Wood IS THE Freedom Fuel!

Been lots of talking of Why heat with Wood? Why drive with Wood? Why Power with Wood?

For me, and many, it is simply about personal Freedom of Choice.

1/3 of mine and my family’s annual energy needs have been traditionally supplied by bulk wood for our space heating. WE control this. We pay the least direct and indirect beholding taxes doing this. Wood stove manufactures and different of our USofA governments agencies estimate at least 11 million others here made the choice to annual space heat with wood too. To be Free of the power/energy companies monopolies. And as much as can be Free of the 3, 4 levels of Governments always tax farming us energy “consumers”.
Ha! Don’t believe this last? Read your home heating energy supplers bill for these direct use layers of taxes.
Research back at the hidden production and distribution taxes, and lobbied subsidies hidden in YOUR bought out “supplied” home heating power “fuel”.

1/3 of our annual buy-out energy is in gasoline and diesel fuels for transportation and the different IC engine fuel power.
I’d thought much about replacing all of this with wood sourced energy too.
Lots of individual Ohh-Rah! possibilities there alright.
But as WayneK answered me once about woodgas powering his woodmill - just not a day to day, intermittent-use Practical.
Been more overall benefical to us to use less; buy less gasoline/diesel in all ways. We use half of what we did 7 years ago. Next replacement vehicle we will be using even less yet.
These energy bought-outs actually have the lowest tax loads of our overall buy-out energy buget.
Actually it is only because I am old and out of Life-time & personal energy have I had to set this area aside for wood fueling.
I support most efforts in this replacement direction with DYI wood energy for personal Freeing use.
Ha! Actual used roads vehicles especially will show with thier huge fuelwood soucing, drying and prepping needs that truly you too ARE doing this for personal Freedom energy too!
Wood always gives twofers, threefers benefits.
Good value for your personal energy inputs returned. Fuel wood working/sweating will pay you back with better health. Your soils, woodlot, garden and domestic critters love the shed off “dropped-out” wood fuel use benefits much.

My last family energy needs are in the 1/3 of annual energy used coming in as Grid supplied electricity.
This by far has the highest seen multi-levels of taxes loading added. Even here as in my now rare regional Federal big hydro case this is three level use taxed and true costs obscured by national general subsidies. You’all US’ingtons get to involuntary pay for our subsidized big hydro-dams construction bonds and annual operating expenses. Just like I with no solar possibilities or wind possibilities get to tax pay for any hog sucking national subsidies for those. So we all getting involuntary pocket book social engineered. That’s not being Free.
Every subsidized kilowatt that I use I feel like that I am standing on someone else’s pocketbook Freedom.

I finally through woodgas was able a couple of years ago to be able to say realistically at any time that I ever wanted; that I could just walk out, security wire cut, meter head band remove, and than with my very own two hands pull THIER meter head unplugged off effectivly grid Freeing myself.
Put thier meter head in a bag. Hang it from the fence and call them to come and get it. No request or begged permission from them needed to just git’ter done.
Not exactly legal here with thier equipment tampering laws. They do not prosecute. Wait for you to crawl back begging a reconnect due to dependency addicted needs.
I know a double of handful here North America now having years worked up to it, and done this plug-pulling, grid Freed themselves. A central Canadian guy handled “rcavictum” last Internet saying/photoing doing this.
Ha! He’s got the central continent plains winds. And some seasonal solar posbilites. After years in the making, got his two DYI wind turbines up and to be able to go that route for his electrical energy Freedom.
He has few or none trees on his property.
A previous developed central plains seed head oil maker his diesels engines fuel oil supplier now I believe.
Minimal to No Gov’mint taxes, or oversight, licensing with their energy makings bartering exchanges.

For me to actually Grid unplug would double my needed wood harvesting and fuel wood prepping.
IF: I was currenty wood mill operating and selling, the non-commercial by-product from that would be the automatic edge strip wood “fueling” for my home electric system. Mill not up and operating then I have to wind/snow/firewood harvested limbwood chunk. This encourages greatly wood use economy developing and operating.
It is by having these possibilties now in place and worked proven that is the FREEING expression self-investment.
Ultimately it is true: ONLY you can ever truly FREE You.
Invest in to yourself. Invest in your family as a proof of self-Freeing.

