Woodrunner Volvo's

Looking at your work bench made me feel a little scared and nauseous Goran. Kind of like looking at a gutted animal.


Good to hear that mr Don, i thought this was a dancing light type, because it makes some irritating disco-flashing at start-up, but it maybe is just at start-up?
Edit: or maybe you meant the "colorful led-bar type? I built one myself for the Chevy, but it acted “hysterical” reacting up and down, these analogue ones is more “slow” reacting. :smiley:


And then you haven’t seen the floor and the other benches and shelves in my “laboratory” mr Tom :rofl:

Well, the floor is hard to see, but it’s still there, under all wires, and disassembled electronics :roll_eyes:


Do you have a categorisation system Göran?
Personally, my memory isn’t what it used to be and I find myself leaving things where they are on purpose. Then, at least I know where to look for them. If I ever try to reorganise, I have trouble remembering where I stored stuff away.


Well, sometimes i try categorisation systems, then they become way too complicated (ocd?) Then i forget about them, stuff ends up everywhere… suddenly i find a part/tool needed to finish a project… then i need to find said project, when searching i find a part/tool needed for ANOTHER un-finished project. During this neverending search, i tend to spread around tools and parts more and more and…

Well, maybe im exaggerating here, or am i?

This is about the way i work… even a dumb one is capable of cleaning, and bring stuff in order, But it’s needed a real genius to master chaos… :rofl: :wink: :crazy_face: :thinking:


That sounds a lot like me. :sweat_smile:


I’m wondering if we are related somehow.


I have the chaos, just not the genius :slightly_smiling_face:


Seems we are all brothers from other mothers :smile:


Yep. This is the only place I enjoy communicating with other humans now. Mostly doers, not a lot of do nothing talkers. Very rare.


Haha, seems we all are much alike, probably why we like it “here” on DOW.
Many things unites us: we like to prepare firewood, we can see the potential in what others call scrap, we don’t want to much people around us (especially not big-city folks). We don’t trust politicians to much, we don’t think it’s a good thing a brand new car is junk only after some years, because that gives us the joy to buy a new one again, we don’t feel ashamed to fix/repair our own cars,…and so on…lot of stuff that characterizes a real woodgasser :smiley:


Little more work done.

Installation of the “control-board” i use a coaxial wire for the signal from o2 sensor, probably not necessary but some “shielding” will not hurt anyway.

Power test. Haven’t tested the afr yet, a little hesitant about regina engine control’s o2 sensor.

Installed the idle control, the lever is free on the rollers shaft, and acts on a self-tapping screw in the roller.

I built a “classical” imbert “flap-flap” non-return valve for the air-intake.

And the piping between gasifier and filter is ready, the “manifold” from the pipe unions ends up in the trunk.


You did a good job of profiling DOWers.


@Woodrunner Are you stuck in snow? I read about traffic caos down in your neck of the woods. Seems we’re getting our share tomorrow and Friday.


Hi JO, well, we got some snow yesterday, 14 inches, and not to talk about the draft’s :rage:
Fascinating how fast people forget that the white stuff from the sky is slippery to drive on… and not to talk about everyone putting on summer tires and plow trucks and tractors parking away the plows for the summer :smiley:

This morning. Talk about setback…

This monday i lifted the volvo to fix the rear brakes, wife forbid me to do any work before i put some stands under it :roll_eyes:

Today i got home early from work, and decided to do some work despite the weather.
I ended up on the couch :blush:


Göran, I don’t want to rub it in - I just wanted to mention we didn’t get a single flake :grin: Tomorrow night we risk having some though.

Wise dicision.


Well, they promised us more snow this night, and some more tomorrow night… :rage:


Soon the fun begins :smiley: (let the old volvo try a new fuel)

New parking brake shoes, and cable.
And got the brake calipers to move freely.

Now it runs pretty satisfying, small “service” tighten the belts, new wipers, and some windshield washer fluid.

Summer tires on.
Finally ready for inspection :smiley: :smiley:, just a small exhaust leak to fix, need to bring it to work to fix that, i cant reach the car with my mig-welder, and No Way, im going to stick-weld the exhaust pipe, im to old for that kind of pleasures…


Has driven the volvo to and from work this week, runs as it should, done some repairs, welded exhaust pipe, and when there already was holes i took the opportunity to weld in a bung for a o2 sensor, and a fitting for a thermocouple.
I also replaced the seat belts in back (they wouldnt pass inspection because they was little ragged)
I got for free seat belts for a station wagon, and make them work in my not-station wagon is a story on it’s own :roll_eyes:
Yesterday when on my way to work, the radio started to shut off and on, and didn’t the wipers struggle slow slow? Ofcourse, it doesn’t charge, it started to run bad, misfiring, when i parked at work it just died, not much juice left in the battery, and to make it “well done” i forgot the parking lights on :roll_eyes:

I suspected the brushes was stuck because it has been standing long time.

Well, i was right, gently cleaning of the brushes, and lube them in the combined regulator/brush holder solved it. Not very much left of them brushes, but tampering some with the holder gives about 4mm more. Im going to get a spare regulator and put in the glove-compartment.

And today: Wo-hoooo :smiley: inspection.
It “almost passed” i have to replace the lower ball joints, and show it again, but a victory anyway :smiley:


I let the pic’s talk for themselves :smiley:


Building some reinforcement for the upper mounts.

Can’t reach it with the mig welder, so pulled out some trusty sticks.

Look :smiley: it hangs there, now this starts to look like a car to my taste :star_struck: