The wisdom of Steve U

When Steve U. takes the time to convey his thoughts to written word, I (along with the majority of members here) hang on his every word. The phrase below, extracted from one of his recent posts, struck a chord with me. To me, it conveys why many of us pursue wood gasification: using what Mother Nature gives us respectfully and responsibly.

"Nature hates wasting of her bounty gifts. She is always the ultimate judge of the ethics of our endeavors.

Steve Unruh"

Thank you, Steve, for taking the time to share your wisdom with us.

Kindest Regards,


Right on Billy!
I’ll see your comment and raise:-) Thanks Steve, glad to take whatever time you can give to us. Dan

Here in Alabama it is still a while before presidential primary elections . I hope I spell Unruh correctly !!

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Wayne, you gonna run for VP?

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Now there’s a pair I would vote for!

Hey you Guy’s knock this off.
Rest assured that I DO put on my pants one leg at a time.
I ain’t by any means perfect - JUST ASK MY WIFE.

Any wisdoms I have gathered had been by much life nose falling down and bleeding over the learning of it.
Often not been my blood but a Named loved animal or another Named persons blood and my tears.
Only thing maybe special about me is I got working farms hammered into me by Grandparents and parents you only cause bleeding/crying mistakes ONCE to learn. Then DO learn. Any of us not rambling around and make learning opportunities they would create these for us.
AND remember to your dieing day those Names of the hurt wronged by your hand for the learning.
Me and my sisters, this stuck. Some cousins, yes. Other cousins, not so much.

We each all need a little help with this kind of maturing, learning, wising up.

Sigh. Not All will ever get it.
One of my eye opening Life lessons being US of A 1950’s raised, was being nose rubbed that there actually WAS some of U.S. out there with no-conscience possible. A brother. The ends justifies the means. I see it. I want it. I take it.
That we USing’uns were just people, like all others. Canadians were just people too with funny named candy bars.
Heck; all Peoples DO love their children and want a Future for them. Even Communists; all of the “other” Religions. Even, rat bastard woman bashing Taliban.
My hardest Life lesson was with that amoral brother. You can sit back and NOT be your brother keeper. Or; do something about it. I went back and forth over this for 'nigh onto 15 years. Only guy I ever went to jail, jail over.
Which will your own conscience allow? And will you be right? Be just as wrong, doing nothing. As right, doing any thing.
The toughest is: this has to be YOUR own decision to make and live with then later.
ON my “nature” as being the ultimate judge. Here it is human nature. Yours. Your face in the mirror you can never get away from. Not even in heaven, or hell. Forgive, ok. Forget - never. Forget mean you WILL do the wrong, the hurt again, and again. I’ll that hurting can become a personal, never-forget.

Fella’s you Do Not want SteveU. with his fingers on any Big Red Buttons!
After Kansas City I’d have pushed it.
And I’da been wrong, wrong, wrong.
Why after 911, more experienced then , shocked by what I coulda’, woulda’ done I was much more measured and thoughtful. Makes for more accurate, precise responses. Responces with an ending point. Responses that allow for the life goes on Future.
Truefully, as should be very obvious, I am a terrible hands sitter.
Now, I am much more appriciated of the different leaders been in power East or West since The Bomb who did not go pushing their big buttons. Able to hands sit.
Really highlights out these one’s; from those in the past who unleashed indiscriminate artillery shelling, aerial bombing, gas attacks, pressure/contact mines to the current “leaders” who unleash the dogs of religious and tribal hates for mindess machete chopping and Internet broadcast beheadings. My mind they are the same. Only the tech of blood letting is different.

We each of us in our many daily life choices do push lots of little decision buttons constantly. Cumulatively these add up.
Are those that YOU DO choose; cumulatively tending to leaving in this world a future left for the children? So when they grow up and their choosing time comes they will have a range of choices too? ALL peoples children? Or are you just hogging, gluttoning out just for Today? Just For You? Just For Yours?

Popular now to splat paint us Americans with this!!
Well the DOW should clearly show NOT ALL Americans.
“Japanese” still whales slaughtering. “Chinese” still driving demands for illegally poached PNW black bear paws, spleens and gall bladders. Arabian peninsula cultures still driving demands for rinosoris horns to be rite-of-passage made into fancy curved knife handles. Indonesians eating their monkeys to extinctions. Every current dominant today cultures has at least ONE of these where they are living-high on a “banked” resource, past that resources ability to sustainable self-replenish.
Keep it up and THIER children’s future choices are being regional limited more and more as their “traditional” “owed”’ “earned” 'bought" selfish over-consumption continues.