New picures. View these in conjunction of those already in my photo album here.
Yes these new ones intentionally do show our owned/controlled woodfuel trees background growing all on thier own.
Shows one of two satellite dishes now “unplugged”, stripped, equipment sent back. One dish face gone now given to nieghborhood kids for snow sledding. Actually these were a renter guys “needed” installs. Base house rent included 61 channel mountain cable TV line that shows to that house as an overhead diagonal line from my house. No high-speed cable internet here. Phone dial-up even with pay-for DSL upgrade enhancement not fast enough for his online war gaming. He was usually behind on his rent to us, for him, his wife and kids. Never, ever cut/split/dried prepped enough occupancy included on the laying, suppled, felled fuel trees. I was always having by my own sweat for the kids and his wife wood fuel supplement from late January/Febuary and on.
A 90’s/2000’s Army serviceman very proud of his service to free others.
Unable to see himself chained by his dependencies/adictions and so unable to ever truly free himself and his family.
They still rent. Moved into the city for “cheap” street gas heating. More stores. More prepared food outlets.
The edge of our old foods growing capable greenhouse showing in that picture too. Now finally able to be seasons extended with wood energy made grow lighting. With the self enrgy capabilty now I could have greens and vegi’s all winter long with some fuel wood sweating. Wood heating was always just woodstove easy. Grow capable lighting electric power has been the hard one. As I said; solved as of a couple of woodgas years ago. Solve that then gives Grid free welding and refrigeration too.

So what are you doing Today to Free yourself and your family?
Ha! I cut up my Platinum credit card. I tire of their buy and sell bouncing of my account. And their late payments posting doing thier own “fees” revenue farming treating me as a numbed/dumbed down dependent “consumer” to be milked for all that I am worth.

I do nothing impulsive without a proven PRACTICAL capabilities replacement in place.

Regards to all who have self-FREE themselves using tree wood energies
Steve Unruh


Well said Mr. Steve U

Ron H

Great topic Steve!
As I shared with you in emails, I realized a couple of years ago that my existence as I know it is dependent on the outside world. My food, water and transportation and even my dwelling is controlled by someone other than myself. It was such a helpless feeling I decided to see what I could do about it. Last summer I bought some chicks to see what was involved. I ended up able to raise enough chickens for one chicken a week which is two meals. Then I stumbled across wood gas. This year I added a garden to the mix and need to learn how to preserve veggies for the winter. I am only one generation away from when my family lived in a self sufficient manner. Both of my parents were raised on farms and raised the food they ate. They even lived without electricity for a while. How easy it is to go to the grocery stores and fast food restaurants. Our heat and water heaters turn on by sensors and I don’t even have to think about it. I can turn the lights and oven on with a flick of the switch. What happens when a storm comes through and shuts everything down? People wait for our local and Federal government to restore their lives as soon as possible and point fingers when it’s not quick enough.
I decided to stick with a small gasifier first because I could much more with it than a truck. I acquired 12 batteries last week for a small battery bank and am waiting on an electrician to hook up a disconnect that will be code and the city will accept. As long as I live this close to the city, I can practice ‘grid lite’ as you have previously suggested to me. It will also teach me what I need to know to be off grid if I ever decide to do so.
“Tax farming” is the perfect phrase of what it all is. As my company grew the last 22 years, at the end of each fiscal year, Uncle Sam took what he thought was his share and even on the money I haven’t collected on. The taxes on a small business can be overwhelming at times.
I figure I have 5 more years to practice and learn about self sufficiency. Wood gas has really made that future brighter for me. I feel I understand the basics and am ready for some real experience. I already feel free.

