Welder question for Stephen Abaddessa

GOOD AFTERNOON Stephen A,Have you got any ideas for mig welder wire feeder,that would change wire speed when it is at a poping zone,or could read the current draw from the main transformer,and comensate the wire feed speed.Someware around 100 too 300 watts output,at the most.And is adjustable for tunning.THANKS. IF this board would work,draw me out a way too use it and i am interested soon.PS thanks for the drawing ,simplifies .

May need a circuit too go with the pot on my new wire feeder,off craigs list.I have seen guys run the wire feeders with out any amp senceing,just a plain old dimmer switch for ac 110 volts, if it dont work I catch up with you later.

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Not a problem. I just need a few free minutes to draw it.

Hi stephen,thanks no hurry,I seen on line this 70 lc hobart wire feeder,saying it is 110 ac motor,is there a way too add the senceing tunner too ac motor. I better test the motor with my varyact before i get back too the circuit,THANKS

POT was smoked in the black box and the feild or outer windings were open, motor no go, machining the motor houseing to make the motor shaft accessible for driveing with add on scooter motor for PWM control.