Woodgas 2020.....AGAIN!

Great job Jakob on achieving your goal!


I write this about to walk out the door to light the truck. We are planning on heading north to Oregoncarl’s then to stop and visit w/ Steve then hopefully make it all the way to Kent today. BBB


Jakob, did I understand that you are back to only having wet moldy wood from Wichita to make it to the coast and up to OregonCarl?

How did the funeral go?


I have some of Tom wobig’s wood left but mostly the wet stuff from Wichita.

The memorial was good. The Catholic prayer service I didn’t get much out of but the one that Aprovecho hosted was very good. I met a lot of people who had worked with Larry. All it was was a picture slide show and an open mic. Everyone had a lot of heart felt things to say.


Sounds like our lovely wet temperate rainforest here on the west coast! It’s a wonder Jakob doesn’t get to exsperience our soggy weather while he visits. Archery deer season opens tomorrow morning which usually signals the cold dew covered morning and soaking mist that covers everything for the next few months. It’s a blessing he gets to visit the west side in a dry spell. Hey Jakob if you take hwy 167 to Kent wave as you go by Washington cedar in Auburn next to hwy 18 intersection and I’ll see you this weekend at the Washington woodgas meetup!


I think he said he has to stop to dump condensate more often than he has to fuel up…with this wood. I think that probably has something to do with the oil sludging up too. With that much water in the fuel, some has to be getting into the crank case.
Apparently that wood is really wet.


I am mixing Tom’s wood in again and I am now able to drain only when I stop for wood but I’m still getting about two gallons a stop of condensate.


The real wonder of it is your rendition of the WK system can keep going forward on too wet of wood.

Many of us here on the DOW it is only the systems able to use year around picked-up wood that have any interest. Have any real useable purpose. Have any real value.
Not the idealist and the futuristic systems. The “for Others” systems.
Steve Unruh


Not to take anything away from Wayne, but Maybe that’s where faith comes in. :no_mouth: LOL Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.


With all of this wet wood and talk makes me think of someone else. Joni who uses a hopper vaccum line that goes to the exhaust ventrui pipe that sucks a small amount out of the hopper mostly water vapor in the top of the hopper.
This could be the cure of all of the extra moisture going through the charcoal bed and through the hole gasifer system that is not captured in the upper hopper tubes, gutters and condensation tar/water tank.


Hi All,
I met up with Jakob, sister, and grandfather for lunch passing by.
Ha! We talked for a couple of hours. So they will be late, late dragging up to Michaels.
All was fine with them.
Systems running good.
Real nice to smell that woodgas smell again; and get to hands-on paw over a system.
I expect they will post up pictures of their latest travels tomorrow.
Steve Unruh


We are now at Michael’s house. It ran well it is time for a cleaning again. We started out this morning a little late out of Corvallis. We met Carl and his family and loaded wood. It was a short visit I wish we had had more time to visit. After we left there we went and met with Steve Unruh. We had a very good visit. And he bought us lunch. After that we got back on the road and made it to Mike’s.



That is a very stoic looking baby!

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Yeah we couldn’t get her to smile


Haha, she was more interested in the truck and the new people who came to visit, so she had to be coerced into looking at the camera. :grinning: When they pulled up she insisted we “go see truck.”

It was fun to get to meet you all on your way through, and get to at least briefly see the truck in action. I am very impressed by what you have accomplished already. Great work Jakob, and youve got a good team with you. I will be following the return leg of your trip with interest.


The great thing about Jakob’s flat bed WK is all system components are mostly viewable.
An eye catcher for sure. Gathered a few fellow questioning and curious meeting up at the Arco gas station. We proudly showed off our black DOW shirts for the site address link.


I would bet Steve this little personal pre Washington State Wood Gas Meet Up with Jakob and family made your week. Just the smell will make the wood gas blood in you start pumping, with excitement, yes.


I was going to ask you guys, when warming up the system and running the blowers does woodgas have a distinct smell? I don’t know if it’s just the barrels burning in but mine has almost a slightly acidic or maybe acrid types smell coming out of the blowers once it’s producing good gas


Yes there is a very distinct smell. Lol. If your barrels were clean and paint free just the metal smell. If paint on them, then paint burning off smell with the wood gas smell. Do not breath it has Carbon monoxide mixed in with it. The good side effects is it is addictive, and habit forming, may cause you to DOW.