Here’s an interesting situation


Well put Steve,
I think many of us would have done well and enjoyed the freedom of discovering this country 200 yrs ago. Yes we have become dependent on services around us and if we would ever find ourselves in dire straights all too many wouldnt know the first thing about living off the land. We have lost many skills that were common place a long time ago. It is liberating to be able to harvest your own wood to heat your home and not be a victim of got-ya-over-a-barrel pricing. Unfortunately today there are few things we can actually have control over. But I would much rather work on, and expand the things I can have control over. Yes wood is a freedom fuel with many perks.

Interesting article link BillS
I am one of those got caught up in the “if the municipal water service is close” then you must connect racket.
In our case it was mandatory to have actual consumption use and private well then households disconnect. My father-in-law as the named properties holder back then, and patriarch, fought this legally for 18 months. But ultimately a two governments mandatory “you must do” or eventual jail someway/somehow. This was 1997-99. I’m the one had to 3 foot long ditch out the two well supply water lines. 3 feet of piping section cut out and double ended capped. Witnesses by the Town Mayor, Public Works Manager and a called in County Sheriffs Deputy. The 1st and the 3rd, very sorry, just “doing their jobs”. The Public Works Manager as payback to my F-I-L who had tried to fire him for incompetence back when he’d been Mayor.
Pa was so mad that he stayed in-house the whole time.
That sheriffs pistol looked mighty big at eye level from down in those holes.
My Wife refuses to drink their chlorinated water. Buys and will only drink bottled since. Sigh. Makes for a lot of plastic bottles.

Your link Carl . . . .
I have an actual very modern european Belgium brother-in-law. He recently changed over their household ‘centrl warmin’ circulating hot water home heating system from fuel oil to heating grade wood fuel pellets. Very intelligent guy. University degreed. He wanted to cut from fuel oil dependency as proven to them WWI and WWII to be embargo vulnerable. He know the closer North Seas oil fields are in decline now. Was odd to me when he told me that very little hydro capable Belgium gets the majority of it’s Grid electrical from Nuclear. He had to point out to me that Begium still owned and controlled the African yellow cake deposites in the late 50’s/early 60’s big Nuclear power plants building up era.
I did not even tease him that the wood fuel pellets were mostly coming imported to his use. Still subject to embargo’s, supply disruptions and price/tax manipulations. This happened to one local sister and one adult nephew switched over to pellet stoves then caught up short in the 2007-09 regional fuel pellets shortages. From $215 USD a ton to double that at $400 a ton WHEN, and IF THey could find them. We family were chipping in buying them plug-in electric wall heaters. Those of us knowing, visiting, helping them to circuts balance and hand feeling for outlets and cords heats. Retiring out (disappearing) heaters without tip-over and overheat shut down features. Lots and lots of, to combustibles nagging. And all of us true woodstovers worrying about house burn downs from a tossed sock or pair of pitched underwear.
Same as what happen US mid-west/east on propane and fuel pellets last COLD, l-o-n-g winter. Scramble, scramble. And then, well . . . a lot of outright freezing.
My Belgium B-I-L is responsible for for my youngest sister and their two boys.
His interest was next installing a domestic hot water heater add-on onto the wood pellet furnace. Let him then cut from propane tanks for that. Knowing well that the propane is coming also from out of country - imported dependent and supply fragile.
I advised him to invest into rooftop solar domestic hot water first. Proof it for out of furnace heating system capable. THEN work into the central furnace domestic hotwater add on.
He already has a few kilowatts of rooftop installed PV solar. Government grant installed means this MUST be grid feed connected with no stand-a-lone breaking out use allowed. He who pays, dictates.
He says that government program for new installations was cancelled. Too much household and commercial building capacity now all feeding back into the grid at the same time.

Hey. Gently. Respectfully. As speaking to you, an actual mill operator with a waste by-product Lemon able to now be made into a worldwide shipped/supplied useable fuel/energy Lemonaid . . . .

For an individual any bought out fuel dependency is still a bought out fuel dependency.

