2009 f150 4.6l v8 on wood gas

Hello, my name is khush,I am from Ontario Canada and I am interested in running my f150 on wood gas. I am building Ben Peterson wood gasfier this summer and once it is done,my plan is to run my truck on it and also run a generator in Garage to make electricity for home as needed. Can this be done? What does it entails?

Is there anyone in Ontario Canada that has done something likes this? I will visit them and get help.

Thanks everyone

Welcome to the site Khushwinder. Do you have a shorter version of your name you use? Ontario is a big Provence. Could you tell us what part you are in?


Hello, my nick name is khush. I am from Brampton Ontario so right close to Toronto and mississauga.


Hello Khush and welcome to the DOW.

It can be hard trying to advise what vehicle to gasifie and which to say away from.

Here are a few guild lines that you may or may not have read .



I read the article. I will be using truck for work trips mostly along with going upto a farm. Can I switch back and forth between gasoline and wood gas when needed?

Is my truck a good candidate for wood gasification?

I will get the gasiifer made during the summer, all I have to know is to how to get the wood gas line from back of the truck to the engine.


I think you would have an easier time with two gasifiers. One for the truck and one for the generator.

As long as you can turn the injectors and pump on and off you can run either/or. With a PWM or Rheostat on the fuel pump you can hybrid some gasoline in with the woodgas for more power.

Khushwinder is a very interesting name. It’s of Sikh origin right?


The one problem you may have is advanceing the timeing/ some of the newer vehicles may be difficult too set timing for wood gas. I think is the main unknown/ you may have too try it and see if the power is good with some sort of timing adjustment,


You can live without the timing advance, though it is more ideal to know it’s getting the most out of the gas.

When I drove my Mazda on the stock factory 6 degree advance timing it ran alright. Acceleration like a VW Beetle but it’s already a truck with an old 4 cylinder.

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Maybe if he just hybrid/ adding a little gasoling,while driving with wood gas, he will have full power,


Yeah I am from Sikh background. Thanks.
Khush means happy in my language. Lol


Cody is right about two gasifiers Khush. If making charcoal is not a problem for you, residential living, ect, then Look up Gary Gilmore videos, Simple Fire or MattR, Thrive off Grid thread here. Simple Fires are cheap and easy to build. Right now a lot of guys are having trouble locating gauges for their truck builds. Even if you are not building until summer you should start locating the gauges. In my language happy means no government.


Terry is in Canada. You could watch his videos and figure out where. LaVictore~ish not sure of the spelling


Welcome, what year, and what engine is in your F-150?

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Al, on his Topic name it says it’s a 2009 with the 4.6 V8

I ended up finding my gauges from shop.prmfiltration.com
The 0-30 WC were out of stock, but they have the 0-60WC in-stock. They also sell product on ebay with free shipping.
Gauges showes up yesterday! :+1: be putting them on dad’s build (he mistakenly ordered in/Hg gauges from amazon), I’ll have to order more for mine.

P.S. you can get 0-60WC gauges off Amazon but their about $10.00 cheaper from PRM


Hello guys, is 1995 dodge Dakota a good candidate for wood gaisifer. There is one that is for sale in my area for $4500.

This is the ad. It is a v6 3.9 litre engine. I am also getting manual engine kit for running an engine on gasifer that will help me adjust air to fuel mixture.

Hello Khush .

I us the v-8 motors because the ignition time can be advanced very much but the v-6 motors will advance only a little .


Thanks Wayne for you prompt replies. I loked into how they convert modern pickups to run on Propane gas. They add in injectors and computer to control of them. Can this be done with wood gas?

Hello Khush .

The propane is a different animal .

The propane is pressurized and fed into the motor where as wood gas is negative pressure .

Also the fuel/air ratios are much different .


Do you have a book or an article on how you feed wood gas into an engine?

What is involved?

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