Woodrunner Volvo's

Getting closer…

Need to route the gas down into engine compartment.

As Kristijan said: no turning back when performing major surgery…
Cut out a piece of left fender.

Cut a hole in inner fender, only the power steering container is in the way.

I had this nice hose in my spare parts. Secured with cable ties.

Where the hose ends, a condensate collector is going to be mounted. The power steering container sits nicely on the hose, just going to secure it with some cable ties.

Gas line from filter to cooler, going to mount it with a piece of heat-resistant silicone hose.

Built the hopper juice collector from some scrap stainless.
It got Wayne’s patented tar-settling feature.

I think i deserves some rest now, it’s like summer here :smiley:

Well, not much rest, i got company, walking around upon me…


Sooo close :+1:
Wonderful youtube today, Göran. Your pics are great, but the video even better.


Thanks JO, i haven’t posted them here because they’re only in Swedish (im a little lazy) going to make some international Youtubes when it’s up and running :smiley:


Got some occasional spare-time after work.

Gas outlet after filter, there is a risk of condensate running back from the cooler, and i don’t want it in my hot/dry filter, so i make this water-catcher. From the thin pipe im going to connect a hose down to a bottle in the trunk.

The pipe from filter is going to enter about an inch from the bottom of the water-catcher.

Top plate welded.

Filter lid got a cast-in-place gasket the other day.

Today lid got some paint.

Flanges, one for water-catcher, one for filter “cartridge”

Filter cartridge almost done, glued.

Filter flange got welded-in studs, when filter cartridge is ready, this flange is going to be welded to the filter pipe.