Why to my small engine buddies developing around restaurants used vegi oils, waste motor oils, cardboards/packaging materials, used coffee grounds and even wooden shipping pallets I’ve only been willing to be the actual engine/gen head helping. I’ve seen every one of these fuels bases shift from “free” haul-it-away to now you “bid-buy” as they have been interest pursued by more and more. Heard, seen the conversations of we need to raw new bases “make” more now valuable “wastes grades” is the reclaimed usage values every go high enough. Twice experienced this in my lifetime.
I want to help DYIers/USEers to be self-energy making FREED. Not just shift dependencies.
I honestly cannot see how to do this with FREED as the priority for a self-Freeing individual without your own property/home-space to control and then only living off the energy you can “farm” from it. Not idealism there. This was how like BillS said many in the families did this just a single generation ago. We can now do it without the mule and horse but a lot of little engines assistance if we can practical self-made fuel them.
The two big Eurpoen wars did not do us Rurals in the US and Canada any favors. Turned our countries into Urban financial based powerhouse over-Producers/suppliers to the world. Strangled/starved off the Rural new blood. Overseas shipped our youth. And to war plants factories drawn in then the woman and the middle aged with all being addicted then to supplied dependencies.

In my own State of Washington nearly half is very dry, dry, dusty and brown with very, very few slow growing trees.
Oregon state is nearly 70% in the dry brown virtually treeless Cascades rain shadow. Washington/Oregon liveing over there with over 200+ good solar days and I’d very practical be a multi level SOLAR Energy Guy. Passive, active and PV. Carefully, carefully husband out the rare woods for only valued constructions. Minimize my expensive hard to get “wastes” wood burning to the limited No Sun, No Wind, dried up or frozen up mini-hydro systems then needing a little engine/gen backing-up that all of these Alts have now proven to annually need.
I would never allow myself over there in Dry-Sun-Land to become woodfuel primary, and then wood dependent, and then not Free of Choice.

Steve Unruh

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hey Steve better not let big brother get wind of the freedom fuel they will outlaw it for sure!! And don’t forget about the make um submissive floride in that good o’l municipal water.

Too late about woodgas notice alarms out here in the West Coast US states JimL.
Already happened.


Read the hints of resistance Timm Dowden got with his converted Ford Ranger pickup.
He had to actual change his signage from “Driven on Wood” to “Fueled by Woodpellets” due to incessant vocal Greens harassments. On the road. At ALT energy meeting ups. They kept labeling him as a “tree killer” and a B-a-a-a-D Man.
Washington State county that I live in shifted from being a traditional wood products making “friendly” to Urbans/Greens voted all trees sacred reverence.
I’m suppose to request, fee buy, and file for a tree removal permit for felling of more than 4 trees within my county. This is a 'Save the Green" initiative.
IF an actual state registered Forest, then file a Timber Harvest Plan. This is revenue notification to the State Department of Revenue for harvest tax collections. Notification to the State Dept of Resources for them to follow up that you DID comply and replant within the state post harvest 2 year required period.
These last two are actually reasonable. YOU were benefitting from annual deferred property taxes until the trees were harvest ready to generate revenue. So they promote active forest management and health.
This save ALL! to age-out, fall-down, be bug eaten and lightning struck, burnt: Greens-Dreams as “Natural Cycle” is the facist state controlling over-step.
Hey. What can I say? In the democracies of “we the people” we too often let the vocal/active/voters step all over individuals rights.
Enough of “we the people” rallying, cring, “Guillotine! Guillotine! Gullotine!” and individuals heads are going to be chopped. Enough of “we the people” screaming, “Burn the Witches! All Witches Must be Burnt to Puriffy! Burn! Burn!” and indivduals will get tapped out to freed that frenzied “we the people” needs.
Doesn’t make it right. Doesn’t even have to make good science. After all? How can, “we the people” ever be wrong?

