Tractor with gas?

Thank you very much, Tone! Much appreciated.
Amazing how much work you are able to squeeze out of a handfull of woodchips.


That tractor is a true workhorse. I am sure you’re satisfied with the amount of diesel you are saving thanks to your gasifier.


I’ve not checked recently but I had an explosives permit some years back. Simply had to go to the county police department and fill out some documents and get finger prints. I had a friend who made fireworks and sold fireworks. He had a federal license for explosives and is who I bought items such as ANFO, TNT, detonation cord and electric blasting caps.
I also bought components from him - aluminum powder and perchlorate. 6F black powder for priming flintlock rifles and pistols.
I’ve not “played” with making noise for 20 years so don’t know what regulations are in place now.