Woodgas Merch for Argos 2014

Hello all,

Time grows short, and we need to figure out any “goodies” for Argos.

Last year we did DOW t-shirts and hats. See them here: http://driveonwood.com/forum/1024

I have several shirts and a couple hats left. Do we want more for this year? Different design, or stick with what we’ve got?

Carl Zinn did flashlights last year, which were quite popular (mine still works!) Terry just suggested a woodgas calendar.

Anything else a woodgasser should have? What do you guys want?

Oh a woodgas calender! Please!

I’ll have flashlights again. $1.00 each 260 on order.

“Eat more chili”,
“Buy more flashlights”,

I wouldn’t mind some kind of small auto decal or something like it that has a woodgas meaning to it. Like a BBB or Powered by Wood Not something big or even bumper sticker-ish, but something like when you buy a Thrush muffler or Edelbrock parts they give you a window decal.
If know one else is really interested I can just get some printed for myself.
David S

David…my son in law has a vinyl graphics machine. He makes all the numbers and decals for our race cars. I’ll see what I can come up with as far as a design and run it by you guys to see what you think.


Hey Gary,
Sounds great. Thanks for checking that out! Look forward to hearing what you come up with!
David S

I coined that years ago … I travel incognito as a garbage man. Pop off valve installed today. Just need to find the right spring to wrap around it …

Bump…wanted to keep this fresh for people to think about. May will be here fast!

Hello David ,

The skin doc tells me to stay out of the sun as much as I can ( I usually make my living working in the sun!! ) so I will be bring a small canopy.

I would like to set my truck up out back behind the buildings in the grass so people could craw under and have some shade from the canopy while looking things over .

What are yalls thoughts on doing the same ?

I like that idea Wayne. Where you were initially parked last year was great (I was on the grass crawled up under your truck). Also, the grass cleans itself up nicely, trucks have been known to drip unpleasant things on concrete or other improved surfaces.

The canopy is a nice idea, I wonder if anyone makes a rectangular one about 10x20? A bunch of DriveOnWood branded Canopies would be slick!

Dave How about this in a 4x6 or something. I have mine for the door panel

I haven’t got started on the body work that I was suppose to do this winter so the decals are in the house yet.
Sorry if the picture is too small. (?) Go to page 19 in the photo section. TomC

You know Wayne, the truck might be parked out in the back while you’re in a building, but you’ll get lured out into the sun as you can’t resist. You need an umbrella.

Customized canopies are mucho dinero. But I do have the big DOW signs which I will be bringing.

Driveonwold nalgene water bottles?

Hmm… water bottles are a good idea. Not a fan of the plastic ones though… how about aluminum? http://www.customink.com/styles/25-oz-aluminum-water-bottle/160600

I’m a nalgene only kinda guy myself, not a fan of aluminum…

Yeah, I like that Chris

I hope to park near where I did last year. There is plenty of room. Who knows what it will be like ??? 2 years ago it was in the 90’s every day and my kidneys freaked out. Thunderstorms and cool cloudy weather came on Sunday night after everyone left. Meshke got a good night’s sleep in the building. I was in a hotel. I thought more people would stick around on Sunday. It was a nice cool drive home on Monday. Last year was great. Weather was perfect. Nobody had to hide from the heat in the buildings. We’ll just have to see what happens this year. Usually we are at the N beach today (St. Patty’s) on the Wisconsin River but this year we still have a foot or more of ice on the ground and the River is frozen yet. It’s a tricky time of year in Northern Indiana as well as here in SW Wisconsin. We’ll have fun no matter what. Wayne, forget that sun stuff. You’ll be 90 if you get any new cancers from this summer. Just spread on the aldera cream and burn the bastards up. I use a razor blade here when they start to form. Don’t forget all the hours you spend welding. The worst “sunburn” I ever got was from welding a grate for a double rotor unit with my shirt off. My whole belly peeled and it hurt. I very rarely get burned by the sun … 8 weeks to go. I don’t advertise on my vehicles anymore. I’m still proud but per a scene in PowWow Highway, "What, are you traveling incognito as a garbage man … ?? " or “Did you leave your car underneath a spring … ?” … Watch the movie if you get a chance … What a bunch of red necks traveling hundreds and thousands of miles like this … I hope my pop valve works OK this trip … Mike

Is that a sticker, door magnet, or other. I don’t think I would want to put anything directly on paint unless I was sure a low temp heat would allow peeling it back off. I like them though. 4x6 might be a little big for a window decal. I think I might check out some things on the net.
Not big into the water bottle thing. When I cart around water it is usually in the summer and then I have a whole 2 quart igloo or thermos with ice in it.
David S

Wayne, having spent the last year with nine surgeries for skin cancer (Mohs Procedure), including a bunch of 3" and 4" very deep scars, plus skin transplants for the holes in my ear, I am finally using sunscreen lotion, and wear a hat with SPF-50 fabric by a company called Sun Day Afternoons. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pttEFLquh6E There is also a Fluorouracil topical cream “Carac” that comes in a 30 gram tube for $530 which kills pre-cancer cells. With this cream on your face, you can scare everything on earth except those old momma cows! Ditch the baseball or gimme hats! (Throw them in the gasifier.) I find myself wearing welding gloves for routine chores, just for the skin protection. My small town general doctor cut on me for a decade, but little spots kept coming back where he “cut”, so he sent me to a skin cancer specialist, and that is where I should have gone in the first place. They just about froze me solid on the first visit! I recommend the canopy with UV protection you showed in the link as well as the Sun Day Afternoon UV hat and plenty of sunscreen.