Well a fellow does, what a fellow must.
I drink the municipal water straight just to spite them. Show my domestic critters now forced to drink it that I’m with you. Installed a sink faucet PUR system for the Wife. Sigh. The damn one use disposable plastic bottles are just so much more convenient.
Read, read, and study in detail the “for the people” driven new laws and regulations, in the raw, in great detail . . . looking, looking. “The price of Freedom is constant vigilance” You can never stop working for Freedom. That means now read and study. Know their laws and regs better than they do.
Last three times we took down the trees we needed, when we needed, were without any filed permits. “hazard trees”, “in danger of accross fence lines and into structures falling”. Oh, greens neighbors phone calls were made. County and state inspectors trucks did show up. WE were legal.
Everytime I build up and choke on the dichotomy (craziness) in my state/county “we need to carbons reduce” “we need to carbons capture and sequester bury” vesus other divisions of these same saying “NO wood buring allowed!” “Limited wood burning ONLY allowed on certain days and under certain conditions” “register for a permit” “call the approval line”, . . . well . . .
I spit into that water I am ordered to hand up to those high and mighty “we the people” Horsemen.
How you gonna get the carbons to bury out of those long chains combo’s of oxegen, hydrogens and carbon in all bio-masses without burning off the oxegens and breaking down, simplifing the long complex hydrocarbon chains, eh???
I pissed off at the extremly bad science and bad logic of all of this go into phases of stop recycling my papers and cardboards. Wood stove burn them instead. Go out on the porch and sing out, “Free the Carbons!” “Giving you more CO2 food Ma’ Nature. Grow us more REAL greens now.”
These phased do not last long. The severe ash from papers and cardboards really cogs up my stoves.
I’m afraid then to give this stove ash to the chickens for dusting due to the unknown metallic’s and crap in the printing dyes.
Newsprint is safe. These others, not.

Hey, in an illogical world of self-voting bubble-headed shallow-thinking,self-serving Marie Anntiounete cake-eaters best to safely blow-off defuse buildups any safe way that you can.
WILL mean YOU are still in control of YOU. Then you can laugh about it all. Politely.
They just passing gas in public. Rudely. Loudly.

Steve Unruh

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Good Morning all Freedom lovers,
Just had an interesting learning experience.
Two nice polite young gentlemen showed up from the Grid power company requesting meter heads inspections.
So past the three barking dogs I took them around for lookie-sees to see myself what I could learn.
My actual on house meter head is an older dial spinner mechanical type. See 1st picture.
I’d thought they just “missed” it in the change over to digetal telemetic redio pinged/reporting meters. That they’d still been telescope reading it. Even been keeping an old pear tree trimmed back to allow from the public road viewing.
“Oh no”, he said. “Any of these installed since 1994 have been radio reporting meters even if analog.” “We are letting them go and still be used.” “Still focusing on getting any last remaining dumb meters changed out.”
Ah . . . so you are just inspecting for readings slippage and rounding errors, eh?
“Yes. And the security wires integrity, and the overall meters physical conditions and installations.” Polite code wording for tampering.
“Thank you for your co-operation and see you again next year.”

Hey! I like mechanical clockwork spinners. As they wear, they slow down under recording. They plugging that hole. They looking for unauthorized back spinning. Not me. I stay legal, and clean.
My outbuilding generating is over three hundred feet from their nearest equipment.
They wanna see that bring the sheriff and a court warrant. Pay dear to see me generating playing.
Woodgasers, visiting get to see for free.
Although technically illegal if intentional; I still assert the right to hazard and even accidentally kill myself by DYI electrical generating and CO generating “experimenting” off of thier grid.
So Washington State in America still is a great place to live.

Oh. If they can radio ping for a data pac download. What makes you sure they cannot radio ping for a disconnect, eh?

