TV Show Casting: Wood Gas Car Expert

Kristijan , Jo… are you wth me ? anyone else ? Don ? now you are retired…

i am pretty sure to be able to make a working build


This here is Gary Gilmore Charging a Tesla with a charcoal gasifier. 2.5 kW will not get a Tesla very far with a short amount of charge time. So well within the time range of capturing all this on a show.


Koen, dont ask again, l’ll take it as a insult :wink: Ofcorse l am in! One can never be to buissy (or crazy :smile:) to do something fun perhaps usefull.
Not unconditional ofcorse. First of all the directors need to show interest in such a international tim (wich in these uncertain times might in my eyes be wiewed as wery positive trugh the eyes of public!). Second the time schedule shuld be made ASAP. We all have jobs and stuff to do. Plans to make NOW.

Jakob, l respect your familys decision. I agree, making the system run good and look good and maintain the DOW spirit is hard. But didnt one of your White house habitants say something like “we will go to the moon not because it is easy but because it is hard”?

A tim of JO, Koen, Jakob and maybee a couple of guys l wuld love to me a member of!


This was tried by Jim Mason many years ago-- to build a woodgas truck in an aloted amount of time; I think it was a long weekend. They picked the simplest design to build which turned out to be a tar maker. The group was from across the US and most had to go home before it was completed.
I know of one simple design that could be built in such a short time. However, the builder made it work on an American car, but he admitted it was too simplified,




( This picture has his modified gasifier— the original mounted the same)


With Koen, I will go to hell, I know he controls the combustion, so no risk, I’m ready …

For one team…

And hell, I know a little bit, burned in the first, second and third degrees, I took three hours to put out the fire, now we see nothing, but after we think before acting.
because of a boiler that I did not know and not swept, when the H2 found the O2, boom …


But wait till he finds out there is no Bamboo in Texas… :wink:


I must have misunderstood, If this is not about TV drama I would be interested in joining a group of guys who know what they are doing to get the job done. I was not trying to step on anyone’s toes. I am not scared of hard work or the challenge I just don’t want the technology to get a bad name because people don’t put their heart in it. If this is done with people who care and want it to succeed I am very interested.


Francois, l know your pain all to well! Got burned on the face just like that playing with rocket fuel as a teenager.


I too am curious of what vehicle you’re going to use and what are you going to do with it after the build. It will make a difference on the build. These fabricators are used to making a system they know is going to last them a while. If the vehicle only has to go 100 miles and is going to be destroyed, some corners can be cut to save some time, like the cooling fins and the thickness of the firetube. Also, there is an extensive list of materials that can take some of us months to acquire because most of us don’t buy brand new materials. Also, someone will need to have enough wood processed in order to operate the vehicle when it’s finished. Including filter material.


Bill I was thinking the same, If I were to build with a time limit, I would use ceramic blanket for the tube, mine has worked well for 3 years.


I think the teams should have the option to build either a charcoal unit or a wood gas unit.

If all I had to do is make it go down the road a mile. Id build a unit out of two barrels clamped together. No jets just punch holes around the bottom of the top barrel about 6 inches from its bottom. 3 inch restriction between the barrels and mod an air tank to create a reduction zone and bang holes in its bottom to make a static grate. No filter Id go straight into the engine hot.

I wouldnt even pipe under the truck. Id go over the cab and straight into the carb. Throw the hood away.

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He Al, Mike Reynolds mentioned you for this. Would be interested in speaking to me via phone?


I see my name mentioned, I’m honored and I would love to meet you all. Still several loose ends though.
When will this happen? Will I be able to get time off from work, family and other urgent matters? It will take quite a bit of organizing.
C19? - right now Swedes aren’t even allowed into our neighbouring countries.
Five days. Is that really enough? We could maybe have a vehicle running on wood in five days, but I doubt it would turn out to be a rig to be proud of. What kind of material would we have on hand? Is this one of them scrap yard build shows?


I am sending an e-mail as we speak, lets await the reply…

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Hey All,
there are shows; and then there are shows.
That Mountain Man episode as the kind you do not want to be involved in.
Then there was the InterNational Geographic special out of the UK that Swede Johan Lindel did the time-constraint build up on. Excellent woodgas presentation. And JohanL did get to try and take that woodgassed Toyota Hilux truck back home to Sweden. He was blocked from importing the truck. Able to take home the gasifier system that he later woodgassed his converted three cylinder David Brown originally diesel tractor with.

So IF you’d do this take all of the cheat you can.
Use a full sized Dodge V-10 emulating engine wise what Wayne has shown.
Be the least engine adaptation fritzing around. Give the best power. No ignition distributor to have to fritz with.
Let the MonsterGarage boys lower and bling-up of that truck.
Another time cheat. Have shipped in your own show-all premade fuel chunks like from RonL.
Get your pre-made starting true wood in-system charcoal and real system made ash to expert layered pre-load for the best early results.
Be no time for a burn-in settle-in system stabilization. Ha! I got entirely too much of that experiences with BenP’s show-alls.

Me? No way. I’m woodgas retired now. My only 90 days frosts to frosts home garden and free-range hatching out chickens are much more important than show-all entertaining anymore.
Plus the two foster girls now love their “Pa-Pa” grandpa to read them asleep safely every night.

Steve Unruh


The main / best part of this is; we can put Woodgassing in a good spotlight, making it work, decent running ? not a problem…

Fuelprep is mandatory…

It would be great if we could show DOW on screen with a spirited team…


i’ll bring some in carry-on luggage…


Might have to rent a bigger space for ARGOS next year


yeah the point is to win the tool box thats it!! :fire:


I don’t know this, but I don’t think that would be allowed; the vehicle has to appear to be stock. But that would most definantly be the fastest and easyiest way to get it done. I have though about doing that with my cooling rail and just cut notches in the hood for the pipes to go through