Victory Hotwatt on Craigslist

Just spotted this on Craigslist.

NEW! Alternative Energy Home Power Generator/Gasifier System not solar - $6500 (maine)

BRAND NEW - Home/cabin sized wood gasifier. Produces gas that can power a 5KW gas/diesel/propane generator or combustion engine of similar size. Unit is new. Manufactured by industry leading company from top quality materials (Victory Gasworks, model is Hotwatt). Use wood chips/chunks/biomass to power your home. Great for someone with access to wood or biomass products. You will be able to run a 5kw generator without gasoline. This model is unique and has low to no tar output making it the best in its class.

Easy to clean and maintain.
Unit has two stages of gas filtering as well as hot water exchange and hot air exchange.
Ready to add your fuel and a gas generator to start producing heat, hot water, hot air, and electricity.

Often used by Amish and other off-grid dwellers. Will make a great backup power supply for any home or couple the system with a battery bank to get totally of the grid.


This systems performance specs, fuels possibilities got archived here:


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I get a bad link on that one Steve…

DavidB do a general Net search of Victory Hottwatt.
Look for the elmiraohio embedded in the Link.
Ha! Ha! Sorry man. I’m sure my computor is full of easy-find address cookies and track-me spyware. You no want me to directly infect all others with my rotten cookies.

My bad, it worked this time… Oh to have the money to just buy it…

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Us $ 6500 does not seem expensive (hot water, electricity, hot air)
But with a Canadian $ .70 cents equal to us, it is no longer interesting for Canadians

From the seller:

I am the original owner, I just never got around to hooking it up and firing it up. My plans were to get a cabin in a remote location and have a small off-grid dwelling. But, my family and I have since moved. I could make arrangements for shipping, but I’ll need to get some details and figure out how to get it packed. Also included are some pics that are probably in better quality than what is on the craigslist post. Victory Gasworks gave me the attached PDF, then gave me access to ‘training’ videos on YouTube, but I think they’ve pulled the videos. But really, the operation and cleaning is pretty simple. This also includes a 2nd filtering stage which both improves the already good performance as well as provides a 2nd chamber to help dry out additional chips/biomass.


With the recent talk of “Why Stainless steel in a gasifier system?” I got to wondering???
Did anyone pony up and buy this (almost) all SS Hotwatt?

Steve Unruh

Um…:blush: So, I blew my Christmas and years worked bonus and my savings and some money I really shouldn’t have used on something that is still inside it’s crate in my garage…:no_mouth: I couldn’t let it go. I would have bought it instead of having Matt build me one if I could at the time, but Ben had stopped selling them. I’m very happy with what Matt has built for me and it’s the one I’ve been playing with, but I really see the hot watt used in my next house and Matt’s as a backup/mobile producer. When the last kid is out, We are downsizing and getting ready for retirement. Only four more years!