Steve Unruh


Steve, my electric power provider considers a backward running meter to be ¨tampering¨. While I was waiting for my new net metering smart meter (a Landis+Gyr Focus AXR-SD), my system was feeding power into the grid through the old Kilowatt-hour-meter with the wheels, as in your photo. I watched the wheel turn backwards, but when I visited the provider´s website to see my hour-by-hour consumption, it showed no coherent sign of my power production. Here is what I think was happening: I fed -1 Kwh into the meter (minus one Kwh). It was digitized, and the minus sign was lost, showing only the absolute value of the power, 1 Kwh. I was billed for that hour as 1 Kwh, even though it was power I generated. We quickly learned to use all the power we generated by charging our electric car at the slowest rate during the daylight hours, or running the electric oven, or air compressors, or washing machines. After the new meter was installed, there was nothing to worry about. It shows the amount they DELiver to me, and the amount they RECeive from me, and the NET, which is what I pay for. On sunny cool days, I actually reduce the NET number. BTW, the Landis+Gyr smart net meter has a 200 amp motor driven disconnect switch that can be activated remotely. It has silver plated copper contacts. So, I guess if I don´t play by their rules, they can disconnect me at will. I now have two grid-tied-systems, each with a Kwh meter I purchased from Hialeah Meter in Florida. (http://www.hialeahmeter.com/) The remanufactured meters cost me $46 each, including shipping. My early morning routine involves reading all three meters and logging the numbers, just to see how much power I produced. For small 120 volt grid-tie, a P3 Kill-A-watt unit (about $20) works well. Hook your 120 volt Chinese grid-tie inverter to your battery, and plug it into a wall socket using the P3. Recharge the battery with your Simple-Fire charcoal unit. Read the P3 to see how much power you fed into the wall socket, and be sure you use this power elsewhere. (You are not going to get rich doing this!) Ray


Thanks for this meter head information RayM.
Many will be able to use this.
You one of the DOers in real who I respect much.
Entirely possible in the last year or so with your into charcoal; drought killed waste wood “cleaning up” operation that you have handled more wood than even most cold climate dedicated wood stovers.

Ha! I could think of at least three ways to set up easy a smart meter head for a radio disconnect. A smart meter has the ability to track consumption and usage patterns. Once commanded. Wait for a low consumtion, low amp flow time. Then simple pull solenoid trigger a manually spring loaded “snap” disconnect for the least contacts arcing. Reconnect being a manual pull and crack the meter head and contacts/springs/trigger reset. Ha! Then they can charge for the physical service call reconnect. Give them an eyeballs opportunity to really look things over.

As my above post said IF I lived just 90 miles east past the Cascades Mountains Crest I too would be a primary Solar Energy Freedom singing guy too. Woodgas as back up.
IF I lived 90 miles west on the actual Pacific coast I’d be Mr Windpower Freedom singing. Again with woodgas as the back up. The annual winter storms conveniently harvesting and putting tree tops and limbs on the ground for you.

Be in differnt grid suppliers areas then. Ones who do allow net-metering.
I live in a narrow 1200 mile north/south strip where the various grid supplers wherether public or private make it permitting, fees, requred expensive engineering plans expensive so high hurdles I can fine no one every susessfully albe to legally do it. Federal access law or not. Some solar sponsored demonstration projects only. In a strip with less than 100 annual solar productive days a year. Hog troughing for Federal greens dollars.
It begins with my grid supplier not allowing using any meter heads but thier own. And they insist on a double meter head installation. One for IN. And one for OUT. Every serial numbered meter head “account” separately billed at a $10.50 per month service charge.
It coffin nails off with that they are very inexpensive actually with the per kilowatt of consumption charged at 8.9 cents per kilowatt hour. But they will NOT usage/produced 1 to 1 offset. They pay you 3.2 cents a kilowatt for feed in. Their regional Federal hydro wholesale buy rate. And you are billed a monthly bookkeeping “producer” account handling charge separate from your “consumer” account.
Hey. I aint bitter. I havn’t spent a dime tring to play thier “house always wins games”. Others here who have spent out thousands trying to buck thier systesm are very bitter. See my photo almun for a local rights guy spent out thousands for a wind producer he fought through to grid connect. Now for the last 4-5 years been court ordered into locked rotor.
Ha! Funny how the regional bird lovers got interested in this “bird killing machine”. Got their national organization to finance them up through the state courts, eh? And who donated to the national organization?
See. “The House always wins”

