The WeatherChannels "Brainstormers" wood gasifier Jeep

Hey All
I missed this last Sunday 3/22 9:00 PM (US Eastern?)
I’m US far Western and did not tune in until 7:00 PM Pacific. Missed it.
Anybody see this or find a Net broadcast link yet?

Steve Unruh

Here there were 2 episodes. Fell asleep before the last one was over kept waiting for it but didn’t see any jeep

Well these programs re-ran last night with no wood gassed Jeep shown yet like it shows in the promo ad’s.
Snap-shot frozen picture from that shows an old Willies/Jeep flatbed truck with a 55 gallon barrel system on the back. 100 gallon cut off propane tank mounted on top of the 55 gallon barrel reactor?
Looks to be a suction blower with maybe a filtering system on a front bumper mount.
No cooling racks/tubes evident.
The Jeep hood propped slightly open for clearance.

A new set of programs should be broadcast next Sunday. Heads up.

Hi All
Still waiting for this “Rolls-On-Wood-Can-Hardley” junkyard Jeep to be broadcast.
Looking I found Latvian Arvids Aunins Audi 100 system video:

A stealth “who me?” trailer system.

Steve Unruh


Nice Steve. Looks like he just returned from getting his vehicle inspected. hahaha Now back on wood.
What do you think of that vertical cooler? Do you think it’s feasible for a big V8? Maybe two in series for the summer reduce to one for a Minnesota winter?
In a matter of minutes and he has a fire started.
Thanks for the video

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Excellent video. Thanks for that Steve.

One of my favorite things to come out of Latvia: “John Neeman Tools”

Every lover of fine axes and knives should own at least 1 autine tool.

Yes, that´s the kind of easy “slip fit” I was talking about. Ready to “blend in” some woodgas when ever you feel like it…haha

Yes JO; I was hoping that you would see this.
Very carefully notice at the brginning that he is removing, and setting aside, plastic bagged a gasious fuel volume mixer. Probably LPG (propane). His vehicle does seem to have more rear squat that would be from his light trailer tongue weight and a couple of sacks of dried wood chunks. LPG trunk tank? Bet you this an inspected certified legal converted propane fueled vehicle.
Now even here once you pay the inspections, taxation and tail pipe emission testing costs these will get bi-annual “Inspector” passed through without comment on modifications. Methane → propane with then cheaper DOT certified LPG tanks converted legal affordable there?? hint. Hint. HINT.

BillS of cource verticle tube coolers could woodgas cool for a large V-8.
Look up Vesa Mikkonoen’s gasifer maintences youtube on his trailer for his 400 CID Mercury/Lincoln engine. (Better: buy his self-published book with his cooler design and construction details)
Also look at DOW members Chris Seymour work here on his Superior Gasification system using vertical gas coolers on V-8 's and V-10’s.

What I like about this video is that he is obviously so strait forward a very experienced operator. Not about perfect woodgas. Not about a perfect cutting edge system. Not about setting records. Not about rah-rah crowd sourcing for $'s.
About going down the road and keeping up with current day traffic.
With self site made solar fuel stealthily. FREEDOM.
Ha! Ha! The sound of his “tic-tic-tic” air-in safety backfire valve is personal freedom music to my ears.
Steve Unruh


Does the fella with the trailer have a picture site ??? I can not do videos and have been knocked off the internet here for a couple of days due to thunderstorms scattered around the network here … I’m busy working in the field between rains … Still have to finish filling in my tax forms … I’ve already done the calcs etc … I’d like to see how he balanced things as I am a trailer builder … Thanks, Mike

SteveU, you can probably answer this question. What is that brass valve thingy that was unscrewed from the lighting port of the gasifier in the video? I noticed when he screwed it back on after lighting that he took pains to make sure it was in a vertical position. The camera focused on that valve again near the end of the video and it seemed to flutter like a one way valve. Do all Imberts have a valve like that and why?

Hi Don, that is a swing check valve, I have used those on my earlier gasifiers, when used in a level position they will self regulate the incoming air according to the draw on it. I thought of hooking a cable to the swing, and using them for my air, and gas valves. Al

Hey Al, would not an open pipe self regulate according to draw too?

Don, yes to a point it would, these act like a butterfly valve which close at shut down,and not allow blow back. that was the theory anyways. Al

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Hey DonM with a direct into the char bed lighting port (usually through the back of one air nozzle) this allows on a system over-pressure POOF event for hot lit char NOT to be blown back out.
So that valve is for backfire safety. Purpose made safety valves usually prop open-able enough to allow lighting-up through. His is a re-purposed plumbing part.
Self closing the valve then can act as an automatic system shut down over-pressure building up air in shut off valve. NO manual air shut off valve then needed. System later cooling down with under-pressure contraction it then lets air burp in enough to prevent housing collapsing/buckling. Most do not build tight enough to have ran into this . . . yet.
I found on stationary systems with experience easy to gauge the flow rates and system demand by the valve tic-tic-ticing rate.

Only problem with these valves is a tendency to tar stick after shut-down cooled-off closed and then on the next from cold liting-off air strangling.
Manual flipping the valve gate just another pre-lighting off check point when using a separate liting port.


Just checked the listing the jeep is supposed to be on tonight. List said 8-9 CDT. Heads up.

Same fellow has a brand new video of real working wg tractor


Good video Andy. Thanks.
I like this guy. I can even make out the woodgas terms like condensate and carbon monoxide in his stand-up presentation.
Good make food with woodpower show-it. Just gitter’ done!
Food making is far more important than running around or hobbiest elctronifing and bio-char saving the world with wood power IMHO.
Steve Unruh


Can you understand Latvian, Steve?

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Ha! Yes, Steve´s knowlidge has no limits :smile:

Don, I looked at Tom´s photos from Argos. Even though I´ve followed your build I never relised your Geo was that small. Really great job fitting a WK into that limited space. I bet you´ve got good milage numbers.