The "What followed me home" thread

You guys scored. :slight_smile:

IIRC were 40k base price and with options they were over 50k in USD before taxes, shipping, etc.

I assume it has the grid-tie package and it might have a heat exchanger as well. but that might have been a later version.

You can probably pay for it if you hook it to a set of lights to shine on your solar panels to collect the feed in tariff rate 24/7. :slight_smile: Just remember to put the lights in the neighbors yard, and solar panels only collect from a very narrow bandwidth which may be in the infrared spectrum. Then you can honestly say “I didn’t touch anything!” when the utility sends their guy out. :slight_smile:


I wish this followed me home , a nice 2001 V-10 3/4 ton 4X4 truck. Been looking for one for some time now. Dana’s daughter Millie bought this one from her father in law Tom. Millie is the third owner. Nice truck I hope I will become the forth owner some day. lol


After cleaning the shop for several months and seeing there is space now. Stupid, couldnt resist. Took this press home for scrap from a client. He said it still worked but had some small issues. I think a good chance to play a little and make some money😀

Three inches, serious piece of equipment.


I went to look at this…

Then I saw this…

But wait! What about this?


:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:always a bigger Boss!


But BruceJ., It is easy.
You’d need #1, or something similar to move #3 around from place to place of needs.
#2 cannot possibly do that. An #2 would tracks dig itself snow buried, stuck for too much of the year for you. It can move maybe. But without power applying “tools” not much else.

The reason not to get #1 is if it duplicates what you already have.
Now that’s a decision problem alright . . . keep repairing what you do have. Or cheap easy get #1 as a back-up for a just in case the big Volvo takes big hydralic pump dump?
Isn’t your Volvo center articulating? This found one is single axle steering. Wider turning track line, yes?? Having to move more snow to travel?


How much do those tracked things go for? It would make a heckuva autonomous lawn mower bot video. :slight_smile:


Number three reminds me too much of myself. :sob:


Oh don’t worry, we can slap some paint on you and you will be fine. :slight_smile:


Oh Steve! You are right, but also hilarious. The Hough is kinda scary with all that’s wrong with it. I am interested because it is Detroit powered…means it will burn garbage.
Number two is an Oliver OC-3. That’s coming home with me if I can help it.
Number three…I can’t remember what he told me about that. I think it’s a Waukesha. I am not afraid of that one at all.
There were others, that are interesting too…