Urban artist pizza eaters - pizza’s do not grow on trees.
Your pure white low saturated fat chicken strips are life-stress pressure cage forced “vat grown” in horror factories out in the middle of the dessert.
There is more to a whole chicken then just the white “cake” meat.
Your highly fragile Urban cultures to be able to support “the Arts”, “the Theater”, the “Universities of Thought”, and your churn’em-out entertainment phablum industries are only possible by whole regions wide resources vortexes sucking out rural life possibilities to be wantonly concentrated and consumed with little or no thought of the where, and the how it 'cept You Got Yours. All now slaved to more, More, Ever MORE. That’s not culture advancing. Thats adolescent immaturity.
EcoGreens lobbying and dictating CHANGE NOW is not morally advancing all that much better either when you then have dictated choices illegalizations limits, forced subsidized taxation of ALL and then Futures bottling-up up the majority for a range of Freedoms of choice.
That is just Fascism with a different paint job.
That is any one of the Churches or Religions that forcing itself to dominence over thoughts and freedoms in our histories.
Make you then the Priests of Thought to be obeyed. Then to force of this obedience to your creeds you will need henchmen. My Weed patrol nazi’s. My pee-loot-tions enforcer patrollers. And so I will hat in hand shuffle my feet as all must do to arrogant Dictocrats backed by henchmen.
Soon as your back is turned, bootleg DO then what’s actually practical.
Corrupt your children with wild daisy flowers and petal pulling counting learning. And especially corrupt them with Futures outcomes manipulating teaching two pedal pinching by games of, “I get candy”, “I get candy NOT”.
In the end practical will win.
Gravity is very practical.
Constant enveloping pressure is very practical too.

When I eat meat, I do not hate the meat. Be as thoughtful and careful as possible that the meat did live life to that point as fully as I can make/allow it. And passing life possibility onto me, thiers ended, respectfully/appreciatively by my own hand. By my responsibility.
Just how much responsibility is there in ordering a pizza?
Now MAKE a pizza from scratch - that’s whole differert story. Same with music. Same with firewood. Woodgas fuel making.

The worst trait of out culture shift here in the New World has been the commoditilization of well . . . everything.
Commoditlize it and then it can be measured, 2nd,3rd party value ASSIGNED, traded and “invested”, un-earned incroment profited from. Spin. Spin. Spin. Money can not actually be “made”. But wealth sure can be consentrated from the many to the few.
All real value then debased for Everyone involed. Value for one of my Wife’s rhubarb/starberry pies? They bid up to $40-60 at local fundraisers. Only a handful of these possible annually. Only so much fresh rhubarb. Just like Mr Pepe’s asparagus. Down now to only 1/2 left of the last rhubarb pie. Made just for me. Labor of love. Priceless.
I do NOT let others of any Stripe debase us with their fashion here-now, gone-tomorrow weird Believers values systems.
Conceded. Sometimes I have to buy them off to just go away. Makes me real resentful, and grumpy. Under my breath can be heard the song tune, “take what you need, but leave the rest. But Why, do you always have to take the very best?!” The best being always you Life time. Your freedoms of choices.

And those HUMANS chosen to live by, “The weak are meek. And Oh-How, the Strong, Do eat!” Well, these get extra special attention and human “consideration” from me. Who know’s? Maybe they weren’t raised any other way. Keep on along this path though and I’ll help them along a just a little faster to the end game of their short sighted life philosophy. Cultural Judo.
The devil made me do it cuts no slack with me. YOU DID IT. You responsible.
Voodoo only works if you believe. The cults believers/worshipers can only express in real physical forms in this physical world where I Iive.
Kinetic energy delivered Rules here. Magic bullet shedding coats were only because the shooter was too far away into bullet far down into energy shed. And unable to hit precisely for the soft spots.

BTW I did vote once; then writing-in once; for Ross Perot.
Did even more times writing-in for Colin Powel. HE did have up to 20,000 Nukes under his thumb and kept his cool.
Write him in again maybe once my upset for his “you should have know better Colin” U.N. dog and pony show fades from my memory. Ha! Ha! That getting easy now.

