Tractor with gas?

Ash cleaning:


Lately, I have been using the tractor for driving on a macadam path where it jumps over bumps and there is a greater resistance through the gasifier. The start-up also takes a long time, but I found that my lower nozzle is clogged because it has an opening upwards, otherwise I cleaned it several times from the bottom, but the ash covers it again. Well, I decided to replace it with a nozzle with side holes.

My Fergie got lots of hearts from you , so he is obliged to report all the details,… Today I emptied the gasifier , mostly charcoal , but underneath fine charcoal and ash and bits of hardened ash , you can see on the nozzle that it has suffered high temperatures , it has done 40 hellish hours.


A fair bit of Clinker! That must be all the minerals melting down from the extreme heat.


Cody, I hope the temperature is a little lower now because there are six side holes and the temperature would spread more outward. Sucking air up towards the limit obviously causes really extreme temperatures and breaks all the tars, as the gasifier in the lower area and the pipeline are gray, but clear is this problem, the formation of minerals. Interestingly, the surface of the gasifier and the pipeline towards the refrigerator does not reach even 100 ° C, apparently the air-cooled grille does its job perfectly and cools the gas well and reflects heat radiation.


Perhaps the first picture and the last are of the same part, after it was damaged? Or perhaps the first picture is the new part and the last picture is the old one?
@KristijanL developed his flute pipe nozzle for the purpose of not getting too hot, so I think maybe he can help.


Ridert, hello, I could not post today’s procedure separately, but I did so under the edit symbol. The first picture is the new part I installed today, and the last picture is the old nozzle, otherwise you can see the wear, but it would still last a long time. Kristjan and I talk on the phone several times and exchange experiences and ideas.


This is the gas I want, it burns like this for 5 to 10 minutes after stopping without adding air, this gas has no tar and is terribly caloric, when the tractor inhales it it develops power, like diesel fuel, it obviously contains a large proportion of methane (orange color), the engine needs a larger share of air, if I change the ratio, a slight black smoke appears and the engine pulls like crazy.