Who is online and new member section

Where is the who’s online and new member section? Did I miss this somewhere?

There’s no explicit members list. We do have a similar feature, accessed through the badge lists. Click on any badge, and you’ll see who else has it.

SInce everybody’s a basic user, you can see them all here. Basic badge on Drive On Wood!

There’s not really a “who’s online”, although you can see how long it’s been since someone was seen, on their profile page.

EDIT: since we just moved, they’re all exactly the same age. As new users sign up, you’ll see the latest ones on top.

Hi Chris
Man this must have taken a lot of work to get all this up and running !
I search on the new members list to find if there are any new African members and I contact them, trying to set up a woodgas community here in Africa as you have in the US so we can get together. Is there any way of doing that now ?
Thanks patrick

Hi Patrick,

If they fill in the Location info, you’ll be able to see it on their profile page. There’s no list of members with locations. You’re welcome to make one though! I think a South African Members thread would get some responses.

I moved 5 posts to an existing topic: New members say hello!

Update on this. Check out the new members list here:


Chris, I started this thread early on as a question. Should we just delete it so we don’t confuse new members wanting to say hello?

Hi Don,

Lets wait till it’s a problem. I can move posts pretty easily when needed.