Here I’ll really burst this all-praise for SteveU bubble.
Never once voted for the did not inhale President.
Never once voted for the you done wronged my daddy now I’ma gonna getcha’ President either.
To me their knows-all viewpoint goals were too extreme. I did respect them as our elected leaders.
No stupid hats, T-shirts, sign waving from me. No internt trash bloging by me. Wait for the pendulum to swing back. Plant and grow more garden. Cut more firewood. Plant more trees.
VERY thankful about our American system with it’s “compromises” with balances of powers, and that we will never allow any one at the the pulpit to get too britches big for too long. We sure did kill FDR praising and honoring.
No praise killing of the SteveU will be allowed.
All human games need rules, and oversight, and new shuffles.
Ma’ Nature does this so much better than us.
My cautions are she does not just discard out us Humans as being possibilities all-used-up. Discard cards.
As being too destablilzing supreme species, arrogant, greedy. Too hot to handle.
My forest can only afford just so many all consuming forest ant pile colonies. Then they either war-out, or disease and die back to sustainable forest load carrying as SHE determines.

Shooo. (I voted for “that Alaska Woman” when given a chance). Ha! All of those times I’d written in Colin Powel it was for VP. I was writing in Senator McCain for Pres. Was my first chance to vote for him a realistically candidate possibility.
Both he and Colin Powel had experiences of real war. And it’s results. Senator McCain by my rights was just as good, moral man and had the legislative exprence to pull it off the best. Collin backing him up. Now that was My dream team.

I should be thoroughly debunked now to many - Good. We each if us need to find out own way to grace.

Steve Unruh
nap-time, opps, baby chicks tending needed, critters not left wild but made human dependent . . . that never to be forgotton responsibility lesson

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Dang Steve:
I respect and admire your thoughts and knowledge on engines and gasifiers. As far as the rest of it goes, all former prezes were better that the constitution destroying piece of garbage we have now. Just my thoughts on your comment. Hope you are doing well. If this gets me booted from DOW then so be it! Dan

Good morning Steve…I just recently started having a problem with my 1995 Dakota not staying in overdrive. It will shift into od around 65 but as soon as you give it just a small amount of gas it will shift back down. It is not slipping or anything but just shift out of od. I had the trans rebuilt just before I went to Argo’s last year. Was wondering if the throttle position sensor has anything to do with the transmissions shifting habits. Everything else works properly in the trans, just wont stay in od. The overdrive override button on dash is working also. It will not shift into overdrive when the light is on the od override button. I am getting a check engine light that I don’t recall being on too. I removed the battery cable to see if it would possibly reset but it came back on as soon as I cranked it up. The check engine light could be coincidence or may have been on for a while before the trans problem, I’m not sure. Letme know what you think if you would please.

Gary, I’m not real familiar with the Dodge system. I do know that my GMs would not shift into overdrive until they warmed up and had been driven over 55 or so … If that tranny has a vacuum modulator on it, that may be an issue. On woodgas the vacuums are completely different and also the throttle position is way different …I have to go to meetings in town … in field tomorrow … catch up late tonight or Thursday … Mike

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Hi Gary, until Steve weighs in I will give my thoughts,Tps could do it, but I would think you would be having some sort of performance issues(on petrol). I would check your codes. Could be speed sensor. Does it do it when running only petrol? I am thinking if not running right on WG, you may be pushing pedal farther than normal which would keep it out of OD. Al

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Al, it is the same on wood or petro. I am going to see what the check engine code is about after work tonight. Even going down a slight grade it is hard to keep it from shifting out of overdrive just trying to maintain speed. It would have to happen a week from Argo’s.

Hey GaryL as others have said you really do need to be looking at the set codes.
Outside of engine problems the tranny codes to be on the look out for are indicated pressure and front to rear internal speed differential; codes. Internal tranny wear always leads to pumped pressure loss not allowing normal functions. Slippage then as front rear tyranny speed sensors indicated then cause to controller to one by one drop out functions. Beginning with overdrive and the torque converter lock clutch in 4th OD and 3rd.
Get these tranny codes do not panic yet. Get a trans filter/gasket set. Drop the tranny pan WHEN been sitting overnight COLD for the best fluid drip down drain out. Clean the pan magnet. REPLACE a missing pan collection magnet. Be especially certain that on the new filter that the old filter feed tube seal ring is removed and replaced, and is new flexible in-place for good suction. Suck air here . . . will create your exact symptoms.
Measure out the quarts of fluid dropped out and replace ONLY with any brand that says Dodge/Chrysler spec ATF IV. Do not use any fluid that says universal, good’nuf. The right spec fluid will have a “sharp” smell new. Nuetral smelling new on the first bottle - - Not the best stuff. You will have temperatures shifty weirdness. Return unopened and try again.