Thanks for being self-generating freedom guy willing to talk about it and show bread some bread crumb trails too.
Steve Unruh the scofflaw

In addition, the development of biomass energy also causes growing demand for wood pellets. In this case, pellet production in the world main centers, such as USA and Canada is growing.
However, these two countries are not the only producers and exporters of biomass fuel. Some European countries are also able to provide the main consumers with sufficient amount of wood pellets. First of all, this is about Sweden, which was the first to produce this kind of fuel.
What is more, new big producers of wood pellets are emerging at present, which is connected with the growing demand for them in a wide range of European countries. Such countries, as Russia and Brazil are expected to become new leaders in this sector soon. Read more about wood pellet market at: http://pellets-wood.com/wood-pellet-market-is-growing-worldwide-up-to-15-o13862.html.

Ha! Ha! Well I paid $1.92 USD for a US gallon of gasoline yesterday on a vehicle fill-up.
I was so shocked at the supply gut world oil prices market that I mistakenly punched for 89 octane mid-grade, wanting the actual 87 octane $1.79 USD gasoline.

This temporary condition may actually last like times in the past 42 years or up to 1-3 years. Here for me this was 76-79, 87-91, 97-01. In between those price-crashed-down times “the savings” was wiped out by consumer gasoline fuel spiking up, and staying up high.

A real test of your wood-for-power dedication is right now.
IF you were only doing woodgas to save gasoline buy out money: you will quit now. Cheap consumer gasoline bought-off.
IF you are doing woodgasing for the personal energy Freedom of it - you will keep projecting forward.

So which shall you be, eh? You choose your own paths.
Sheeple/consumer still dependent. Or,
WoodSweating energy self-Freed.

Steve Unruh


I absolutely agree Steve, the time is now. The money one can save on fuel can be used on their system.
This past year I had to prioritize setting up my place here in the north woods. But really, it’s for the big picture. I’m surrounded by I all the fuel I need or can use. Then the cutting and welding will begin. I believe the gasoline prices will go to at least $5/ gallon. Then those that gave me the wonky eye will understand why I picked this direction. I will be under no one’s thumb. The low at the pump prices are buying me some time right now. So much to do.


I am comfortable in my home.
I burn gas for heat, my electricity is mostly hydro and nuclear.
My car is diesel.

But I am profoundly worried about the world.
We have enough of everything on this earth to feed everyone, clothe them, educated and put a roof over head.
We have enough of everything but we waste and squander.

Using biomass is one effective simple solution we can use to make this world a better place.

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Hey Steve, yeah sales for small scale system just flat lined. The good news is we are caught up and manufacturing development is to a state my personnel can perform their jobs to standards without my constant intervention. However, I had put off the larger 25 kW systems so we could get to this point and I guess the timing is good. I have just reintroduce the 25 kW V8 machine and we are expected to do a min of 500k in sales for this year.

So this is going to be bad for those companies that have developed new energy technologies in these last 10 years. It will be a shame if the current gas prices bring on the demise for many of these companies. This is why Im launching more companies, the CNC machinery company along with others. Once we have our 25 kW down along with next generation development, I will work on new technologies for another company. Next generation development will put a lot on my plate, but I think once we are through it, new development beyond this will come much slower and I look forward to those times. haha

This come as a revelation to why we are not more advanced in renewable energy. The viscous cycle brings these small start ups and then destroys them. Most do not come back in the next cycle.


Totally agree Steve, I’ve done more work on getting woodgas items together since the fuel prices have gone down then I did when they were high. This move to Michigan is going to throw me back several months, but I’m still pushing forward. I can hardly wait until I Drive that first hundred feet on wood. :fire:


Where you going to be in Mich. We are located in Muskegon, if your ever in the area.

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Michigan must be a hot spot I see more and more post from there . whats in the water it must be good :grinning:


Local gas prices Springville Al. $1.37 but I am using about the same amount as when it was near 5 bucks. a gallon. :grinning: