it is guy. Here, all i do is point to waste wood and say hey I can use that s fuel and it releases the same amount of co2 as it would if just left to rot. Anyone with an iota of common sense can see the value of not wasting it.

It is about educating people… I do it one person at a time.

I agree with your point of view. Its about education and how we “have” to be…
Political correctness?
I have to deal with a lot of that kind of BS and then listen to more BS…
And then there is me… the little “anarchist”, why do i “have” to

The fun part of calling the Co2 converter as it is, is that you can actually inject Co2 to reduce your temperature and the output gas will have a higher Co content , + a lower Co2 content.
Call it a side effect from the exhaust gasses.
Using it in an optimized system and drawing attention to the benefits from gasifying gave a very positive feedback from the governmental departments.
Where the focus was on Solar, now local is going to be gasifying, pilot project budget approved to be started in 2015.

I am learning from people as you and the others Arvid, thanks for that.

I’ve been somewhat quiet on the subject of the CO2 converter, but read all the posts, including the heated ones… But it’s time to chime in.

Here is my take.

  • I take the man at his word.
  • He says it’s a mixture of old science, and some new findings.
  • He says there is no special catalyst or exotic metals.
  • He says it’s all about balance.
  • He says he can take the CO2 out of the exhaust and convert it into CO, but not all of it… Just 50%
  • He says it has something to do with the Boudouard reaction
  • He says that he can make the same energy output and save 50% of the carbon feedstock

Now let’s look at his actions:

  • He has spent a crazy amount of time on this new CO2 thing
  • If he wasn’t experiencing success, would he be wasting his valuable time?
  • He has gone through the trouble of making big announcements about his discovery
  • Would he risk his reputation for here and evermore if it wasn’t true? Would he? Forever?
  • Does he seem like a snake oil salesmen to you guys? A profiteer?
  • Does a money-hungry guy give nearly all his time and discoveries to poor people, on a continuous basis?

Just like most of you, I still can’t put the pieces together on how he is doing it. It does seem to defy logic, and … well… physics. But the more you look into physics, especially the Boudouard reaction, you start to see that it just might be possible…

“The Boudouard reaction is for example used in the HiPco method for producing carbon nanotubes, high pressure carbon monoxide disproportionates when catalysed on the surface of an iron particle. It is the disproportionation of carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide and graphite or its reverse.”

    -- Wikipedia

I’m no engineer, or scientist for that matter, but based on my simpleton way of judging people, and observing actions, I can’t help but believe this guy really discovered something that was profound.

I’ve chatted with Koen dozens of times on instant messengers… and he hasn’t told me exactly how it works either. He’s lead me to the information many times, hoping I would just “get it,” but I haven’t… yet. He liked that I was making my gasifier 100% open source, and asked me if I would like to have the rights in the Amercias… “Sure! I said.” Who the hell wouldn’t say yes? After he explained the reason why he patented it, it made sense… Not as a profiteering maneuver, but as a protective measure against powerful interests.

I just want to scream, “Show us how it works!” But I also understand that he can’t until all the paperwork is done… I certainly know this has frustrated a lot of people on the forum – people who have a clear understanding on the science of wood gas.

Now maybe I’m just a sucker… Maybe I put too much trust into people… But I think this dude is onto something… Even if we don’t fully understand it yet.

Does anyone else feel this way? Does anyone else believe he has cracked the code on some serious gasification Voo Doo?

Again, if he is lying, he has ruined his reputation forever. Afterall, the claims he is making are massive… earth shattering… game changing…


nice trike

I’m out of my league here so I side with no one. I was showed by Al D. to run 50% of the intake from the exhaust to the air inlet and the the internals of the charcoal gasifier decreases in temps. Is it because we are starving it of the needed O2 to make good gas? Is it decreasing gas concentration? Is that why H2O helps?

Yes, starving the combustion just to a level that the exothermic reaction ( burning the carbon to get heat ) and the endothermic reactions
( reduction of Co2 to Co and H20 to H2 ) are in balance
Both Co2 and H2o are taking away temperature, the oxygen in the air gives heat again
The better you can balance it, the better quality gas you’ll get