Now engine SWAG’s (scientific wild ass’ed guess) based on experiences would be a throttle body located MAP sensor as #1 culprit. Chrysler/Dodge’s do not use a transmission mounted engine vacuum pressure modulator. Chrysler/Dodge electronic trannys are very MAP and TP sensors dependent. Woodgasing can easily contaminate damage either of these sensors. Woodgas backfiring over pressure events blow the MAP sensor.

Steve Unruh

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Steve, thanks for the reply. The transmission only has 10,000 miles on complete rebuild by reputable transmission shop. That being said, I also know unless you over see or do it your self that is really a big unknown. You mentioned that… woodgasing can easily contaminate damage either of these sensors. Woodgas backfiring over pressure events blow the MAP sensor… That made me go to thinking that the problem started on the way to the lake when I had some violent backfires in the intake and a massive, hot self cleaning occurance happen in the intake all the same day. I hope that one of the two can be the problem. Trucks seems to run ok on woodgas or petro. Would one notice any difference to speak of if it is either of the two mentioned possibilities as to the performance of the engine? Thanks once again for your help.

Hey GaryL yes a bit of notice on overall engine performance that will soon minimize with the excellant adaptive capabilities programmed into these very late, late ~93-95 OBD I systems.
My 1994 Ford F-150 has had an only hot season intermittent engine power/trans shifting problem for years. Went hard failure finnally on me about two years ago causing a tow back home. This 5.0L Ford system is very hot wire air flow sensor dependnet. Sigh. Coded “No IAF sensor signal”. Replaced the airflow sensor $$. No joy. Individual circuit checked the 24 possible sensor/computer wires and pin/plugs. No joy.
Ergo: has to be a very localized internal computer hardware failure.
Unplugged the damn airflow sensor. Forcing it to operate like your Dodge as a “speed-density caqlculating” no-airflow sensed system. With enough forced cold starts, warming-up, re-learns cycles I’ve been able to drive it around locally. Bit of an off-idle flat-spot, then power surge. Driven it this way enough now, it is allowing 4th OD with lock up again.
The injured chicken will hide it’s injury Gary. It thinks. It’s smart. It adapts to survive.
The best of OBD I’s do this. OBD II’s early on still did. Later OBD II’s too tied up mandated then in smart-assing you, wing dragging screeching, “Pee-looter! Pee-looter! Gross Pee-looter!!”.

This same vehicle when I starred driving it 15 years, 100K back had a 5-7 second delay going from reverse in forward or back. Net searching says because of a cracked broken in two accumulator piston.
I pan dropped and dumped out the then only just been independent shop flushed out and replaced tranny fluid. Put in branded Ford Mercron V fluid. Better. Only then 2-3 seconds shifting delay. Another two drain/dumps refills with Mercron V fluid in the course of that year and have had normal shifting since. Broken piston and all.
Very hard for any tranny shop to stock and use the ~10+ differnet spec’s of tranny fliuds that would be nneded to match the original engineer’s designed factory fluids. Even the best works-on-all shops compromize down to just 3-4 different T-fluids at the most. Many only use 2 different specs of fluid.

Steve Unruh

HA HA HA HA … Ain’t it fun ??? … The fun never stops … Mike (Been a long day) …

Since the overdrive on these 46RE/RH’s is a seperate unit on the transmission (its the part in the back of it) they may not have rebuilt it. That being said it could be your kickdown or TV cable, or the pressure servo switch that is known to go bad on these trannys.

Also, you can read the Check Engine light on these vehicles by turning the key off then on 3 times, then off then back on and count the blinks for the code. Should work on your OBD1 system.

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On my old '92 F150, used a video camera to record the blinks (in the dark is best), then played them back as many times as necessary until I got the codes written down right.

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Chrysler does use its own set of codes as well normally 3 digit. I think 55 means end of codes.

I’m stuck at work till midnight…OT. I won’t get to play with it till tomorrow after work, unless we have more OT tomorrow. Lots of good info…yes Mike L. loads of fun…lol