The "What followed me home" thread

At @BillSchiller’s suggestion, let’s have a collection of these posts. Here’s some to start:


Thanks Chris.
This is perfect!


This thread is going to be great for everyone to use on DOW. Thanks for coming up with the idea Bill.
This is a old one but Look WFMH.

Over a year ago now, and it almost ready to chop some wood.
Just to get things started.


Yeah Bob, that’s what I’m talking about. I think if we attach a link for the project it’s for, then we can follow it as needed when we look back years from now.


You can go to “Bob’s Wood Chunker” to follow the progress.

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This nice 40 gallon stainless steel tank followed me home after helping my neighbor replace it with a new one. When the internal heat exchange coils fail in superstore hot water tanks, they are scrapped. Removing the styrofoam insulation was not too hard.


What followed me home.
A Craftsman planer. 240 Volts. Everything turns free. Haven’t tried to put power to it yet.
I can’t find a model number, so I’m not sure what to look up. Has anyone an idea?
I traded this for an old camper that was left on our property when we bought it.


We got up to 38 F here today. Some snow melted off my new/old planer. I found a model number. It’s 112-1901.”%20x%204”%20Planer.ashx


I’d say you got a good deal. That old Craftsman equip. was top of the line. In the 40s here, 60f Monday.

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Good for you Bill. That looks like a quality machine. Can’t wait to see it work.

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Craigslist ad about 5 miles from my house on Sunday morning

5000 watt generator, 5 years old with 2.6 hours on the meter. Leaks gas, $75.

The post was only 25 min old when I saw it. Fired up the wood burner and using the hoist had it in the truck 45 min later.

I told the guy that it was almost certainly a stuck carburetor float. But although he had paid over $700 for it, just wanted it gone.

I worked on it about 1/2 hr, cleaned out the gel from the carb and it started on 2nd pull!


Hi, Michael!
Congratulations! Hopefully you also controlled the oil, that is equally important in long-time standing idle equipment!
Good luck!


It had been kept in a dry shed, oil looked brand new, just like the generator
Will run it for about 1/2 hr and then change oil.


That’s the kind of deals I like :smile:


These engines with fixed jet carbs are extremely sensitive to gum and varnish from today’s fuel.
Ethanol causes corrosion.

If you can find this Apsen 4T fuel use this to flush pump gas put of your engines fuel system before storage.
I mix Aspen 4t with Aero shell 100 wash out the tank and run it through fuel systems as a flush.
AS long as you do not smoke around them you can spray the entire engine with this as a rust inhibitor.
Pour an ounce of the oil into the carb throat and slowly pull the engine over to coat everything from intake to exhaust side.

This particular fuel does not leave any varnish when it dries and this oil is designed to prevent rust inside engines as well as not leave deposits when it burns off.

I found this 1000 gallon steel tank at my dad’s place. He has what amounts to a 9-acre junk yard. I think I bought this tank at an auction just after Y2K. As I recall, it went for $35.00 then.

We used it to make a teaching display comparing the average per capita water use by country for a family of 6.


That’s the USA at the top of the tank at 911 gallons/day/6-people. Same family in Mozambique (right) uses less than 7 gallons.


If the water used goes back in the ground after the fieild tile, is there any water lost,? Or just talking well pump energy use.? Nice big tank there, my bro lives in kansas and bought an old oil tank cheap just too use for a parts shed.Works good and old oil tanks are plentyfull in and around his area.

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How is that water figured? I am curious. Does it include like water used for energy and food? Or just what a family would use on a daily basis?

I bought a 1993 toyota pickup 22re to convert to chargas. i would like to study its injection system before starting the conversion. I did not find a very clear web page on the subject. Is there anyone among you who will advise me an informative reading?

Thanking you in advance



thierry were did you find that jewel in our salt zone world?